Monday, December 01, 2008

Documenting December & Photobooth pics.

Among scrapbookers there is a wide variety of books and classes and just different ideas out there as to how to document the days of December. Last year I kept a little journal of the daily activities we did in our family to make each day a little bit more special- some were more of a big deal than others. In my little book, I wrote what the special event or treat was and then I added things like stickers, hand-drawn doodles and other items like Christmas tags and ticket stubs, just to keep track of the fun we had counting down to Christmas Day.
I pulled that book out yesterday and found I hadn't even kept up with it the last week of Christmas, I'm sure it was because things goto so busy. But, as I flipped through the pages that I did keep track of, I was so happy because there were a lot of little memories I would have never remembered. And there were good ideas for me to do again this year! It was fun to reflect and 'see' that we were having a great month and the anticipation did build up til Christmas. I'm glad that I have that little journal and I think I may write it in again this year.
All that to say I have a couple of WONDERFUL, talented artist/friends, who are keeping December/Christmas blogs and sharing inspirtation and festive projects and ideas for whoever wants to stop by their blogs.
One is by my friend, Wilna {Hi Wilna!} and I guarantee you will enjoy seeing her art/pages and ideas here. I just know she is going to make her holiday beautiful and special. She will likely have some mention of Starbuck's between now and Christmas too. She has a thing for their Peppermint Mochas and collects their bears too. =) I know you will love her blog!
Another one is called Sugarplums and Mistletoe and this blog is going to put you in the Christmas mood, no doubt about that! One of my favorite persons is sharing her passion for all things holiday... you will love it! Thank you, Sarah Bowen for being so generous in sharing yourself with so many people in this way. You've made my holiday better already!
I, myself am also reading through the book of Luke in the Bible this month. I just think it is another way for me to draw my heart and mind into the 'real story' behind Christmas. I'm so thankful that God gave us His scripture so that we can read about the actual events that were all so perfectly orchestrated and then played out according to His plan. I love that so much.
What do all the pictures have to do with all of that? Truthfully? Not much. Except that today is December 1st and I am documenting some of the random details of my month here too. I keep telling Chip that Crew reminds me a lot of Teagan when she was a baby and after snapping a bunch of photos of him [and me] today I went looking for some pictures to compare them as babies.
I came across some Photobooth pictures of me and Teagan and really they just made my day. As I looked more closely at them I could definitely see the resemblance, and these aren't even the pictures I was thinking of. But since I found those pictures of Teagan and me, I figured I might was well share the pictures I took of Crew and me. Even though the self-timer isn't nearly as great as sitting in a booth. I tried. =) I did like a couple of the pictures of Crew by himself though...especially the one of him in his fuzzy moon hat. I couldn't resist taking a picture of his knitted booties either- today was a perfect day for hand-knit booties.
Now, to close my first day of December, I am looking forward to climbing into a freshly-made bed with flannel sheets. I love flannel sheets!
All month long, please feel free to leave me comments as to what your December daily is... from fun activities to favorite carols and poems to recipes that you think are divine. I'd love to 'see' what different things you do and be a part of your Christmas countdown too!


Anonymous said...

I thought that the instant I saw the pics - they look like twins. Very cute and beautiful twins.

Love to you,


Mere said...

I read your blog regularly, but don't always comment! Teagen and Crew DO look like twins!! WOW!! I really enjoy your blog!

Love, Mere

A2Z Photo Booths LLC said...

I love the photo booth pictures. Oh so cute - and some really great ideas!!

Wendy said...

What adorable pictures of you and Teagan, I'm so glad you found them. Crew, as always, is gorgeous!

This year, I'm trying to make the effort to do something special with my children every day until Christmas, even if it's something small. I always feel like the season slips by and we haven't really had enough special Christmas activities, or thought enough about the gift of Jesus.

Oh, and I love flannel sheets too!