Friday, April 18, 2008

Under the influence...

I thought I'd add a little 'disclaimer' for myself and the discussions/thoughts I may share here over the next 4-5 months. I've been feeling baby movements for nearly a week now and they have a way of making me 'freak out' while at the same time they affirm so much to me.
I admit that feeling little rhythmic movements while blogging affects some of what I actually blog about- proof being my previous disection of some Hannah Montana lyrics. =)
It's just the reality of another life being entrusted to me is an overwhelming thought... one I don't take lightly and yet I thank God for even believing that Chip and I are somehow capable and qualified to take on such responsibility. I know I can't shield my kids from everything that I wish I could- there just aren't enough Yahoo filters out there for that, still I know that raising kids is about being 'balanced' and giving them tools and love and support to be able to make wise decisions in their own lives or even the ability to deal with defeat.
So that's it.
Losing one child...raising 4 more...and expecting another just may be a big part of what I do or don't say around here.
I still find myself in 'shock' that these kids are all mine sometimes. I also feel more inadequate than qualified, and yet at the same time I find being a mom is one of the greatest things about my life.
Yep. I'm definitely 'under the influence of mothering' these days. =)


Tabitha said...

From what I have read in your blog, I think you are a wonderful mother and this new baby will be very lucky indeed to have you.
Tabitha X

Chatty said...

I agree, this child you are expecting is blessed to be born into such a family as yours, with a mother like you.

I just had my 17 week ultrasound, this is my third child, and I am still (really, I suspect I always will be) blown away by the hugeness of it all.

kirstenjuenke said...

And you know what? You are allowed :)

Anonymous said...

Jody, I have been 'here' with you for two years...reading, praying, and thanking God for your wisdom. I rarely comment but felt I must here it are a wonderful mom who loves and cares for her children and sometimes this brings 'strange' thoughts fluttering along....the "world " is a cold place if we are without the you keep on and we ( all of the true nitty Gritters) will keep on being here learning from you and growing wiser through it all.

a mama in illinois

Kim said...

I was going to say what Tabitha say... only with slightly differnt wording. I come to check your blog daily, although I dont usually leave comments b/c you get SOOOO many.
You popular cutsie lady you!
I think after reading your blog, the way you talk about your children/family is simply beautiful. This child IS a blessing and has come into your lives for a reason.

You are great, and going to continue to do so

Red Door said...

Hey Jody! I'm behind by 5 if we're keeping track here, but I know enough about motherhood to know God gave you six for a reason: you're a great mom and a great example to us newbies. (Brady is here and AMAZING!!) By the way, I think it's funny that I'm in the hospital but thought I really needed a nitty gritty fix, so here I am!!

Juli said...

I completely understand about feeling inadequate sometimes. I have 3 boys. One is married with a child of his own. The other two are at home, one a junior and the other in 8th grade. Boys no less. Talk about a real mystery. But you know I wouldn't change it for a minute. They make everyday a challenge and a joy. Just love them all you can. God nows what he is doing even when we don't. You are a great mom and a great inspiration to the rest of us, no matter where we are in our walk or motherhood. Just keep pouring it out there. You never know who you might touch. Blessings to all.


patterns of ink said...

Great Post, Jody!
And I agree with your previous post, too. My daughter also like HM, but even her most recent hit (which when I saw her perform it recently... made me wonder who her handlers are--her parents have mostly kept her off the path that has taken other young ladies astray... time will tell).

But speaking of busy moms and upcoming Mother's Day. I'm so sorry that you never got to meet my mom. You share much in common--though I must say she experienced your accomplishments in writing, scrapping, yearbook, etc. Anyway, what I was going to say is that I just watched a movie that I had never heard of. If you haven't seen it... you really should. It's called "The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio" here's a web page about it:
It's a great tribute to a gifted mom of 10 kids. They grew up under very hard conditions, but the mom's ability to write jingles and keep a positive outlook saw them through. It's a true story.
Can Chip feel the vibrations yet? It was great to see you guys at the Spring Carnival Friday.

patterns of ink said...

I hate when I type too fast.
I meant to say that she did NOT share your accomplishments in those area-- just in making life great for all of her "stair step" children...including my little brother who came along later on.

Anonymous said...

Jody, the greatest work we will ever do as mothers will be within the walls of our own homes. Motherhood is a calling from God, and there is no greater calling in life. Savor every moment with your children; they grow up before you know it, and take with them everything that was shown by example and taught to them. I teach school and many of these children I teach come from dysfunctional homes. It breaks my heart. I wish I could mother them all, but I can only do so much. Continue loving, caring, and sharing with those little ones of yours. I am sadden about your loss, but remember, someday you will get the opportunity of raising her for the eternities. Your child is guaranteed eternal glory. Children are innocent in the eyes of God, and are assured a place in heaven. Your little girl will see you someday again and all of your children and husband will live the eternities in love and happiness. Later I will share scripture that verifies of this eternal truth.

Marie said...

My heart goes out to you because i hve 4 and sometimes i lose my mind lol! You are sooo awesome and i wish i had your strength. :)

jenniferadams said...


Sonja said...

Jody darlin', never feel like you have to explain a Hannah Montana dissection, it's just one of the many reasons I love ya:) Hope all is well with you (I'm entering the "alien invasion belly movement" at this point and getting all giddy thinking about the little baby coming)

tnt521 said...

I hear you on the awesome resposiblity bringing up kids feels like! I tell you there are so many days that I feel like I am just "playing house" and the parent will show up any minute! And I have to pinch myself back to realizing I'm the parent!

And I am here with "a mama in Illinois" not as a long time reader but a new one that is learning and growing and pondering life along with you!