Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sunshine and smiles.

Chip helped make rainbow pancakes for Brock's birthday dinner the other night. They were a big success with all of the kids. He got creative at the end of the batter and made a stripey pancake and some tie-dye/speckled ones too. Brock was along to help pick out his cake and chose one with a sunshine on it since we actually had two sunny days in a row this week. They felt good, but they make me want more! =)
We're still not all back to 100% health around here and I feel like I will never catch up on all the missed sleep from the past month, but we're closer and things are calming down. Now... I do need some advice if any of you have had experience with a toddler not keeping their pants on. For whatever reason, Crew basically decides he doesn't need or want his pants on during the day and sometimes he decides his diaper is a nuisance too. Out of all the kids we've had, we've never had one that won't keep their pants on, so this is a first for us.
I guess kids just like to change things up and keep their parents on their toes. Here's to more sunshine, smiles and to pants staying up too. =)
Have a great weekend everyone!


harmonysong said...

Looks like a fun time!!

My friend's daughter was taking her clothes off at nap time along with her diaper. She ended up buying pjs, cutting off the feet, and putting it on her daughter backwards- so the zipper was in the back. I think she did this for about 2 weeks and she was fine after. I guess that doesn't really help you with the whole pants during the day, but I thought I would throw it out there!

E said...

For our naked Houdini, we instituted the use of "straight jacket jammas" that I'd fashioned from a blanket sleeper and put on the backwards (zipper up back). He then figured out how to take his diaper off up through his leg (Uggh!) so we had to up the anty and pull out the clear packaging tape and wrap it around his waist of his diaper to keep him from undoing the tabs. It was a challenge to keep him dressed and honestly I didn't mind the clothing removal as much as the diaper! YUCK! Come to think of it, he's STILL hard to keep dressed at 9! :) Good luck!

Karlene said...

My friend used duck tape over the diaper tabs. I know it sounds terrible but nothing worse then a child running around without a diaper. She said it worked for them.

NeverEnoughTime said...

I had to a lot of one piece outfits with my Dawson! things he couldn't take off...this too shall pass :o) glad everyone is on the mend!

Violet said...

When my friends son was about crews age, he started HATING to have any clothes on. He is four now. He still hates wearing clothes. Most days I visit, he is wearing underwear and a cape.... they are very firm he must wear underwear and clothes when they leave the house, otherwise they just let him be. Even if it's cold, they just gave up... and decided if he WAS cold, he'd put clothes on.

Anonymous said...

Is it all clothes...maybe it's the "feel" he gets from some. When I was little there were only certain types of undies I felt comfortable in...along with socks. My youngest grandson...after he was "trained" tended to like going "commando" for some reason. Maybe liked the "freedom" it gave him. LOL
I'm sorry I don't have a great answer for wishes on the solution!

-J said...

My youngest daughter will wear cotton knit pants (like leggings, the soft cotton). She won't leave on any other type of pants (jeans, etc.) I think the leggings are just much more comfortable.

Roxanne said...

Some days we just need a manual for our kids!!
When they are so young it is tough to know if he is doing it to exert his toddler power, or if it is because he has issues with the texture and feel of the clothing. Like those clothing tags, some kids hate the feel of them on their skin.
Thankfully it is a problem that will one day bring lots of laughter to you!! :)
Thanks for the links with the rainbow pancakes. I think my kids will enjoy those as well. Maybe for St.Patricks day?
I enjoy your blog and appreciate your transparency too! God bless.

Ashley said...

Wow those pancakes are awesome! I have never seen rainbow pancakes before...I definitely will have to try that out!! I love it!

As far as the pantless wonder, my son does that often these days too. I usually just try to put him in a onesie because he hasn't figured out exactly how to undo the snaps so if he gets his pants off the diaper is secure lol I don't mind him taking his pants off so much, I don't see a big problem with him running around without them, especially if we are home. I haven't tried this but you possibly try letting him have some time without the diaper/pants (after he has just gone pee/poop) and maybe that little bit of controlled free time will be enough to make him happy...or it could just encourage it! I don't know! :S

But for me I just use the onesies and that works. I am hoping he doesn't figure that out soon! I have heard a lot of the backwards pjs thing too though.

kanishk said...

I guess that doesn't really help you with the whole pants during the day, but I thought I would throw it out there!

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