Saturday, July 18, 2009


We're thinking birthdays around our house. Today I'd like to send a blog birthday wish to my younger sister. Happy birthday, Jacque! Monday my Mom has a birthday...a big one. She's turning 29 at heart. =) Then next Saturday Bella is turning 7. I haven't been crafty or scrapping anything lately, but I did make her some special invitations to bring to our neighbors/friends. You can see them by clicking here. We're choosing the movie and are down to "Wall-e" or "Horton Hears a Who". It should be a fun party.
We're also in discussion as to what sort of cake/cupcakes to make for the occasion. The photo above is a fun rainbow cake I found online here. A few of my friends have made the recipe and from what I hear and see it works great!
So my survey for today is this: what's your favorite kids movie and/or cupcake flavor?
Do tell. =)


Dana said...

We've been watching Wall-e around here lately. And my favorite cupcakes are strawberry ones that my BFF makes. They are so moist and delish that you don't even need icing - but the icing, good!

Kelley said...

We have been watching Cinderella a lot at my house. I have a 3 year old who is a princess. I got my daughter cupcakes for her birthday this year that were called pull apart cupcakes. The formation was that of a crown, but you couldn't tell they were individual cupcakes because the icing covered all of the in one color smoothly. I am with Dana. Strawberry cupcakes are awesome.

Anonymous said...

Tell Bella that Grandma Karen was told that the cupcake book and kit have been shipped. She should get them Monday or Tuesday. Hopefully there will be some ideas in the shippment.
My favorite grandkids movie is Enchanted. Amazingly, Grandpa John really likes to watch it. I think we have watched it about ten times. Of course, 8 times were when we brought it to your house. But we love it.
The party sounds like a great idea! Wish we could be there.

Kyra said...

It is my birthday Sunday and I just bought Horton and Madagascar 2 for the occassion. I love strawberry cupcakes with lite whipped dairy frosting. Happy Birthday to all!

Jan C. said...

I have fond memories of Lion King because my daughter Allie was so hooked on it that she stopped answering to "Allie," and would only answer to "Baby Simba." She also named everyone else in the family a "Lion King" name and wouldn't call us by our regular names for several weeks. It was a hoot. We still laugh about it, and Allie is 17 now! It's a memory of my sweet baby girl that really takes me back to her childhood!

Mere said...

I love Dumbo, Mary Poppins, Annie and Matilda. Enchanted is awesome too! Sorry, I couldn't pick just one! My favorite cupcakes are vanilla with strawberry icing...they taste scrumptious!

Love, Mere

Jennifer said...

Fave cupcakes: rainbow chip!
Movie: the Little Mermaid

Michelle said...

Red Velvet is my favorite cupcakes ! S'mores are a close 2nd though.

We have been watching Madagascar 2 and Bedtime Stories lately !

polly's path said...

Nanny McPhee is a favorite around our house, plus about 100 others.
Fav cupcake is a bavarian creme-filled one with a whipped cream icing, fresh fruit on top.
Hungry yet??

Terry A said...

check out this video for a creative b'day cake

really cute cake idea

kitchenaid toaster oven said...

I love this rainbow cake, I am excited to bake in myself too.