Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I have the best husband ever.

Have I mentioned my husband, Chip and how great he is?! I'm blogging from my hospital room- which wouldn't normally get wireless internet, except that Chip went out and got a mobile adapter- just so I can be online while I'm here.
I hate to disappoint some of you- but at this point there's no baby to announce. I am on a day of bedrest and observation, after coming to the hospital with some early morning concerns. I have been here since 6:15 am. and as the day went on, including an ultrasound and some routine tests, the baby's heartrate was staying a bit low. So I was admitted just to be cautious and to make sure if there is something going on that I am in a good place to receive care quickly.
I am finding out quickly that I am not the kind of person who is good at 'doing nothing'. =) This long day has confirmed to me just how much I appreciate my crazy, busy lifestyle and I'm sure it will even get me a renewed passion for doing my laundry when I get home again. I'm saying that truthfully and drug-free too. =)
I just wanted to say thanks to Chip for always going the extra mile to make me happy and comfortable. I was already praising him last night {as he watched the Republican National Convention speeches} for bringing home a few groceries for me and making my life easier so much of the time. We may not have luxuries or vacations or any possessions to brag about and bring us happiness in our life and marriage, but I have to admit...sometimes I still think I'm the luckiest woman in the world. Knowing that we will give more to each other in the way of kindness, forgiveness and love means the world to me, and no amount of money can buy that. I have to say, for as lousy as I feel on bedrest today, parts of me are still so grateful and definitely feeling loved. It's like my hospital room is really "Cloud 9". =)
I love you, Chip.
I love you baby, that's causing me to reflect...
I love you, kiddos at home...and I even love your dirty laundry that's piling up for me too.


clg0513 said...

oh man...i was hoping for some baby news! Glad they are watching out for you though. I can't believe i'm the first commenter....and can't wait to "meet" the new baby.

AJ said...

this one made me grin :) Can't wait to meet the new little one soon!

Dana said...

aww, what a great guy! Hope that you're able to leave very soon...

The Kahler Family said...

I'll keep you in my prayers, Jody and am happy for you and that sweet little bundle that you are in position for quick and efficient care!
I can't wait to "meet" this new little guy!
Your guy is such a sweetie, this sounds just like something that my hubby would do!
Good luck on that laundry that you will have to conquer soon... and hopefully there will be some very small things added in there too!

scrapnic72 said...

I'll pray tonight that all stays non-eventful until the baby arrives....try to enjoy the rest and quiet (though I know hospitals can be a bustling place, too!).


jackie said...

Praying for you.
Praying for your little "guy" that is soon to be here.
Praying for your hubby and kiddos at home without you.
God bless you, Jody !
Take care !
With Love,
Jackie Carl (Marion, IN)

carriex3 said...

My prayer is for a good nights sleep, and much peace in your heart. May a very healthy happy baby boy be born when it is time.
much blessings,

Laura said...

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!!!!! I got so excited there for a second!!! I'll pray that either the baby comes, PRONTO, or that you get to go home soon for a few more busy, crazy days!!!! Hugs Jody! Be sure to update us FREQUENTLY. . .like HOURLY perhaps!!??? We're alll waiting with ya!

Hillary said...

Oh...I'm so praying for you right now....I hope that baby decides to make an appearance soon. :)

And, you will love your mobile adapter. I have my internet through one of this and it's awesome....I love being able to take my computer anywhere, including our house in Boyne Falls, and know that I'll have internet....

Anonymous said...

When you write about Chip, I know exactly what you mean. Although we are not wealthy, my husband provides all our needs and many of our wants. We watch our pennies, but what makes me feel rich is how he treats me and our children. During the birth of our last child, he held the bedpan for me when I was unable to get out of the bed and go to the restroom myself. When I've been sick with a virus, he's held my head, cleaned me up and laid with me on the bathroom floor. I've often told my daughter that love is not just the romantic, sweet things, it's doing the yucky stuff too. He never complains. I'm spoiled - but not with stuff. He always puts us first. I have a hard time getting him to do nice things for himself (except for anything NASCAR). I thank God every day for the gift I received 24 years ago.

Dianne in VA

Jane-Jane said...

you are blessed to be where you are. no, not in the hospital waiting. but in a marriage that can stand any test. you are blessed.
praying for baby's heart beat and for the medical team tending to your family.

Jill said...

jody - praying for you and the baby! praying that your time on bedrest gives you time to rest in His love! savor these moments as you know - crazy is truly about to begin very soon!

blessings and love,

Mere said...

Praying for you and baby and this time of reflection to be a meaningful one...keep us posted!!

Love, Mere

Bethany said...

As usual, your positive post today made me smile. You truly have the most positive attitude of anyone I know. And you have a wonderful husband and family. :) Sending prayers your way!

sherry said...

Ah Jody....
May you find rest and peace tonite as you are there, and may everything go well....I am sure it was just that God wanted you to have a little R&R (He makes a way for all things, doesn't He??)
You continue to be a source of great inspiration....I will be checking in with the many others to see when that new bundle of love arrives! In the meantime....I am praying for yoU!!!!!

sherry said...

Ah Jody....I am sure God just wanted to give you a little bit of R&R...He makes ANYTHING happen, doesn't HE!?!?
Take care of YOU for a while, get some rest and RELAX!!!!!
Soon you will be greeted with all that you left at home and that which is nestled inside of you!
I am praying for you in the meantime dear Jody!!
As always you are a true inspiration and incredible woman of GOD!!! Thank you for sharing your life with me/ have some great "friends" here who want all God's best for you!!!
Love & Blessings!

Anonymous said...

I read your blog every day but have never commented. What a testimony you have for God's love and grace in your life. You have an amazing story, and an amazing God - AND an amazing husband. What a keeper he is! I am old enough to be your mom, but your blog is so uplifting and real. I leave your blog open to listen to your music too - love your picks!! Just know that you have the love and prayers of more people than you know out here in the land of blogging - praying for you and your little angel and a safe delivery, with lots of love and grace and peace flowing down on you and your family. Keep blogging, and we all anxiously await the "good news".....linda

Anonymous said...

jody I so cant wait for the baby!!!!

dont worry about the will be too busy cuddling that baby and its only laundry!!!!

love you


Anonymous said...

Hi Jodi,

You have a man in a million there, getting you wireless whilst your stuck in hospital - bless him!!.

Relax and look after yourself, I hope you're out soon with your new little man.

Very Best Wishes

Hopesrising said...

Keeping you and your family in prayer.
I am sure for now rest is a good thing. Glad your Hubby sees that many needs are met. Sounds great.
Take care of you.