Thursday, January 29, 2009

Three out of Five.

I had to post a few more pictures just so that all the kids know they are loved and not neglected or left out of photo sessions around here. =) Crew is getting the majority of the photo time around here, but he's also growing like a little weed too. A happy little weed- so it's just too easy to grab the camera and take pics!
This morning, after yesterday's happiness post, I had two kids who wanted nothing to do with being happy when they awoke at 7 am. It was as if life was testing all of us- for no apparant reason at all. Does that ever happen to you? You just can't put your finger on what is bringing everyone down. That's what was going on at my house.
I even let the kids "order" their breakfast and made it to theie specific requests. They even had a bite of cupcake as I was frosting them for Bella to bring to school for her 'half-birthday' today. How can all of that not bring happiness? And yet it wasn't working for a couple of them. Thankfully, we were still batting fairly well with three-fifths of the children all smiles and happy. It just goes to show you that happiness is really, truly a choice. One that is hard to choose when you'd rather be snuggled all warm in your bed, I guess. But a choice nonetheless.
I still have photos of happy kids to post though. Ava and her fruit snacks. Bella and her little grin. Brock and his guitar, which he practices so diligently and is really learning and loving so much these days.
I'm hoping that we turn the tables by dinner tonight and have all 5 kids happy at once. It sounds like some incredible odds, but I think we can go 5 for 5!


Kim said...

Hey there!
I'm posting for the first time.. you said something in today's post that is SO true. Being happy is a choice. My mom likes to refer to grumpy people as them having the "black cloud syndrome." I'm the youngest of her children, 24 years old...but she never gives up... on us OR the grandkids.. if anyone's grumpy she throws out this song... and encourages us to sing it ;-)
Being happy is a choice, being happy is a choice. God is pleased when you wear a SMILE...choose to be happy all the while!
My precious mom can't carry a tune to save her life, so it's impossible for us to hear this song without smiling. :-)

Lauren Kelly said...

I'm sure being a mother it's hard to have everyone content at the same time, haha!!! :) I hope it happens, let us know how it goes :) :)

our family said...

Brock looks like such a little man with his knot cap playing his guitar how cute. Your girls are all beautiful. Hoping your kids choose happiness this evening. I had one wake up with the grumpys this morning too and it is enough to make a momma grumpy if you let it.
Hugs and Prayers
Rachel in PA

Amy S said...

OMG I had that kind of day yesterday- no fun....I tried but nothing. Today I started with prayer and 1 hour later started to go that way again but as the day went on got better--- glad to hear other households have the same problems! TFS~

Allie Garcia said...

I'm a first time commenter too. I love your blog and the way you glorify the Lord. I was raised with the "Glad Game" and on the idea that there are more than 800 places in the bible that God tells us to be joyful...(both totally stolen from Pollyanna). It seems like it is always a choice, and as I read your blog its clear that you have made that choice. It is sometimes difficult to find women of God who I admire, who are real, and who are not afraid to live life to the fullest, and you are all of those things. Thank you!