Thursday, January 21, 2010

French inspiration.

Sort of. =)
I've been seeing occasional updates from Heidi Swapp's facebook status as she's been enjoying an amazing adventure in Paris. I doubt I'll ever get there in my lifetime, so it's been even more fun to click through her pictures and enjoy it through the computer screen.
I happen to be a BIG FAN of anything pastry, and the crepes and other delicious food in Paris just got me inspired. So yesterday I pulled out my recipe for cream puffs and then whipped some cream, filled them with pistacio pudding and drizzled Hershey's Special Dark chocolate over them and we all enjoyed our French Inspiration.
I doubt they tasted anything like what we'd find in Paris, but they were tasty nonetheless and they were eaten so quickly I didn't even take a picture. {The photo you see above is from xtheowl on } My sudden urge for cream puffs just happened to be the perfect way to "celebrate good grades" that my kids brought home on their report cards too. I never like to miss an opportunity to let them know we're proud of their effort and hard work.
Poor Wyndham though. She's been sick all week with some sort of tummy bug. She's keeping liquids down fine, eating little bits of food- like crackers and milkshakes, but wasn't up for a cream puff with the rest of us. She's still not herself today and we're really hoping she perks up soon. It's no fun to see her in tears and unable to tell us how she feels. But I'm sure we'll whip up some more cream puffs when she gets back on her feet and is ready for a treat. She will have earned hers for sure!


Jan C. said...

Yum. I haven't made cream puffs since I was 12, but they look so delicious my mouth is watering! I think I know what we'll have for dessert this weekend!

Sure hope Wyndham is feeling better very soon.

Diane Dolan said...

Thank you, Jody, for reminding me that our lives can and should include little "pretend trips" to other lands. How blessed your children and Chip are to have you in their lives.

Give Wyndham a great big cupcake when she's all better.


Lauren Kelly said...

Awww, poor thing. Hope Wyndham gets to feeling better!!

Francine said...

I'm sorry Wyndham is still feeling yucky. I do think of how you and Chip must have brightened her day with her french fry fix. So while she wasn't wanting a cream puff, you made sure she got what she was craving!
I love the small celebrations---what a nice way to share them together.

Patricia said...

Hope Wyndham is feeling better! And I hope she enjoys some cream puffs when she's all better. I haven't made cream puffs in years. Yours look divine! Blessings, P.

Jackie said...

Hi Jody.
So sorry Wyndham has been sick. I sure hope she is better by now.
I have been wondering how you are feeling w/ your new pregnancy. Are you having morning sickness ? I hope not.
Have a good Monday.
Jackie Carl (Marion, IN)

Courtney Walsh said...

Oh wow. Making those with Pistachio pudding is like pure genius! I love that stuff.

Now I really want a cream puff!