Thursday, November 05, 2009

Ava Milan...

She makes me love jean jacket weather even more than I already do.
She has the most perfect color brown eyes and light brown hair a girl could ask for.
Her wink is cute and so is her smirk.
I can not imagine waking up in the morning and not getting a hug from her.
She got her first report card from kindergarten. It had lots of these on it: S+.
Her attitude can turn a day around- and sometimes it does several spins a day!
She could live on macaroni and cheese. I sometimes feel like letting her do so.
She is loud. Almost 100% of the time. I can't help but find that endearing. About 2% of the time.
I love her no matter what.
She knows it.
Lucky, little girl.


Erika said...

Awwww...such a sweet post! She looks like a mini-Boden model. adorable. you guys know how to make beautiful kids!!!

Anonymous said...

What a spunky little girl you have! Kids are so fun at this age. I can see you know that. Enjoy her and all the others too. :)

Beckypdj said...

She is precious and you are BLESSED!

Lauren Kelly said...

So precious and sweet!!!! :)

pinkcamojeep said...

Don't you just love those baby teeth? They fall out so soon and then the adult teeth come in and little people ...... don't look so little any more :/ They grow up so quickly!!
You're such a great mommy. Thanks for sharing your world with us.