Thursday, October 01, 2009

Catching up and planning ahead.

Helloooooooooo... are you still there? Oh! Hi Mom. =)
Our days continue to just run from one to the next with a string of ordinary stuff to tie them all together. I don't quite have a routine established or predictable schedule, but I guess that's what keeps this mom on her toes. No day is the same as the one before, but not all that different at the same time. Funny how that works; it's the season of our lives right now!
I looked back and realized I never posted photos of Wyndham and Ava's first day of school. They are in the same kindergarten class this year and it is going very well. They both love their teacher and helpers and have activities that keep them learning and busy Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Wyndham comes home wiped out and ready to veg out in her room with a few videos. I snapped that picture of her in her room yesterday afternoon. Ava needs a nap, but fights it and somehow manages to get through the day without one. Crew continues to creep along furniture and take a couple of steps on his own as well. He still LOVES to climb the stairs and did that about 6 times yesterday. I am anxious for him to learn how to get down too. It will make my stress levels drop in half, I'm sure of that!
Bella is loving school and reading is one of her favorite subjects. She is enjoying reading to Ava and Wyndham at bedtime each night and in turn it's something the kids all have fun doing together.
Do you need some color in your life right now? If so, Ava and I spotted this cake and recipe online this morning and she has decided that she wants this cake on her next birthday. Which is in March- five and a half months away. Nothing like planning ahead, right?! I think we may have to make this cake before then too.
That sums things up around here for today anyway. We're definitely feeling the effects of fall around here as we awoke to cool temperatures- in the low 30's this morning! It's time to pull out the pumpkin recipes and electric blanket too. Some of my favorite things in life. Not much changes afterall...we like the simple things around here!


Kim said...

Your girls sure look like they are having fun at school. I work in a pre-school and just love seeing their little faces each morning when they arrive to play and explore. It's such a lovely age.
The cake looks amazing and I may have to give it a go even though my kids are older!!!
I'm sure it wouldn't last long though.
Love reading your blog
Kim xxx

MelanieL said...

I saw that cake too! I'm doing it for my little girl's 5th birthday in November:) Have a good day!

mandiegirl said...

Oooh! I used to walk those halls! I was in the first graduating class there- almost 10 years ago! C R A Z Y! They look like they're having fun!

Michelle said...

So happy to see an update Jody!!!

I've missed your posts! Hope you and your family are well!!!

P/S: That rainbow cake looks yummy! :) I wanna come and have some with you and Ava! :)

DJones said...

We have not made it into the 30's yet, but I'm already ready for the electric blanket and pumpkin recipes!!

Cheryl said...


Loved your post/pictures. Your children are so cute!

I am from Massachusetts and today was a bit chilly inside our home. I just said to my husband and mother that I think it is almost time to stoke up our pellet stove--yeah! I love the warmth that it brings to our home.

Take Care and Keep Warm!
With love and hope,

(or Mom!) said...

I keep wishing for cool weather but here in North Texas it's still pretty warm...and today it was warm and wet. NOT a good hair day!!

That rainbow cake keeps popping up on every blog I read (first at MckMamma) so I guess that means I need to try it out. Sooo pretty!!

Glad to see that everyone is doing so well now that the school year is back in full swing.

Anonymous said...

I can not believe that Crew is 1 already. My goodness!

Cute as a button still too...



Jersey Girl ANNE said...

I also saw the cake on MckMamma's blog. I would never have the patience to make it even though I love to bake! I love your blog and watching your family grow up!! Makes me wish my kiddies were small again!

Lauren Kelly said...

Those pictures are precious and LOVE that cake!!!! :)