Thursday, August 21, 2008

Missing link...thanks, Sara.

You can view the layout from yesterday's post here. Thanks to a comment left by Sara I was able to find the link to the photo mosaic. It was created by Ali Edwards and you can see credits for the tiny pictures by following the link here.
Besides that really helpful comment, I see that others of you still have yet to learn blog comment etiquette. I always appreciate debate and thoughtful insights, but never care for downright rudeness, which for some reason people seem to think they can do since they are posting anonymously. Chip and I are very aware of names and our choices impacting our children as they grow up. Not that I feel the need to defend any names we're considering, because the truth is I have never been one to change an opinion of mine based on someone else's opinion. Nor has Chip. In all our baby-naming through 5 children we have always picked names we like. Teagan's name wasn't one that many people encouraged us to choose; Wyndham's was frowned upon by others. Did we consider peoples' opionions...yes. Did we ulitmately decide for ourselves...yes.
All that to say that I just thought it was in keeping with my 'open book theory' here on my blog to share the list of our current choices. Nothing is set in stone, and certainly we will make our decisions with several things in mind. Even {gasp!} possible nicknames. Now, Chip and I fully understand that ANY name can be picked on or turned into a 'bad nickname'. I, myself, was called "Fatso" through several years of anybody gets that from "Jody" is beyond me. I was also called "Buddy" in highschool because my maiden name was Hackett. Chip will tell you that he has been called among other things: Potato Chip, Chip-shot and Chip-off-the-old-block.
His birth name is John after his dad, but he has been called Chip since about the time he turned one. We have thought of doing John III, but it hasn't been a name we feel compelled to carry on. Chip's sister has a Jonathan and Brock would have likely been the boy of the family to carry on that name. However, the name Jock is a derivitive of John/Jack and our connection with that name is a very positive one. One of Chip's 'favorite bosses' is the Head Golf Pro at Interlachen Country Club in MN and he has always been so kind and supportive to Chip and our family. He is a reputable man in the golf industry and an upstanding family man as well. We feel nothing but respect to him and he has proved that a name is more how you grow into it, than how you allow others to make it shape you. That is just part of the reason the name "Jock" is on our list. If you happen to hate it, that's your personal choice. I believe that no matter what name you choose for a child, you will offend or turn somebody off. That is why Chip and I choose names we like.
The idea of naming a baby after a family member can be good. In fact Chip and I gave Isabella Teagan's name as a middle name- we felt we were being blessed with another girl so soon after Teagan was born and we wanted Bella to have a connection with her sister in Heaven- who died less than a year earlier. We also really liked the name Teagan and so it was another way to just carry a piece of her that we loved so much with us. Bella happens to like it- in case you're wondering.
Beyond that though, the list of names in our family doesn't leave us many choices in the way of baby boys- at least according to the criteria Chip and I have used in the past. The names of the grandpas are: Floyd and John; the grandfathers' names are: Wilmer, Melvin, Arnold, Ezra and Royal. Some of them have been incorporated as middle names with a couple of our nephews, but we feel confident that we aren't offending any of our family by not choosing among this list of names.
That was long for me to 'not defend' our baby name choices. =)
I really think that something will just click as soon as this baby arrives. It's always happened in the past. So we're not even worrying about it at this point. We're just having fun throwing out possibilities!


ABCDH said...

Come on, what's wrong with Floyd Melvin? haha
I just LOVED this post. Having just named a child myself just 4 short weeks ago I can completely relate!
Go with what sounds good rolling off of your tongue.
In my case, I picked names that also looked nice in my handwriting :-))

Sara said...

I didn't read all the other posts so didn't know about the "hoopla"... but here's my theory:

It's your life. It's your family. And you're gracious enough to share both with us.

Not just on blogs but everywhere in life, wouldn't it be lovely if the first impulse could be to support, love and accept each other? (Especially the accepting part)

I know, I'm a total pollyanna, but I think it's worth trying, people. :)


Jenn @ Casa de Castro said...

Jody, I love all the names on your list and know the new baby will be blessed beyond measure WHATEVER the name turns out to be! :)

I am curious about something else name-related though. I think the name Teagan is pretty written out, but I've wondered how you prounouce it. Is it "Tee' gan" or "Tay' gan"? We have some friends whose last name is Reagan (like the former president), but they pronouce it "Reegan."

Joy said...

Hey Jody!! I LOVE Greyson! I really like original names. I have one picked out that is original..(I am not pregnant nor married so it's gonna be a while but I still have some picked out)...I want my baby girl to be named Karaleen Joy. Karaleen is a mix between my mom's sisters name Karen and Kathleen and Joy comes from my dads sisters name Joyce and it's also my fist Newaz...All this to say you can name you child WHATEVER you want to and like you said no matter what the kids name people will find ways to make fun if they want to. And I find it kinda funny that the people who were talking bad about your name choices were talking about people making fun of him and really being mean to him yet they were practically doing the same thing to you. Just something that came to my mind.

Love ya lots, Dani

Renee - Michigan said...

First time responder but frequent reader/admirer.
But Jody, please, go ahead and defend your right to choose a name. But give us a break. Choosing a very unique name like Teagan or Whydam is a VERY different story than naming your son Jock. Would you have named any of your daughters Brassiere? No.
In my opinion (and yes I have a right to it!) Jock is a perfectly acceptable nick name that might evolve over time, but as a given name? You are talking apples and oranges. And even though it evokes positive thoughts to you and Chip, to the rest of the world, the word / name has really only one universal connotation.
And having an opinion and being able to express it in a public venue is a RIGHT and it is something you have chosen to allow others to do. "Etiquette" has nothing to do with anything. If you choose to be public and you have, then the "public" has a right to express.

Rosie said...

I am always amazed at how rude people are. As a society we have become a bunch of ignorant people that feel like our views need to be heard, no matter what. It is a freedom of speech. Well, I for one don't think that everything that I think or anyone else thinks needs to be said. I often am teaching my children, "just because you think it, doesn't mean you have to say it". Yes, I realize that there are free speech rules. What about the Golden Rule. Play nice people!

go with what your heart tells you. Make no apologies for your choices.

Hopesrising said...

i got a feeling no matter what name you chose he will be a very strong boy. I just have that feeling.
As for the names I like them all . Even Jock. You explained why and it was enough for me.
My uncles name was Cecil John after my grandfather. Most called him Jack. But some referred to him as Jock. It was just due to our French background. To be honest I never thought in looking at him about any more then it being a name.
So I guess I can't say much more other then I can't wait to see the little guys face and hear what name you have chosen.
Cute Nursery by the way.
Have a great day!

Heather said...
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Anonymous said...

Renee in michigan, it's one thing to say things and express your own opions. It's another to do it in a nasty way and behind anonymous posts all the time. People know if they are out to tear others down.
It's sad that 'free speech' has come to mean, say whatever you want and hurt others in the process.
Not that my opinion even matters, but for whatever it's worth, I say follow your hearts!
Faye in Alabama

Heather said...
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Heather said...

Hey Jody,
Love the names you have and I think you should do what makes you and YOUR family happy.

Renee in Michigan- This is NOT your blog, nor do the contents on this blog have anything to do with you. If you do not like what is being wrote- go to a different one. You may have a right to an opinion, but you DO NOT have the right to offend Jody with your opinion, especially on HER blog. Need to express your opinion? WRITE YOUR OWN BLOG!!!

Sorry Jody, but I'm SOOO not a fan of people who think they have the right to shoot off their mouth on other people's blog....

I'm sure this little guy will be adorable and his name will fit him perfectly.
And I really can't wait for you to be able to scrap and jump with us soon!!!!
Hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jody!
I read your blog all the time, but have never posted. I have three little boys named Cooper, Brody and Griffen, and I've experienced 'the looks' when I was pregnant with each of them and telling people what their names were going to be. To my husband and I Cooper is a "Cooper" through and through, such is Brody a "Brody" and Griffen a "Griffen" -we wouldn't change them for anything!! Whatever you name your child, it will be special and he will love it, because you picked it for him!! Thank you for being so open and sharing your life with us.

walkingbyfaith said...

I love this post too. I hope that you weren't made to feel like you needed to defend the names that you and Chip are considering for YOUR child. I don't understand why people feel the right to be so rude. You've shown time and time again what a loving, wonderful woman of God you are and every time I read your posts I just want to hug you! :)

I love all your children's names, especially that you allowed Bella to carry on Teagan's name. That is so so precious!

saner4 said...

Your list of names is amazing & wonderful...makes me want to have more kids so I can use some of them :) When I say the names, I picture a boy with such personality! I can't wait to see what you and dh choose.
Many Blessings,

lisalyn said...

I didn't post yesterday on your pick of names because it was too hard to pick just one that was a favorite. I thought they were all unique and very well thought out.
When I have a friend or relative that is expecting, I almost hesitate to ask what names they are deciding on because it seems so personal.
Thank you for being so real, personal and sharing so much of your family with us. I think it shows just how nice of a person you really are.I'm sorry that there has to be some people who don't get that. Sad!
Blessings to you and your family as you await the arrival of this perfect little gift from God...who by the way already knows what his name will be! :)

The Studers said...

Jody -- Long time lurker here... I love reading your blog and appreciate your "real-ness" -- is that a word?:)

We've got a Maguire (and spelled the same way as your choice!) at our house, along with his twin brother Alex and big sister Ellie. People as us all the time if the boys are named after baseball players (Alex Rodriguez and Mark McGwire, I guess?), but otherwise we have gotten nothing but compliments on the name choice for Maguire. We call our little man Mac, too. Blessings to you, your family, and little one on the way. Can't wait to hear what the final choice is!

sara m. said...

I just want you to know that when I named my now 6 year old daughter, Westin, my husbands coworkers actually started a petition against the name.

I used it anyway, and can't imagine her named anything else.

You have to go with your gut!

Tracy: said...

I just love that you let us in on all your names you were thinking about.....I love talking to parents expecting and all the creative names they come up with...the meanings behind them etc. It stinks that people are so opinionated! Thanks for sharing your life with us Jody! You rockstar ; )

Amy said...


It has been awhile since I have commented, but I had to weigh in on baby names. It's one of my favorite subjects! I love Finn. I considered that name for two different babies. I ended up with Hayes and Jack, but I still love Finn. :-) Whatever you end up naming your precious boy will be just perfect. But, you knew that already! I wish you blessings and joy!

Quentin's momma said...

I really loved all your name choices. I only don't like Jock for you because it rhymes with Brock :P I LOVE LOVE LOVE the name Jack though! (ok that was too much excitement)

I am in love with all your kids names. I have never met a Wyndham and wouldn't have thought I would like it but it is just so sweet. Can't wait to hear what you pick, and good luck!

Robin said...

I like the names on your list. My daughter's name is Reed, so I'm partial to that one! Also, I dated a boy in college whose name was Jock. I always liked that name!

Claire said...

I can't believe people waste their time being so rude to someone who is providing free entertainment (i.e. reading of the blog etc).

Honestly. No one is forcing you to read it, nor to name your child the same as Jody is. Sheesh!

Jody, I think people just have far too much time on their hands. They need to GET A HOBBY!

One of my friends has a 'Jock' and when i tell people that I get funny looks and I get offended (and he isn't even my baby!). I think people are all too opinionated about names - and often those people don't have such great names themselves!

I am glad there are so many people defending you here, you were brave to post them (and I'm glad you did because I love hearing people's baby name ideas).

Personally, a lot of your names I wouldn't feel compelled to use but you do and that's perfectly alright! I'd be too chicken to share names with people before the baby was born because by then you can't do 'jack' about it! Haha.

I know a couple of Finns, and a Greydon, but my favourite is Floyd Melvin too. :P


jennie said...

Your name list rocks! How on earth are you gonna choose? We were always afraid to let people in on our list because I didn't want opinions of others to "ruin" a name for me. I really hope that doesn't happen for you guys. Stay strong and let those snide comments roll off your back. You and your husband have a great track record for baby names. Trust yourselves!

Chip said...

The Dad here wieghing in. I always cringe when Jody's site gets a little snippy. I always tell Jody not to respond, so I am breaking my rule. As far as anonymous comments, I really don't give them credence. I have never given an anonymous comment, even though I may have to take a little heat because of it. It's a difference of character versus cowardice. Stand behind your words or don't say them.
On the name front, my two favorites are Jock and Tillman. As Jody said Jock is a very special person in our lives. But for those in the older sect, myself included, may remember the patriarch of the Ewing clan on Dallas Jock Ewing, a fine man although he raised some bad sons. Also Jock Hutchinson was a golfer who won two majors in the early twentieth century. The name derives from Yochanan which in Hebrew means God's Grace. In fact Jock is a fairly common Scottish name.
I would however offer that I could make fun of any name in a cruel manner if I wanted, so could anybody.
Although Jock may not be Jody's first choice this controversy may help her decide to choose it, so this may be a good thing:)

Kelly said...

It's not anyone else's baby, he is yours. As long as you and your hubby like the name, everyone else's opinion is just that!

I have been reading your blog for quite some time. Anyway, I actually told my mother the above, "he is not your baby" when she disapproved of one of our names the short list.

We have a Parker Elizabeth (girl) and a Grant Avery (boy). Parker and Avery are family names, the others we just liked. It is your right as parents to name your children whatever you chose whether the rest of the world or accepts or not, it's their loss.

By the way, nice to meet you! I have been reading for a while, got here from Bring the Rain. This is my first comment, I think.

Suzy said...

HI Jody~~
I read your blog often (have never posted) and find great inspiration from you!! I think you ROCK!! the great name debate...
I saw that you had a grandparent with the name Royal. I knew a girl named Royal....she was beautiful, regal, confident....I think that is a lovely name for a girl....just my 2 cents worth..

Blessings to you and the birth of your new baby.


Red Door said...

Wow, who knew a baby name post would start THAT!? Sheesh! I like them all, but Greyson was on our list too!

Ellia said...

Thanks for sharing your picks with us all. I'm not sure why but I have been wondering what you will name him since I first read you were expecting again. I hope all the comments don't turn you off too much of a name that you love.

I actually kinda like the name Jock, especially if it has special meaning to you, but I am so not a fan of rhyming sibling names.
Jock and Brock would be too close for me personally.
You have a great list to chose from too. I love Greyson, Finnigan, Tillman, Dain and Maguire( I know a one nicknamed Mac! It's so cute)

I don't post much, but I love your blog. Im not even sure how I found it but I keep coming back, thanks for sharing and good luck with the naming process.

Ellia said...

Thanks for sharing your picks with us all. I'm not sure why but I have been wondering what you will name him since I first read you were expecting again. I hope all the comments don't turn you off too much of a name that you love.

I actually kinda like the name Jock, especially if it has special meaning to you, but I am so not a fan of rhyming sibling names.
Jock and Brock would be too close for me personally.
You have a great list to chose from too. I love Greyson, Finnigan, Tillman, Dain and Maguire( I know a one nicknamed Mac! It's so cute)

I don't post much, but I love your blog. Im not even sure how I found it but I keep coming back, thanks for sharing and good luck with the naming process.

Ellia said...

Thanks for sharing your picks with us all. I'm not sure why but I have been wondering what you will name him since I first read you were expecting again. I hope all the comments don't turn you off too much of a name that you love.

I actually kinda like the name Jock, especially if it has special meaning to you, but I am so not a fan of rhyming sibling names.
Jock and Brock would be too close for me personally.
You have a great list to chose from too. I love Greyson, Finnigan, Tillman, Dain and Maguire( I know a one nicknamed Mac! It's so cute)

I don't post much, but I love your blog. Im not even sure how I found it but I keep coming back, thanks for sharing and good luck with the naming process.

Ellia said...

oh my I'm sorry for the triple posting!! can you delete it?

sorry ;)

Sonja said...

Yikes!!! I'm glad there weren't so many people so emotionally invested in naming our baby!!:) If I were you, I'd avoid adding Barack or McCain to the list, imagine the uproar.

love to you :)

etrhodes said...

I thought that your name choices were fun and unique!I was kind of surprised that people had nothing better to do than put negative comments about your prospective names. I hope you have fun throwing names around... after having done it four times myself I feel like an impending birth and choosing names and such is one of the best times in life. Enjoy!!

Mom to Bin and Oaxie said...

Hi Jody. I have written to you once but read your blog daily. I just wanted to add a little to the name game. We had the toughest time coming up with names for our boy/girl twins over two years ago when I was pregnant. We knew from the beginning that they would be family names only. So...the names we chose we knew would cause a huge debate amongst friends and family so we did not to tell anyone until they were born. We did not want to listen to what people thought and cause us to change our decision. Binford (Bin) Brockett is my maiden name along with my husbands middle name and Oaxie (long "O" just in case you are wondering how we pronounce it) Glee was my husbands grandmothers name (the most wonderful little lady I ever knew) along with my middle name and every other woman on my moms side of the familys middle name as well. I do not regret one bit what we chose and I often wonder how we would match those names if we are able to have more children! I love all your choices and I have to admit that Jock is on the top of my list for you. You have a great instinct when it comes to all of your children's awesome names so what ever you choose will be just perfect! I can't wait to hear the final verdict!!!

Mom to Bin and Oaxie said...
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Madeline said...

Jeez, what a**holes some people can be. I love your choices, Jody! The reason I started reading your blog was because Teagan was my top choice all 4 times I was pregnant with my girls. I love it SO much, but hubby wasn't as thrilled. I started my blog after reading yours because it's been so inspirational to me. I had been taking everyday life completely for granted and when I read your blog, I knew I had to stop and smell the roses, so to speak. I have my camera with me all the time now and I write down the things I would otherwise miss. Sorry to go off on a tangent there! I met 2 brothers named Gibson and Hawkins a couple of weeks ago--very cute, I think. Anyway, of your list, I think Finn is my favorite, but they are all cool. Do you have a girl name picked out just in case. I love reading your blog and wish you a safe, fast, and easy labor and delivery.~~Madeline (mom of 4 girls with "different" names)

Jodi said...

Girl, you and Chip do whatever you decide, and don't let anyone's opinion and negativity get in your way. In any given situation, naming a baby or otherwise, there will be someone who isn't happy with something. You can't please everyone! BUT - this is your baby and your family. YOU will know what is best for your child. And there will always be cruel people in this world. My name is Jodi too, but I was called many cruel nicknames, including "Gap" for the space between my two front teeth. If someone truly wants to be cruel, they'll find a way. Honestly, I didn't even go there when I saw Jock on your list. I chuckled a little because it rhymes with Brock, and then my mind went to "what a cute, athletic jock he'd be!!" :)

Anywho, I'm sorry you have to deal with the negativity, and feel the need to defend your choices. Please don't. I think you'll see a lot of support for whatever you decide, and only a few sourpusses in the mix who just simply didn't learn good manners. I mean how hard would it have been to just say, "You know, I like Jock, but I'd be concerned he'd be teased because of it, in school by his peers." People can give an opinion without having to be hurtful in the process. I know you know this, and I know I'm rambling. Just wanted to let you know that I'm sorry for those anonymous comments you had to receive surrounding such a joy in your life.

Good luck in choosing whichever name you choose for your darling little one!!

Anonymous said...

I love all the names of your children and the possible future names you have picked out! I just wish my husband was more flexible about cool names so for now, I will just enjoy reading about your's.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

heidi said...

I wish people understood etiquette period. In the blog world I've never seen SO MANY people feel they have the right to leave rude comments no matter what. Just because someone has a blog doesn't mean the world has a right to spout off. Public or not, rude is rude. I look at it this way, rude people are the equivalent of people who aren't happy in their own lives and they're even less happy unless they are making others miserable. Imagine the intimate people in their lives, feel blessed you aren't one of them.

Having said that, JODY, like I said before and like you just will know THAT name when the time is right no matter what you choose. Funny I had no say in naming my twins, my husband and mother named them, and you know, when they were born, their names were perfect. Isn't it funny how that works out? My boys are Jakub and Nikolaus (not my twins). I'm glad how we chose to name our kids made the right people in our lives happy!

Thank you for not shutting us out. I really do enjoy your blog.

maxandmimasmummy said...

I love the idea of naming children after special people. My son's middle name is Rugby after his great grandfather and my daughter's middle name is Mollie after my favourite Aunt.

I can completely understand wanting to choose Jock when it has such special ties. I would probably use it as a middle name rather than a first name primarily because it's too similar to Brock and you'll get tongue tied yelling at them to come in for dinner!

Whatever name you choose you'll get people turning their noses up and in the end it's really none of their business.

Give that belly a rub from me xx

Cheeziemommie said...

oooh I love the name EZRA!

Nilia said...

Hi, I love all the names, but I think I'm partial to Finn and Greyson. As an aside, I wanted to also tell you that my MIL renamed me since she didn't like my first or second names (second name a family name for generations). She also renamed my son since the English version of it was ugly (Noah, can you believe this?) so she renamed him Noe (Portuguese pronunciation). She has not endeared herself to me, let me tell you. I have an unusual spelling of my first name but I always get very positive comments on how pretty it is. BTW, I named my second son Gavin, as my late grandfather's surname from his mother's side was Gavino, and I did this to honour him. Family names are beautiful and special, you have given your name list a lot of thought, and I'm thinking that maybe when your son introduces himself to you one of them will just seem to fit him best!

Blessings, and best wishes for a safe delivery

Nilia Paula Palhinha
(please, not Nelly or Nelia)

Mandyb said...

Wow I SO CANNOT believe how RUDE some people can be. They are your children and names you like - CASE CLOSED.... why some people feel they need to comment ANONYMOUSLY and place their judgements on you astounds me..... Jody and Chip you like those names... that's all that matters.... being a new blogger myself I am yet to have any comments that are negative... something I did do (and am glad) was make it so that people had to leave their name (sign up maybe cant remember) or sign in with their for me
anyway *hugs to you* and all the best for the birth of a precious and well loved wee person into your family.

Beth said...

Hi Jodi,
What beautiful names...all are so unique! I absolutley love them! My older son we named Matthew Robert after his great-grandfather. Then, for our second son, I loved Austin but my husband didn't. So, we narrowed it down to Steven or Christopher. I went into premature labor during both pregnancies so we didn't have the name picked out for our second son before he was born. Then, after he was born and the nurse was weighing him and cleaning him, my husband came back to me and told me that he was definitely a Steven...not a we named him Steven Austin (although EVERYONE told us they liked Christopher better). So, even if you are unsure of which name to choose before your beautiful baby is born, after his birth, you will just know!!! In my case, I am so happy I chose the name from my heart rather than listening to what everyone else was TELLING me to name him! I can't wait to hear what you and Chip will be just PERFECT!!!! Best wishes for a quick labor and delivery and a healthy baby boy!

Beth said...

Hi Jody,
So sorry about the misprint with your name in the post I just left. My sister's name is Jodi (with an "i"), so I am so used to spelling it that way. I am so sorry!

Anonymous said...

LOL!! I've just realised all the protestations about Jock was about. I'm British, so I was thinking of it as being a Scottish name and not someone who plays sports! I feel daft!

When I was pregnant I went through a phase when I thought Boadicea (famous Celtic Queen) was a good name, my daughter is now 5 and thinks that's hilarious and is very glad I called her Lily ;)

But call your precious baby whatever you like and you will because you're a sensible woman!


Katie said...

I owe you a huge apology Jodi... I left an anon comment about a personal experience I had with the name Jock -french spelling, but nevertheless a cousin of mine was teased mercilessly over this. And when I saw you asking for opinions I blurted mine out without a thought. Being able to speak anonymously allows people a rudeness they would never dream of in real life. Some of the cruel commenters are the same women who would be standing next to you in church with a big ole' smile.
If I knew you as a friend I never would have said - "no don't use that name my cousin was teased"
I was thoughtless and I'm sincerely sorry and felt convicted after reading this post as well as your husbands comments. I too was called names that didn't have anything to do with Katie, so I see your point.
take care Jodi.

Kristy said...

Hi Jody, I have never posted, but am inspired by your thoughts and stories. We actually have a Taygen in our family which I love, but you are the only other person I have heard use it. My great Grandfather was Tillman as well (Charles Tillman). I am just writing to say that the names you have picked are beautiful and I'm sure there is a reason that you have choose each one, which I think is all that matters. While people do have the right to their opinions I feel that coming out and telling you that your decision (in their opinion)isn't right to them well is rude and not fair. Please enjoy the comments from those of us who care enough to respect what your opinion is. The fact is it's your blog that you have allowed us to view, a part of your life that you are sharing and don't have to. So thank you for your inspiration and God Bless your family!

Roxanne said...

I loved reading about your John+Jack=Jock. My grandpa was named John Gifford, but was always called Jack. I never heard anyone call him by his given name. Too bad he never thought of combining the two...he would have loved it!!

I've been doing catching up on your blog and just saw the photos of the rooms. I haven't done much to my own kids' rooms. It got me thinking :-)

I've been reading your blog regularly since that you are willing to be transparent. And inspiring!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jody,

I came in on the tail end of this whole thing, but I can't believe people would go out of their way to say mean things like that!

My two cents on the names? I LOVE Greyson and Bennett. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow...renee in you realize just how you sounded in that response? Perhaps there is an inflection that you would have in your voice that cant be transferred to the written word, but really...that was downright rude.

Its fine to have an opinion..and even to voice it. Its not fine to use that right to deliberately hurt someone...especially on their own turf.


Sam, Erin and Ava said...

Wow! What a "Hot Topic" you have broached from such a innocent & fun question.
Don't worry (I am sure you aren't) sometimes people just need a hobby.. like knitting or reading books.... something that requires no talking.
Anywho, I like Greyson. It is such a strong name and it sounds cool too!
Have a blessed day!

Ali said...

Hi Jody,

my vote goes to Greyson/Grayson and Bennett.

I think they go great with your other kids names and with your last name.

A few other suggestions I've heard of recently, Ted (from Theodore), Harley and Elliot.

Brock, Wyndham, Bella, Ava and ....

:o) good luck!

Ali said...

i didnt intentionally mean to leave Teagan out, was more ordering them in a list for everyday practicalities of shouting out their names!

sarah said...

jody, i get tired of people hatin' on unique names, and the HR excuse is SO SO lame. unique names are cropping up all over the place. is a "jock" or "finn" or "tillman" comes across the desk of an HR person, it won't look near as "out there" in 20 years than it might right now. i'm a sarah, so i speak for all those whose mamas tried, but still named their babies what everyone else was naming their babies...UNIQUE NAMES ARE AWESOME! :)

you're precious. rude anon blog commenters? notsomuch.

and renee, ettiquette has A LOT to do with it. i'd hate to be around you if you really think politeness doesn't matter much. :/

Amber said...

I read the rude posts and couldn't believe some people are so narrow minded! I mean...names are so different these days...really...I wouldn't want a job if they were basing it on my name! I said before, I Iove Jock...and with a son named Jonson...I realize he could be facing teasing as well, but anyone could. Whatever you pick will be great!

Kendra said...


So brave of you to share the names you are considering for your little one. My BIL & SIL never tell anyone their kiddos names until the little one is born. naming children is so fun! My DH whos name is also Chip (his legal name is also John, was nicknamed this because of all the "Johns" in their family. He was born July 4th and nearly nicknamed "Sparky"! So this all could be worse. Hopefully, I'm not offending any Sparky's out there. My DH had a whole list of names for our last little guy. We have a daughter named Reagan after the president and so i thought it would be cute to name him Carter. DH thought that would not be cute, but he thought the names Roosevelt or Johnson would be. I told him no on those-especially Johnson. We decided to name after grandfathers-John Phillip. We have called him Jack from day one. Sorry for the rambling. Lots of prayers to you and your family during this wonderful season in your life.
BTW, my fave boy names (besides my sons names Jack and Ryan) are Landon and Rhett.