Monday, April 28, 2008

The other 'man' in my life...

I love my son Brock. I don't think kids know their own 'greatness' sometimes, and he certainly falls into this category. Those top two photos are for the grandmas who read my blog. He is so proud of his developing abilities in the game of lacrosse, but most other sports he struggles to fit in and compete. I keep trying to tell him {and Chip does too} that you can't be good at everything, but that the main thing, no matter what you are doing or trying to learn, is to always give it your best effort. That way even if you 'fail', you can be confident that you did all you could.
It's a lesson I'm still learning in my own life sometimes, but true in all our lives.
Yesterday I had the opportunity to take Brock out on a 'date'. He won a giftcard at school the other week for a local store. Any guesses to where we went?
Barnes & Noble.
He absolutely LOVED it there! I lost him a few times because he just went from section to section totally enthralled at every new topic he came upon and he just couldn't get enough of it. I had expected him to be excited to pick out a book or two with his card, but figured once he'd made his selection he would be just as happy to head to the checkout and leave for someplace more 'fun'.
We ended up spending a little over two hours there, browsing books and discussing what was so great about different subjects and authors' styles and he especially loves history and nonfiction- but also really loves the classics in the 7-12 age range right now. He finally chose a book, and had a couple of dollars left on his card, and it just made me love him more when he said, "Let's go find a book that the girls will love and bring it home to'll make them so happy".
It honestly was the best 2 hours I've spent with him in a long time. No demands, no interruptions, no agenda...just us, time and a really rich environment for conversation and fun mix of topics. When we left he said it's his new favorite place and he plans to ask for Barnes & Noble giftcards for birthdays and Christmas from here on out. =)
I know it's hard to make 'time' for all my kids individually, but after hearing about so many of your childhood memories a few posts back, it made me see that it's not the 'big, spendy events/trips/gifts' that make the greatest impacts in someone's life, but rather the time spent with someone, sharing life/something they love. I was also surprised at how many peoples' fondest memories from childhood involved their grandparents...and hopefully my kids will grow up knowing how much they are loved by their grandparents even though our visits are too far and few at this time in their lives.
I just wanted to share all this because 1) it was such a wonderful, simple date and 2) to remind myself {and any of you} that time matters more than things. Sometimes our advertising-infused culture drowns out this message and we really need to hear it and remember it each day. I hope I can be a good influence in all my kids lives- to help weed out the junk and help grow them into the truly 'great people' they have the potential to be!


MandaKay said...

Oh this is EXACTLY what our sermon was about yesterday - it's all about people. It's always been about people, it always will be about people! God's second command - love your neighbor as youself - it's about people - that is how God intended it! SO rich! So glad you had a nice date!

Bird's Words said...

Barnes and Noble is a favorite spot for my son and I (the whole family, actually!). I have learned a great deal about him and his view of life while perusing the shelves there. It's a sweet time. You are so right.. it's not hte money we spend on our kids, but the time we spend WITH them that counts the most. I am thrilled you had this special time with Brock. I think I'll take mine on another date this week!

Anonymous said...

BROCK IS AWESOME! He looks so tough in his lacrosse stuff but I am glad i also know the soft and caring Brock. That shows through by him wanting to buy a book for the girls with his leftover money. Keep being cool Brock... hope I get to see you soon!


Anonymous said...

I have heard most recently that "if" a parent can (both the mom and the dad) they should try to "date" each of their kids individually to build in not only memories BUT have the quality time with them. I wish I'd done that back when my kids were young!!! It will pay off in the teen years especially PLUS will make for a great parent/adult relationship later on!!!
I love that Brock is into books and reading since that's an interest of mine as well. So cool too, that he thinks of his sisters.

Monica said...

How sweet...I can't get over how much he looks like you!

Hillary said...

This was one of the things that my dad made sure to do with me...We had Daddy-Daughter days and we just spent the day doing different things...Our fave place was The Bookman in GH since B&N wasn't there yet. I am so glad that I had these days growing up and I miss them tremendously now that he's gone.
I'm sure that Brock felt so special just like I always felt so special when I was with my dad. :)

kimmie said...

so what books did Brock purchase? :)

Anonymous said...

Like MOTHER like son, (as far as the love for BN); is he hooked on Starbucks yet?

Jamie said...

You are so right...time matters more than things. What a cute boy you have! Sounds like your date was time well spent. Thanks for blogging!

canhowell said...

My husband's grandfather just passed away on April 7th. We were very closed to him and also his caregivers along with his wife. He was a wonderful man and loved his family with all his heart and soul. He had a horrible disease called Progressive Supranuclear Palsy "PSP" that he battle for many years. The past few were very hard but he never once complained about anything. I was there when he passed away and it was so bitter sweet. It was one of the most life changing things I was blessed to go through. I felt the Holy Spirit there and I know the Lord was there with his smiling face to greet him to his new heavenly home. He is celebrating, dancing, singing, praising God and waiting for the day that we will all be together. I say all that to say some of my memories of him are :
-Him singing in the church choir (he loved to sing)
-taking us all camping and on
vacations (he always prayed before we drove out of the driveway)
-his garden (all the veggies at Sunday lunch)
-His big hugs and he would always say "how you doing darling" :)
-His faithfullness and love for his Church (he loved his church)
I could go on and on.

Also growing up my dad and I would always going fishing. He would let me miss school and we would fish and swim and eat and play. Oh for a day like that again. I so miss those days with my dad. He is still with us but my kids took up where I left. My kids love him so much and I know why!

Much love and happiness!

MichelleJ said...

MY daughter & I just had a weekend like that - it's hard being the oldest when someone little always needs attention. One of the places we stopped was a bookstore - such fun places to hang out. The reason I am commenting though is because she is alot like that too - wants to get everything right the first time, and sometimes wants to give up things she enjoys after a while - maybe because her basketball teams never wins, even though she loves playing. We tell her "If you get everything right the first time, then what are you learning? Having to work at things, make corrections, practice shows that you have learned something when you do get it right." But that only goes so far, doesn't it? I think you're a great mom.

Ang said...

I actually saw you on this date :) Barnes & Noble.
But it was through the window. We were taking Emma on a 'date' for her birthday.

I'm glad your date was so great.
I miss your kids!
..but i'm enjoying all the time with mine :)