Sunday, April 12, 2009

Celebrating Easter.

We colored our eggs yesterday, while Crew kept watch in his latest spot- the exersaucer. We were up, hunted eggs, ate chocolate, showered, dressed and arrived at church early enough to even have coffee and donuts. But, in all the excitement, I didn't manage to get a family picture. So, once home, I did snap one of me and Crew. And another of me and homemade Nutmeg Cheesecake whipped up by my hubby- who is doing really well on his fitness/nutritional plan. I'm proud of his will-power, even if mine fell prey to his dessert. It was worth every calorie.
Especially since it's the first food that has tasted good to me in over a week. I've still been fighting congestion/coughing, but I think as of today, I am much closer to feeling back to my normal self. Whatever that may be.
In celebrating Easter, I have to share a link to some thoughts on Christ and His resurrection. It is the very fact that He conquered death and gives each of us the eternal hope of Heaven that literally has seen our family through so much. Without the reality of His triumph over death, we would live with sorrow and pain. Instead, Christ assures us that death is only a temporary separation from God and one day those of us who trust in Him will live forever.
It is reason to celebrate, not just today, but each and everyday. He IS risen and lives! What a wonderful truth and Hope we have because of His great love and sacrifice! Amen!


Lauren Kelly said...

How beautiful!!! LOVE the pics, Happy Easter to you and your family :o)

Canadian Cathy said...

Your photos always crack me up - such a slice of real life. Diapers in the background and shoes piled up. Aaaah . . .does the heart good up here in Canada!
A devoted fan wishing you Happy Easter!

erinz said...

Happy Easter! Would you post the recipe for the cheesecake? It sounds wonderful!

Jenn said...

ditto...would love the recipe to that yummy cheesecake! Sounds delish! said...

Perfectly said! I cannot believe how fast a certain little baby boy is growing.

Looked like a wonderful Easter ")