Friday, May 29, 2009

Weekend fun- Part 2.

Here's the wrap-up of photos for Memorial Day weekend and the fun time we all had with my mom visiting from Minnesota. I am so grateful to everyone who has served and who continues to serve our country in so many different capacities to ensure that we live free. That freedom is such a privilege and I want to say thank you- to any and ALL who sacrifice so much- including those families who live without their loved ones while they are away or have paid the ultimate for this freedom.
We so often take for granted that we can go to carnivals and church and play outdoors and simply enjoy whatever life has to offer us without giving it much thought. But I know that the smiles we all shared have come at a steep price for others. I love that this visit with my mom allowed us to make some wonderful, new memories, yet we still talked about our past and remembered the people we love who are no longer with us. We remember the past, but we don't live it in.
I think that's so important for being able to live a full life after the loss of loved ones.
Teagan would have been in the middle of all our fun and memories. She was just that way and I'm sure the years wouldn't have changed that about her. I know she would have licked her bowl of cream puff and whipped cream and strawberries clean- just as Ava did. She would have squealed on the "fast rides" and helped with the gardening and laughed as much as the rest of the kids. I'll admit it- I still miss her everyday. But I also know to appreciate every smile and hug that the rest of us share that much more. Memorial day weekend was special. As special as some of the other "ordinary days" we've had this month too.

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mandiegirl said...

It's been a while since I came to your blog instead of just reading it in my reader- I LOVE the new banner! :) That last picture of little Crew is SO sweet, too! Looks like a great weekend! I was in town last weekend, and we *almost* went to the carnival, but didn't at the last minute. I really wanted an elephant ear!