Thursday, May 29, 2008

Almost done.

Brock has his last day of third grade tomorrow. He's very excited about summer vacation and not having to wake up early for school. Yesterday, the elementary students had field day and we were able to be there and see lots of the events and fun unfold. The girls were more into the ice cream treats and playing at the playground and getting dirty than they were about watching the 'big kids' play games. Wyndham isn't pictured here because she was at therapy/rehab for most of the duration of this event.
My classes are done for the year, although I will still be doing some work into June. It definitely was a learning experience for me to be the yearbook advisor and I still find it hard to believe I actually 'taught' highschoolers. I don't think I'll ever get used to anyone calling me "Mrs. Ferlaak", and I have to say my favorite thing about this year has been the past month or so at school.
My senior students have been talking about where they are going to college, and their summer plans and just all the dreams and hopes they have for their lives now that they're moving on from high school. I want to laugh at some of the things they say- they have it all planned out and it's all so neat and 'perfect'. I see a bit of myself in all of them- that ideal you have of how life is going to unfold in the next 10-20 years. I don't mean to say they won't be successful and great at what they do...I just wish there was a way to 'warn' kids that things might not go as perfectly as planned.
But that's what life and living and learning are all about, right?! If I had known my future I don't think I would have faced it the way I have. I think that's why God doesn't give us eyes to see to far down the road. Some of us would stop dead in our tracks and never take another step forward. If I could tell them only one thing they need for their future, it would be this, "Hold on to God- tightly!". He's all you need, really. He gives you strength. He gives peace. He gives success. He picks you up when you fail. He points you where you need to go. He holds your hand when you think you won't make it. He gives you the ability to love, to forgive, to make tough decisions, to have joy in dark moments and gives you all the gifts and talents you need to become who He created you to be.
Nothing else in life matters, as long as you have Christ.
You may get lucky and earn a great degree, have the best job, the hottest spouse on the block, a padded bank account, the most fulfilling family life and even plenty of leisure time to soak it all in.
You can gain the whole world, but I have learned that without God, it means nothing and it's worth nothing. I just hope that my students learn that the less they hold onto this world, the easier it is to hold onto God. And that, makes all the difference in the journey. I wish them all the best as they graduate and move forward from here!


Brittany said...

Love your blog. Your story is amazing. I found your blog through the breadcrumbs and am so glad I did.

P.S. You take wonderful pictures. While I know the photographer makes a picture I still would like to know what kind of camera you have. Do you mind? Thxs:)

Tabitha said...

I love your words about god not giving us eyes that see too far ahead!! That has often been true in my life, if I knew what was coming, I would have gone in reverse (or run away!!).
I love your blog too, you have such gorgeous children and I cannot wait to meet your new addition when he arrives too.
love and hugs, Tabitha XX

Anonymous said...

Your words of faith are strong and simple, I LOVE That!!!
I agree, it is so easy to want to warn the young people who have walked w/out lifes pain, to stop "think about all that could go wrong", Christ has another plan, for "child" like faith and hope. He will fill in the gaps when life deals them trouble.
You are a source of strngth for all.
his grace,

kirstypiper said...

Wow, your last post really spoke to me. I have been debating returning to church after a 10 year 'break', I am going to get there this weekend after reading this.
Thank you, your blog is just what I needed. Your family is beautiful:-)

Sheryl said...

Love what you have to say. Your children sure are precious.

Boy, am I glad God doesn't let us see down the road. Yikes, I would have run away for sure. And if I wouldn't have held onto things of this world so tightly God wouldn't have to fight me so hard to let go. You're so right, if the kids could only really understand that holding onto God is what's most important!

You are an inspiration,

Sara said...

I've commented on this before, but wanted to say again how much I love that you share your story and life and faith with all of us. I used to write and because of lurking around your blog I've decided to try to get into the swing of it again too. I have an illness and struggle with the losses that go along with it, but seeing you triumph makes me want to continue to try as well. If you want to read my start of a blog, come on by: Maybe I'll get to give a little insight just as you have given us all SO much. Thanks for that.

Holly T. said...

I love what you had to say aobut high school kids...yes...this time of year is wonderful to watch.
And yes...basically the most important thing in life to "get" is not a degree, a house, a job, or anything else is free to each of us...all we have to do is let Jesus in.
Blessings to you,