Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Let the summer games begin! =)
One of my favorite "inspiration bloggers" is celebrating her first anniversary online by hosting a big giveaway on her blog. All the pictures posted here today were taken from Danni's blogsite "Oh hello friend". Hop on over to see all the links and prizes she's featuring and good luck to you if you enter! Even if you don't enter the contest, I'm sure you'll be inspired by the many unique and beautiful items she blogs about each week. I have a long list of blogs that I frequent, and her'sis one I've bookmarked in my top 10 favorites. Maybe I'll share more links with you as the summer goes on. I do love a good many blogs! Or should I say "too many" blogs! Feel free to leave a link to yours or your favorite one here. I'm always happy to add to my growing reading list!
Speaking of reading and contests, my kids just had a reading contest of their own. Isabella says she wants to be a librarian when she grows up and she has a small library in her room. She wrote out invitations for her reading contest and invited all the family to join in. Brock won for the most number of pages read in the hour and 15 minute long event. Bella gave him her iDog as a prize. I read to Wyndham and Ava for a portion of the event, and feel like I won, because I had a quiet house for over an hour! I think I'll encourage Bella to hold more reading contests each week. =)
If you want some enjoyable online reading, I'd encourage you to start reading from the earliest post at this blog, "Patterns of Ink". It's written by a friend of our family and he's got such a gift for making his stories come to life. They are rich with detail, imagery and history. I'm sure you'd enjoy the tales Tom weaves as he writes memories and stories from his past.
Another one you might like to check out is a story that is being written, sort of as it unfolds. This blog, by "ironlindsey" is another by a friend of mine and she is seeking God in the restoration of her life. Her past has been shaping the stories she writes of now, and most certainly will keep shaping who she continues to become. I'm sure she'd love for you to stop by, read and leave comments of support too.
As for Wyndham and her "story", thank you for your prayers and concerns. Her gait study went well although we will be waiting for results/analysis for awhile yet. We know that God knows how her story and surgery will turn out already and so we are looking to Him for our guidance as we make decisions for her and we trust that He will give her the comfort and strength she needs to endure all that lies ahead.
Until then, we're in full-on summer mode. I even painted my nails and Ava's today too! It's nice to be able to do stuff that's not all that big and exciting, but fun none-the-less.


Jen Higgins said...

Well, here's mine:

And a couple of my favorites:
(that's my husband's blog)
(a tatooed pastor who's good at photography, cooking, and thought provoking)

Deb said...

And mine:

Steph said...

Jody, I've been reading your blog for a couple of years now and just love it. I love watching the happenings of your family and watching them grow. I also love your inspiring words.

I have a blog, it's nothing creative like yours, just the everyday happenings of my family.