Wednesday, February 04, 2009

In case you don't Facebook...

This is Chip's profile picture on Facebook. He posted a list of "25 Random Things About Me" (almost everyone I know is doing this over there...I haven't made my list yet) the other day and I have to admit I laughed outloud at some of them and fell in love with him all over again because of this simple list.
So, since it's been awhile since he's guest blogged for me, or since I've written anything glowing about him, allow me to share his list with you today. {Disclaimer: It has nothing to do with his #1 thing on his list...I just wanted to share this. He's a heck-of-a-guy, that's all. Oh, and I happen to be his #1 fan too.}
I love you, Chip.
Especially for number 13 on your list.
25 Random Things about Chip Ferlaak
1. I have been married for over 13 years to a wonderful lady named Jody. Most people thing she is great and special. They think this because she has put up with me for 13+ years.
2. I have six kids, one in heaven and 5 here with me. They are wild and crazy and I get there names mixed up all the time, but I can remember stupid, inane things that happended to me in 3rd grade.
3. My wife led me to a special relationship with Christ that is my lifeblood. I can't figure out how people can handle life and death without Him.
4. I love being a PGA Golf Professional, even on Ladies Days. My favorite quote about being a golf professional is "I may never be a millionaire, but I get to live like one." This is a reference to the many courses I have played that regular people never will get the opportunity too. Except Barry Rageth and Jamie Wishart who get to accompany me at many of these courses, but not all:)
5. I love to cook and am generally regarded as a fantastic one. Classic French and Traditional Southern are my favorites and specialties.
6. I can't wait to embrace Teagan again when I go to Heaven.
7. I love Ireland and would move there in an instant. The most friendly people and beautiful county I have been. Plus you have not had a Guiness until you have had it in Ireland, it is definately different, and despite rumors to the contrary they serve it cold.
8. In retrospect, I have only had one bad day.
9. I watch way too much TV.
10. I hate pets. I don't pick up poop.
11. I love history and politics. My favorite quote is, "Trying to plan the future without knowing the past is like trying to pick up a bucket while standing in it."
12. Sports teams I love: Vikes, Gophs, Twins, Wild, Johnnies, Fighting Irish in no paticular order.
13. I think white belts and pink pants are awesome.
14. I love that I get a new, free set of golf clubs every year, in addition to free balls, shoes, and everything else to do with golf. One of the advantages of my position. And the fact it drives Wishart nuts.
15. I love that Brock is intelligent and very artistic. He has incredible stage presence.
16. I love Wyndham's attitude and work ethic. She has had to deal with more in her short life than most people do in a lifetime, and she smiles through the pain, shots, disabilities, doctor appointments. I have learned so much from her.
17. I love that Bella is and independent spirit, looks like Teagan, and can go from terror to sweethart in a nanosecond.
18. I love that Ava is the craziest kid I have ever met. But, she is going to give me many a gray hair when she is a teenager.
19. I love Crew's smile and the way he smells. (He is still to young to do much else.)
20. I am very passionate, which can be both good and bad.
21. I hate yardwork and wish I could have Brady Bunch grass.
22. I watch Fox News and actually believe they are fair and balanced. Don't attack me.
23. I drive a hybrid, so stop attacking me for liking Fox News.
24. I don't believe in Global Warming...step outside if you don't believe me.
25. I don't like complainers and whiners.


Bekka said...

This is such a great list (22 & 23 made me laugh). I'm a little addicted to reading everyone's on FB. And they do take such a long time to put together. I can't wait to read yours. :)

Vicky said...

Chip! How fun to read your words and know a little more about you :) Jody, this was a great idea. There is nothing more endearing than a father who "gets" his kids and can tell you about them in the way that you just did. And then #13 on top of that, plus, you cook? Well a person would have to be crazy not to forgive you for #9 and #10.

As You Wish said...

You've got a good one.

etrhodes said...

How fun! I loved the part about watching Fox News, driving a hybrid, and global warming. My husband loves Fox News as well and works for the Environmental Protection Ageny- a contradiction of sorts huh?!? Who says conservatives and recyling don't go together!

N, Kelly, D, E and Zoe said...

Jody, this list is great. I love his comments about Fox news and driving a hybrid.

No wonder you've had 13+ years together. He sounds like a great guy.


carriex3 said...

thanks for sharing....
i love this blog:)

Jan (Magpie) said...

One of the best "Random 25's" I've read. No. 8 is my favorite. If everyone thought like this, we'd all do a lot less whining and complaining.

Tabitha said...

What a great list ~ your husband sure sounds like a great guy!
Love and hugs Tabitha XXX said...

I just have to say that is so beautiful. God has blessed you with a special man. I will be thinking about that list for awhile ") Thank you for sharing. When I read your blog my faith in God grows.

Chip's Mom said...

If you all think this is a great list you should be at our dinner table when Chip and his siblings are all together. That is a whole lot more "fun".
I made him so I can't complain about anything on the list. It is who he is.
Karen, Chip's mom

Again, Chip's Mom said...

I forgot to mention that we all love him.

Lauren Kelly said...

Thanks for posting this Jody. Loved learning more about Chip :O)

jenjock1 said...

he sounds fantastic jods. you're lucky to have him. xoxo.

staceyfike said...

awwweee! i think i love him too!
but he didn't mention how much the chicken has brought to his life ;)
it's ok, i'm sure it was just an oversight. lol.

Nieman Family said...

I love it...It's nice to see a guys point of view...Yes this is a huge thing on Facebook right now.

Jacque said...

aaahhhh! I almost get warm and fuzzy about Chip!!!! Great guy and great list!!! Thanks for treating my sister like a queen!!!!

Lisa & Gerald said...

Awww that's to sweet!

Laura said...

Loved Chip's 25 random. Now, I'd like to see yours!!!

jessicamae3 said...

Loved reading this!
I am thrilled to hear your husband watches fox news! I thought my dh and I were hopelessly the only ones...sane enough to feel it is fair and balanced!
Love reading about your family and find you all inspirational!

José (It's a Dutch Girlsname!) said...

Love your Husband! " I get there names mixed up all the time" makes me laugh! :D