Friday, August 28, 2009

A peek at our week...

From the church picnic to a trip to the Country Dairy Farm and lots of fun including some golf, fresh food from the farmer's market, dinner at a fondue restaurant, walking and biking in the neighborhood, coloring pictures together, making beaded jewelry and baking cream puffs and cleaning closets and staying up late watching the Powerpuff Girls together, these are just some of the things we will remember about our week with Grandpa and Grandma here with us.
It's been lousy as far as weather goes, but enough sunshine to pack in plenty of fun regardless of the autumn-like temps. We've all eaten a lot, laughed a lot and not gotten enough sleep. Three ingredients that add up to truly enjoyable memories. Well, maybe not the lack of sleep part of the equation, but it's been fun just the same.
We've got one or two meals to share together before it's time to say our good-byes. It'll be hard, for sure, but we're grateful for the memories we've made this week. The kids have been loved on and spoiled and hugged a whole bunch. I've been spoiled to laundry being done- washed AND folded and put away- as well as having most of the meals cooked and cleaned up after too. Still, it's not the way they help lift the daily burdens that I'll miss most, but their presence that just makes our house feel more like home. Thanks for coming to visit, Mom and Dad! It's been a pleasure and joy and treat to have you here all week. Come back soon! We love you.
Note: Chip won the cream pie category with the pie pictured here at our church picnic. I'll see if he's up for sharing his recipe with all of you. Maybe he'll even guest post for me again. That's always fun too!


HappyGoMommy! said...

Looks like a great time! :) Love the face painting!!

Cheryl said...

What a blessing to have such a wonderful time with your parents. The children will remember these times for the rest of their lives.

Thanks for sharing.

With love and hope,

heartfulhome said...

Looks like a fun week with your parents! I can see where you get your energy.

Beckypdj said...

The pie looks good. Glad you had a great visit with your folks.

Lauren Kelly said...

Awww, what a fun weekend and precious pictures!!!!