Thursday, April 16, 2009

I just have to say it.

Faith is hard!
I have people say to me from time to time, "I wish I had a faith like yours". I hesitate to tell them the truth, and that is that faith comes through trials and adversity, more often than not. My own faith has grown more in times when my world is falling apart than it ever has when things are going well and life is rosy. The times when I've had no strength to stand on my own, I've had to turn to someone. He has been there without fail, every single time. And my faith has increased.
When I've needed Him most; when there have been no answers; when tears and anger and sorrow consumed me, my faith has been enlarged and peace has flooded my soul.
Even though I have had to cling to my faith, it still is a hard thing for me to accept that sorrow and suffering are ways that God chooses to reveal Himself to us at times. I wish there were 'easier ways'. I wish that we could call on Him and He would snap His fingers or whisper a healing word and all would be right again.
But that's not the way God works. Although He can and He does sometimes. More often than not though, His ways are not the way we would choose or expect them to go. He has a plan and He has given us His Promise that He will make all things new. He is preparing a Heaven for us that will be a place without mourning, sorrow or pain. He holds us in His hands right now, and simply asks us to trust His ways.
I will be the first to admit that there's no better place to be than resting in His hands- trusting fully in His promises- but it's still hard. It's very, very hard.
My heart has been full this week for some friends who will be having a funeral for their baby tomorrow. My heart has been heavy as we pray for a relative and wait for the results of brain surgery- he's young, newly married and has a baby on the way. My heart aches at the losses of jobs and homes and families being pushed to the limits finacially and emotionally as the economy continues to struggle and affect so many lives. My heart is full of wishing and wanting things to be different so many times.
But I trust.
I rest in His promises.
I hold fast to the reality that there is more to this life than that which we can see.
There is Hope, and not just hope for tomorrow.
But Hope eternal.
And that, my friends, makes faith worth the pain and struggle and gives cause to endure.
He is Faithful.
He is Love.
He is Hope.
My heart is thankful that He is more than enough. He is all I need.


Yarnmomma said...


Something tonight..told me to check my blog for new updates.. yours was there...

I have found true love with strength through you..

My faith is sure being tested today.. financially it has been really hard.. and I just don't know really how we'll survive.. I know we will but faith is so hard to keep up all the time..

Thank you for making your post tonight.. I needed to read that..

Huge Hugs,


Lisa said...

Wow your post was exactly what I needed tonight. So many struggles lately and today I was digging my feet and trying to stay ground in the Lord and this just spoke even more to me.

Thank you !


Lauren Kelly said...

You ALWAYS inspire me and I love you for that :)

Mary Ellen Cox said...

Hi Jody, I heard a Sunday School lesson a couple of weeks ago on the same subject and thought of you. I have often been asked how we could survive and grow through so much of what our family has been through --Our answer is the same. Through trials God grows us, we grow up as God allows us to shake,tremble and cling to him. I know that through your blog you have been a real witness for the living God. I appreciate your strength and check it daily. Know that you are loved, not on by your sweet family but also by so many of us who are growing with you. One day we will all walk the golden streets together in a land where there will be no more tears and we meet Teagan and my family again.

LaVon Baker said...

Jody, I hope you don't mind that I used this post in my blog today. You have spoken my heart. I've had a wonderful day with the Lord today and I thank you. You have been a blessing to me for almost two years now, since I first found your blog. My blog is if you want to see what I've been doing today. :-)
Crew is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

wow... i love that you open your heart to everybody.... you amaze me, and I thank you for it!

suezi said...

Well said and so very true!

Michelle ~ ~ said...

Jody, I so have to agree and say Amen! I echo your words! God bless.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Wonderfully expressed.

Josh said...

Wonderful & beautiful post!

Hope all is well!!

Nieman Family said...

Amen...This post is part of the reason I follow..I learn soooo much through you!!