Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Just because...

Recently someone commented that I have a 'woe is me' attititude and always see the dark side in life and share it too often on my blog. My husband on the otherhand tells me that I don't keep it real here often enough...he thinks I tend to 'gloss things' over sometimes. I have to admit I'm not sure why I even blog anymore, except that I love to write, I love to share stories and pictures, and also I know that some of my family keep up with me this way- even though they never comment. { Hi Aunt Betty in Canada and Cousin Dan in Iowa and others of you too! =) }
I have never forced anyone to read my blog, nor have I ever coerced anyone into believing what I do, or even liking the things I like. I just put part of me out there and let you do with my thoughts/insights/stories whatever you like.
I guess I write all that as a sort of disclaimer- although I don't really get why anyone would have to add a disclaimer to their blog. A blog is just that. For me, I just feel like we have so much to learn from each other and I appreciate the wonderful friendships I have made as a result of keeping a blog and connecting through others' blogs. I don't ever feel it is my place to tell someone what to write or what not to write on their blog. I never feel pressure to agree with someone else's opinions or buy the items linked in their posts, nor do I feel it is my place to judge how they share their ideas.
It's a shame when there is a disrespect for people in this world for ANY reason...but to me it is even more shameful when people disrespect others anonymously or in a negative manner that serves only to bring others down.
But that's the way our society seems to be going- whether in the political arena, in the entertainment world, or even between genders, religious beliefs, social classes or different age groups. Today I fully meant for this blogpost to be a really short, "This is what made me happy today", but instead I've somehow turned it into a mini sermon. I want to challenge you to do your part to make this world a better place today and everyday- to stand up for injustice, to put a stop to gossip, to encourage rather than tear down, or even to step out of your comfort zone and seek- if even for a few hours- to see the world through someone else's eyes. Maybe that means you will volunteer at a food pantry, or get involved with a summer youth program. I don't know what would stretch you the most, but I have to admit I feel like we get comfortable and need to be pushed to 'be better' than we are at times.
And now,
for the lighthearted post I intended...
Here's a list of some of the simple things that made me happy today-
~Getting my grocery shopping done by 9:30 am...
~Enjoying a Starbuck's latte AND a having my hair cut on the same day...
~Feeling baby movements during the entire hair appointment and part of the drive home...
~Eating fresh strawberries with my kids and watching the juice drip down their chins...
~Hearing Bella tell me "I have 1000 kisses for you" ...{she used up 5 right then} =)
~Watching Wyndham walk down the grassy hillside of our home that just last summer made her so afraid...and realizing it was not too many years ago that she couldn't walk at all
~Having Brock apologize for coming home 'late' from playing with the neighbor kids, but promising me "it will never happen again, and I love you so much!" (even if it was so he could still get icecream for bedtime snack...
~Skipping doing the laundry and not feeling guilty about it...
~A kiss, a nose-rub AND a hug from Ava before she got tucked into bed...
~Listening to music which reminds me that even if I had 'nothing' in this world, because of Christ in my life and what He has done for me, I have everything and then some- I have blessings where I deserve nothing.
That's God's mercy and grace.
Just because.


Beth T said...

I am not sure what alternative universe the person is living in that thinks you have a "woe is me" attitude! I mean, that is the total opposite of how I have experienced your blog. Oh well. Keep on blogging just whatever you want to say, sister!

Colleen said...

THANK YOU - for being you! I love your blog - as a reminder to keep perspective during these mommy years, that they are challenging, yet fulfilling and that they pass all too quickly. Your blog is a gift!

patterns of ink said...

Man on the hall!
It's been a long time since I've opened a comment here that way so that was just for fun!
I only pop in now and then to catch up and say hi to you and Chip, but I would say I've NEVER felt this was a woe is me blog. But even if every once in a while it was--Goodness! What person, what writer, what parent... doesn't have a day like that now and then. Paint with the whole palette but remember there will always be those who prefer a different picture.

Jodie said...

Oh, my. I'm with beth t - you are so NOT a woe is me person!!! I'm also with Chip - we are always glad to hear the "what-may-seem-less-pleasant-sometimes" (to put it in a nice way for mr. woe is me) reality of the ups and downs of life. You are a blessing to many, and we are glad to see what the Lord is doing in your life - whether it be through the easier, fun, happy-feeling moments, or the struggles, aches and uncertain moment. They are all a part of His perfect plan for our lives!!! And you are a woman who exudes joy here on "paper" - I can only imagine how much you are that way in person. I do hope we get to meet one day, fellow Bethel alum! :-)


Anonymous said...'s been way long ago since I've heard "man on the hall"!!! But that's another story! (smile)

Jody...I have to concur here that I don't know where that commentor got where you are a "woe is me" person. I've never gotten that in the 2-ish years that I've been popping in here. You write what's on your heart and sometimes it's heavy...but sometimes it's very light and I think you "sound" like you'd be a pretty up-beat person to be around.

Becca said...

I also agree with previous commenters and don't think you have a "woe is me" attitude. I love your blog because despite many challenges thrown your way, you are upbeat and find a way to integrate your love of Jesus into your reflections.

Plus you put pretty things on your blog. I like shiny and pretty, he he.

A Starbucks Grande Mocha Extra Hot totally and seriously makes my day! Why is that?

Susan said...

I think this is hysterical for so many reasons. Namely, that I have referred many people to your blog because it offers so much hope and pure joy in the Lord. Anon comments should be illegal!
Susan Simpson

Just Me said...

From one who mostly "lurks", I would say that this is neither a "woe is me" nor an "everything is rainbows and daisies" blog. This is you, in all the "nitty gritty" the good times, in the not so good times, the silly times, and the sad times...and every other kind of times that you feel compelled to write about at that time on that day.

For some reason, not everyone seems to understand that a blog is just a glimpse into the life of the person who writes it. You write about what you are moved to write...even if you have had a FANTASTIC day, sometimes one REALLY annoying thing happened and that is what you write about because maybe you are trying to figure out where the lesson was in that experience (or, you just need to vent so you can then try and forget it happened!). What is written at one particular time of a certain day does not define that day, nor does it fully represent who you are as a person. That's just how it is.

There are a lot of things I don't understand about the way common courtesy (and the ability to quietly and politely "agree to disagree") goes out the window when it comes to blogging...I wonder if there is anyone out there doing research on this?! (Definitely not me, but it has me curious!).

Wow, that's quite a comment for a "lurker" (maybe I'm making up for all those times I felt like writing and didn't!).

Keep on writing...I love that I never know what your post will be about when I come here.

Take care.

Lisa & Gerald said...

love reading your blog every day
you sound like a cool mom and wife that enjoys life with your family!

Katie said...

I don't know who said you have a "woe is me" attitude - I couldn't disagreee more! I love reading your blog, and look forward to your updates (and really look forward to more of your yummy recipes!)

Lisa said...

Just keep right on bloggin'. I've been inspired by you. I laughed with you, cried with you and prayed with you when you've requested it. Sometimes life IS a downer, sometimes we are tried...but your belief in the Lord and your outlook on life is very balanced...In My opinion. I look to you for smile and for "real". I agree with all of the above and know that if I lived down the street from you...what I see here is what I would get in a real conversation. Bless you and your home.

The Kahler Family said...

You are so not woe is me. You are, however, one that puts your faith in the Lord out there with no restraint, and I thank you for that. I only wish that I was as unafraid to show my faith as you. No reservations...
Thank you for being a breath of real fresh air!

Hillary said...

I just wanted to let you know that I read your blog all the time...I'm always checking for a new entry. You have wisdom that I don't have that helps me get through the rough patches. When times are tough, your blog is a constant reminder to me that things will get better and that God will always be there for me. It also reminds me that through horrific events, good things can come from that. I thank you for that....
Your blog rocks... :) And, I'm guessing that other person doesn't have the person upstairs in their life....


lisalyn said...

I just have to comment because you should know that your blog is very very inspiring! I enjoy it every time I read it. THANK YOU! Don't let others discourage you. Your life is real and yes it gets hard as do most of ours. But one thing I see in your life (and I don't know you) is that you know HIM...Our God. I love the post were you wrote about surrendering to God. I have just recently been thinking about that and how we really need to let God be God in our lives. We do not know what the future is, but we know who is in charge of our future. He will carry each of us through. Thank you so much for reminding me of that!
Keep Blogging....we who need to learn from you, need it.
God Bless.

Debbie (kitleen) said...

you blog, girl. blog away. do it for yourself, but thank you for leaving it open for some of the rest of us to enjoy.

I find your posts very uplifting. I find myself smiling randomly at the computer while reading your blog. =)

Of course, I've found myself crying while reading your stories. That's cause there are things that are worth shedding tears for.

Continue keeping it real.

And yummy Starbucks! yay!

Marlene said...

I love your blog and even though I haven't commented before-you inspire me with your words, your art and your courageous life. Keep writing. It helps you and it helps others.

MandieGirl said...

I just want to thank you, Jody, for putting yourself out there. I think that there are a lot more of us who LOVE reading your blog than not. Anyways- it's a free country! [wink, wink]

I"m glad that you write. It blesses me.

Sherri P eh said...

Oh here we go again! It just blows my mind that someone comes here, again, and tells you what's not right about your blog and your approach to it. And to life. Can we just tell them to go away?!

Hollie said...

I think it is funny (and says a lot!) that the people who always have negative things to say, are always "anonymous"! I agree with one is making them read your blog. If they don't like it, don't read it! You shouldn't have to put a disclaimer on your own blog!

Man, sorry...I just kind of went off there!

I just recently started reading your blog and I SO look forward to your updates!

Keep on, Keepin on, Girl!!!

mandyb said...

Hi all the way from New Zealand.... and all I want to say to the 'LURKER' who left the un-named comment... if other people's blog sadden you then turn off the computer and go outside!!!! get out of the house... maybe get a job or hobby....
I've read someone else's blog who had a similar comment - come on people - MOVE ON!!!!

Jody you keep on writing - you are so good at it and it is like Therapy don't you think... I am a teacher and my children talk all the time... release.... let go... and get it out.. the best medicine... and i always say to them what you think is what you think... your view not for others to comment or change.... I also agree with the above comment - make your blog only for those who have an identity.... I am named under google - sadly I have no time to blog... just love reading others.. keep smiling.... and yah for the baby kicks - so magical and special - you enjoy

Jackietex said...

That is utterly rediculous! I hope you are able to brush it aside and "wipe your sandals" of such garbage. I've learned a lot from you--and it's all about positivity. Thank you!

Kat said...

You have just been tagged in Oz Jody. Take a look at the rules on my blog.


Randi Jo :) said...

Jody - that is a totally ridiculous comment somebody made. If anything, I'd say you are opposite of 'woe is me' fact, I would say that you are extremely positive and joyful finding happiness throughout your toughest struggles.... so much so that maybe whoever wrote that is annoyed by your ability to be resilient. Maybe your joy irritates them for whatever reason and they just want to be negative to you -- but if they were trying to say anything truthful to be hurtful --- that comment was neither.

There was no truth in that comment because I know that we only hear about 1/100,000th of the depth of your struggles because you don't focus on them. So clearly, what the person wrote is false - I don't think there is anybody that would agree with that critical comment.

I've been reading your blog for over a year through bloglines mostly - and don't comment a lot - but I had to comment on this. Do not apologize for anything you write or what others think about your blog ---- this is YOUR blog.

I had to make my blog private because I had a reader that was doing the same thing - knocking down everything I said, the way I said it, just being critical.... putting way too much pressure on my blog....when I wrote posts when I was discouraged, she would say I complain too much and don't appreciate life....and when I wrote a post when I was on a mountaintop totally joyful and God was pouring into my life...I was somehow intimidating to newer christians because God was speaking to me so much so I must make new christians that read my blog feel intimidated.... so anyway ---- I share that just to tell you that you'll probably always have critiques with a public blog - probably somebody that knows you in real life and already has a perceived idea about you and then tries to find anything to support their preconceived view of you. But the truth is --- critiques don't matter.

There are no 'rules' to blogging....and there should be no pressure to make your blog a certain just write whatever is on your heart - the negative, the hapiness, whatever YOU want and don't even think twice about what the critiques say! :) My blog is totally for ME and what I'm going through and not to get a following and not to impress --- so the critiques don't bother me anymore! :)

phew -- sorry for such a long comment - just wanted to encourage you - I've been "around here" for quite a while and seen many critiques come and go --- my point is this: just ignore them! :) just be you -- the only way to let the blog be totally real is to not worry about how it will be perceived - write whatever you feel and us positive readers are thankful to get a glimpse into that thought process and a glimpse into your life.

happy Thursday :)

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog incredibly! Please don't let a few naysayers get you down!!! And don't give up the blog - it's a breath of fresh air to hear someone stand up for Christ when so many in today's world don't!

Misty said...

First, I don't agree with Ms. Anonymous' opinion on your blog. Second, that gets under my skin SO bad - that someone would critique YOUR blog. If they don't like it GO READ SOMEONE ELSE'S!!! Anyway, lub your blog and your list of happies made me smile. {{HUGS!}}

Dana said...

I can't believe that someone would take the time to say such an untrue and mean thing to you. I love your blog and am so happy that you share your life with your family AND those you've never met!

As You Wish said...

I have just recently come upon your blog and have been enjoying it thoroughly. Please know that for every person who thoughtlessly posts a negative comment, there are dozens & dozens of us out there reading who enjoy and support you and your writing. I'll have to make a point of commenting more regularly to show my support.

Please don't edit yourself or let the negative comments change what you do in any way. Just continue to be your wonderful self.

The Nichols Family said...

I LOVE reading your blog. I stumbled upon on someone elses blog and you are such an encouragement to me. I have a blog, but mostly to just keep the family updated. I really hope one day that it will turn into a ministry of faith like yours is! Keep it up and don't get discouraged by what someone says about it. A blog is about your life and all the good and bad that happens. Thanks again for being the spirit filled person that I love to see Gods work in!

Shelly said...

The person that left you that message must be a mean and thoughtless person! First off, the "woe is me" comment would be the last way I would describe this blog, it is much of the opposite! BUT, if you did want to have the "woe is me" attitude every now and then I think you have that right. I am sure the person that left that message has never lost a child, nor have I, and I could not imagine ever being the same again or ever being happy again. I think your attitude is great, especially for what you have been through and is an inspriation to others that might need help dealing with a loss of a child. I agree with your husband when he said that he thinks you gloss things over. I think you are doing way better than a lot of people would be doing if they were in your shoes. I think you are a great person to write here on your blog and share your thoughts and again, no one is forced to come here and read them. Please dont let some person's comments lead you to stop blogging - A LOT of people love your blog and I am one of them!

Juli said...

Oh Jody! I am with you all the way. If all a person has to do is bring someone down well I feel for them. Their life must be so sad. You keep writing what you want to write and if someone doesn't agree or doesn't want to read it well there is alway the delete button right! You do get a bit dark sometimes but that is ok. If I am not in that mood on that day I just read another post. Most of the time what you write gets me thinking. I try to put myself in someone else's shoes. If everyone would do that more often we would all be a little more compassionate. So you go girl! Write whatever you are inspired to write. I for one will keep on reading it.

Laura said...

Ummm. . . .it seems to me, that a few momths ago people were giving you grief for being TOO positive and happy all the time. . .this is YOUR blog, and you have the right to feel and say whatever you want! And if you keep on typing, I will keep on reading!! XOXO

Laura said...

Ummm. . . .it seems to me, that a few momths ago people were giving you grief for being TOO positive and happy all the time. . .this is YOUR blog, and you have the right to feel and say whatever you want! And if you keep on typing, I will keep on reading!! XOXO

*Jilly* said...

My thoughts on the "woe is me" comment..Get a life whoever you are!

After all this family has been through..Jody is very inspirational and has a great positive attitude because the Lord gives it to her..I want to be more like her..I think a lot of us do.

Jody..please do not stop blogging just because of someone's (wrong opinion)..keep doing what you are doing..may the Lord continue to bless you and your family..and that sweet little bun in the oven:)

Hugs from Tennessee

Kristen said...

I've never left you a comment before, but feel compelled to now. Your blog is impacting others for His Kingdom. I can't tell you how many people I've referred your blog too and how many lives it has changed, how many eyes have been open, how many more hugs it brings throughout a day. Thank you for being vulnerable, for allowing us the privledge of seeing your transparancy, and for welcoming the Lord to use you as His vessel. You have a fantastic blog...keep it up!

Melissa aka Mellie said...

I love your blog and you're attitude towards life. You're awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! FABULOUS!!!!

ABCDH said...

I feel the same way about every blog - including my own. Meaning, it is our way to give ourselves a little "self therapy". Any little thing that's on our mind can be shared and let go of.
Say whatever you want, whenever you want, good or bad.
Whether you want to delve deep or talk about coffee. Such is life.

Tiffany said...

Woe is me? Hmmmm I don't think so. I find you very encouraging and inspiring, especially for all that you and your family have been through. And if you want to complain on your blog..heck it is YOUR blog. What is the world coming to? LOL! Have a great rest of the week. Oh and I LOVE starbucks fact I am addicted...please help!

karlalala said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Natalie Grant!! especially that song!! gurl, don't you let those negative folks bring you down!! that is just the enemy trying to bring you down!! i agree with you on the "where our society is going point!" very scarey and very sad! i'm with the whole rest of the folks commenting here... you just keep being YOU! God made a good thing in you.

Erica said...

Life is full of highs and is wonderful to find a blog where the author is being so transparent. You are doing what we should all be doing: "Keeping it real". We Christian sisters need to know that while life is wonderful, there are struggles. We all have them and it's nice to know sometimes that we are not alone in our confustion or pain. I think your blog is an encouragement to many...because you make no secret that your life isn't perfect...and yet your hope and your joy shine matter what the current circumstances of your life may be.

Please don't stop being transparent. The more we "pretend" that our lives are something they're not, the more women out there feel somehow inferior. We need to take off our masks and just be who we are...where we are. It's all God asks of us, and it's all we should ask of other.

Ditto on the pretty, shiny things. Love those! A little eye candy never hurt!

Anonymous said...


I believe it was my comment to your April 24th blog that you refer to in your entry. Let me begin with a sincere apology that my thoughts would cause you such distress. I had no intention whatsoever of showing you any disrespect; it was neither my wish to offend you nor to put you in defense of your blog. My purpose was to share with you my thoughts after reading yours, nothing more.

I really do not share your interpretation of my comment: "Recently someone
commented that I have a 'woe is me' attititude and always see the dark side in life and share it too often on my blog."

I used the words woe is me referring to the sense I sometimes get when reading your blog that
you tend to feel that no one else has seen the troubles you've seen. You say it yourself in your own words:

"I am in my 30s but feel like I have lived through more than some people do in a lifetime. I have definitely had some rough spots.." "I promise I don't make this stuff up." "The whole process made me mad at times-
the helplessness, the stress, the sleeplessness, the total ridiculousness that began to make me wonder what I've done wrong in my life to deserve 'drama' like this. (Does it sound like I was overreacting to you?) =)"

As such, I shared with you my learnings that there was always someone who was in worse shape than any situation I found myself in, and that whatever the situation, it too would pass. The rest of that sentence is your words, Jody, not mine. In
fact, I totally agree with the comments to yesterday's entry regarding your writing
space ~ I would not use the words "dark side" to refer to your blog.

I really never intended my input to cause the discomfort it has, and I am deeply sorry. I thought I was sharing my feelings, my opinion, my reaction in a public
discussion forum, and I thought it was ok. I simply put it out there as part of the conversation; I never intended for you or anyone else reading my comments to
believe I thought I had THE WORD because, believe me, I don't believe that myself!

If you didn't feel you had enough "drama" before, you
certainly have beckoned it forth with yesterday's entry. Congratulations.
And please at least recognize that it was your interpretation that produced the comments ~ not my words.

I have followed your blog for the past couple of years, but I will not be reading anymore. I wish only the best to you and your family. God's blessings be yours
as you grow and care for the new life you hold within. And once in awhile, please say a little prayer for those of us who are HIV+ and struggle daily with the rise
of gas prices.

Hasta siempre,
SA, Texas

Shauna said...

Wow! I find you so inspiring and uplifting - and if I didnt - I wouldnt come back. Anyhow - a haircut and a latte all in one day! A-mazing!

Randi Jo :) said...

just read Samuela's comment and wanted to comment again....

Jody I think you've done a great job at never comparing yourself or your situation to others. I believe that if you're feeling down and want to vent about how you are mad about your struggles -- that's TOTALLY okay...God can take all our emotions, sadness, whatever....and as christian friends we have to do the same for each other.

but I wanted to add something to this "conversation"....I believe that when we look around us and compare our struggles or our joys to other' always ends up being a negative thing.

"Comparison is the root of all inferiority"

comparison is never accurate...because we'll either compare our worst to somebody's best --- therefore making ourselves feel so much worse and inferior


we'll compare our best to somebody's worst and it puffs us with pride thinking we've been blessed because of something WE did.

SOoo my point is --- we are all at the point we are in our lives for a reason. We all have our VERY unique struggles for a reason - and God knows what each of us can handle and what we need. There is no point in comparing struggles.... who has it worse.. or how much better ___ has it.....

It's just not a positive thing to do.

I'm so glad Samuela was humble enough to explain her comment and I"m so glad she didn't mean to be intentionally harsh or critical or anything --- if she hadn't done the first one anonymously - I'm sure you all could have just worked it out amongst yourselves privately - but since you didn't know who was saying that about you - you had to let out your feelings on the blog instead, ya know?

my point is ---- everybody did right according to the information they had - nobody meaning intentional harm ....just voicing their own opinions which could be interpretted so many ways on the internet.

Keep being you --- and don't feel any remorse or regret for YOUR blog or who you are or your feelings or what stage you're at in your life.

We have to trust that God knows exactly what is best for us and how much we can handle.

I think this was a wonderful reminder to me that I need to worry about myself only and just keep my attention on God...I can't look around me for validation of my struggle or comfort or anything --- I need to look only to Him. Yes He'll provide friends that will comfort and encourage -- but again, we can't compare ourselves to others. Nobody knows our unique struggles and nobody knows how hard our struggle is to us, except for God. We're all at different levels in our growth, maturity, strength, faith, ability to confront tragedies...

God bless you all


Anonymous said...

I love your blog!! I stumbled upon it, and know it was an answer to prayers. Your wit and wisdom helps me through my challenges.
PLEASE don't stop blogging.
I think you are very upbeat. Not negative at all!! You are real!!

Tabitha said...

I love your blog and come and visit it often ~ to see what you have been doing, or what you have been thinking/feeling.
Life is about ups and downs, feeling great and feeling not so great and your blog reflects that ~ it is real and that is why I come here so often....
please don't change ~ you are just great as you are and so is your blog!!
love and hugs
Tabitha X

Jody said...

Dear Samuela~
I got your email late last night and planned to reply to it today, but see that you have chosen to write a public comment, so I am responding too, with a public reply.

This paragraph of yours-
"If you didn't feel you had enough "drama" before, you
certainly have beckoned it forth with yesterday's entry. Congratulations.
And please at least recognize that it was your interpretation that produced the comments ~ not my words."
seems to be aiming to cut me down somehow. I didn't intend to create 'drama' here in my post yesterday, in fact, my intent was to show that this sort of negativity rolls off of me. I write and live my life- not for how others may perceive, but how I feel I should live in keeping true to my heart and God's will for my life.
I DO appreciate your comments, and recognize that sometimes the 'voice' or tone gets lost when people write things- myself included. I never claimed to quote you directly, but did reference that you mentioned I often take a 'woe is me' approach here at my blog.
I try NOT to do that in my life, and realize many times in my life that the simple fact that I can write a coherent sentence or laugh and smile after all the trials I've been and continue to go through is the very miracle of what God is doing in and through me and my family. After Teagan's death there were many days where I believed that nothing in life mattered and I truly wondered if I would ever care about 'living' again.
That is a big part of me sharing stories on my blog. To me, by seeing a family stay together, find Joy and hope and even overcome much to have smiles on our faces- for stuff as small as whipped cream and berries on our waffles, is utterly amazing.
I say this not to gloat and get glory and praise for myself, but truly as a humble, broken person who has learned to the very core of me, that God is the only reason I am here and He has been the One holding us together and healing our hearts and giving us strength and filling us up with Joy. I am constantly aware that I am nothing without God, but totally want to share that fact with others- that anyone can have a full life- full of Peace and Hope and assurance, simply by trusting God in everything.
In recent weeks when I was concerned and worried about a possible HIV infection, I leanred that my faith is still very week and I am susceptible to being dragged down with worry. At the same time, I came to grow more deeply in my faith and it was a blessing for me to come to the point where I was ready to accept whatever the outcome would be. My intention in that post, again, was not to brag on me....but to brag on God! He has and continues to do marvelous things in my life. But I know that would be just as true had I gotten a positive result too!
I also gained sympathy and compassion for other people- like yourself, who ARE infected with this virus, and whether you choose to believe it or not, I have been praying for people who have HIV to come to know God in a way they never could have imagined, and therefore, something so terrible can be used by God to bring glory and peace into the lives of many. God is a God who redeems people and loves people.
I don't know why I have been given the gift of salvation in my life- other than God is LOVE.
I thank Him everyday for reaching down and saving me...and for constantly carrying me in this journey I am on in Life. I look forward to Heaven and seeing Teagan again someday, and truly hope that in some small way, as a result of her death and the way I choose to live in light of that, that maybe there will be other individuals praising and worshiping God for all eternity too.
I wish you the best as you find your way in this world too. And know that no matter what happens, God is the only reason to live.
Thanks for your response here.
And to all the support and kind feedback from so many others of you.
May God get all the glory.
Sweetly~ Jody

Jodie said...

"no matter what happens, God is the only reason to live. May God get all the glory."

Amen to that, Jody. Thanks for your kind response to Samuela. I'm glad she commented again publicly, and hope she changes her mind about reading your blog. repeat what I just quoted you on..."No matter what happens, my God get all the glory!" Thanks for seeking to glorify Him in your life. He truly IS the only reason to live, and what a reason He is!!!

Have a great day. ~J

Jared & Becky said...

I know that you don't need my reassurance b/c you have great perspective. BUT I just read in a Jen Hatmaker book (btw she's great if you haven't done her devotionals yet) that as Christians we need to "choose authenticity over appropriateness". We don't always have to fake happy perfect lives. I think you definitely find that balance.

Anonymous said...

it's your blog and you can write whatever you want! poop on those who leave negative or hurtful comments.
'get a life!', i say. they have a choice to come here and read your musings, or not.
i like it here.

Anonymous said...

next time i leave a comment, i will READ THE OTHERS before doing so.
i'm sorry if i hurt feelings.

MichelleJ said...

Didn't look like you were looking for Drama to me. I love your blog, your honesty, your open and strong belief in the Lord. Love that you take joy in the wonderful little things (that really aren't so little when you think about it). And that you choose to share the scray things in your life.

Samuela, you remind me of someone I once knew. Everyone endures scary times and no matter how that scare falls on *your* scale of difficulties, it is still scary or sad to them. There is no comparing one persons life experiences to another (took me a long time to learn that). I wish you peace and the ability to identify your life by all the good in it.

I love seeing the joy, growth, acceptance, and love in Jodis blog. Probably check it way too often because of that!

Karen said...

Jody: I absolutely love your blog. How can anyone have the right to tell you what is appropriate to write on YOUR blog. You have inspired me more than you know. You have such a gift with words. Please never stop writing! I have shared your blog with many women I know. I visit here most every day. Thank you for what you do and what you give of yourself!

pinkcamojeep said...

Think about it: someone who doesn't have "spiritual" glasses can't understand things in the spiritual realm. That person must hear "woe is me" because they are blinded to the hope and joy that you have through the Lord.
Keep sharing - and praying for those who can't "hear" your message.

Kimberly said...

Hi Jody, I have read your blog a few times and have not yet commented. I just feel disappointed that someone would actually make that comment to you. You seem to have handled the rudeness with grace and God is honored by that!

I thank you for blogging so honesty and for sharing so many sweet details about your family. Bless you as you share so transparently with others.

Kimberly said...

just had to say that I had just responded before reading the other comments. It sounds like the individual came back trying to make things right. sorry, should have read all the comments first, just short on time! ;)

Misi said...

i am a "stalker" on your blog and whoever wrote that comment is just trying to rub their misery onto someone else. hey! COMMENTER!!! ya don't like this blog?
NEWS FLASH!!you don't have to come back and read!!!. GUESS WHAT?!
we live in a ffffrrrreeeee world!!!
sorry for causing strife in your comments but thats just plain out ridiculous!!!!

Nichole said...

I have never commented, but have followed your blog for a long while. I think you are an amazing inspiration to ALL who come to your blog. You have been through so much.. more than most can ever imagine.. Yet you have come out on the other side, still praising OUR MAKER!! You keep writing, keep being real, and raw, and who you are. I know that my life has changed because of your writings, your sharing so openly your life. I praise my Lord fot the things I have, and give thanks for them much more, since I have I have found "you"... You give all of us a reason to hope.
God bless you, and your family...

SingerMamaMelody said...

Dear Jody,

Just wanted to add to all the people who have said that they appreciate your blog and your honesty! THANK YOU for writing and for sharing your thoughts! I appreciate what you have to say!


sarah, rsm said...

After reading the many comments I have to say I am a little afraid to comment myself! :) I very much enjoy your blog, Jody, and the wonderful way you remind us of God's hand in our everyday lives. Thank you! Obviously I do not know Samuela's original comment, but from the comment I read here, it doesn't sound like she is anyone near as "bad" as people's comments make her out to be - or am I missing something?? It feels overwhelming to read so many putting her down because she has a "different" opinion than most. I certainly do not share her opinion of your blog, but is it necessarily ok to comdemn someone or insinuate that they are perhaps "unChristianlike" because they share an unpopular opinion?? I don't know, and maybe that's why I don't have a blog! :) Just my 2cents, if it's even worth that! Anyway, please don't stop writing, Jody, cuz I love being able to take part in the sharing!

P.S. Samuela, If you are still visiting this blog and are willing, please click on my name/picture and send me an email. I would really like to share something with you!

Lorie said...

Jody, I just want to say that I check your blog daily-you are a blessing. I think that we can be unsure of tone and intent sometimes with the written word, but I wanted to lift you up as others are doing and say to everyone -Thank you God for grace and mercy.
Again your blog, every word , every picture , all you share , how you point to our Heavenly Father is a blessing.
Thank you!
Be blessed!

~j~ said...

Hi Jody,
haven't been by in awhile (son just got married :)) but just read this post and wanted to tell you how much i appreciate everything you write, which is your heart. sorry for those few that always seem to rain on the parade! you keep it up sweet girl, the Lord bless you,
love julia

Dianna said...

I love reading your blog because it is so real like the title its the nitty gritty of life. You inspire me with your life and love for God.

Michele S. said...

Wow--I've always lurked and never commented until now; but I had to say this YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION!!!! After following your scrapping and blog and finding out your "story", I have been amazed at your positive outlook and how you always seem to point out your blessings, even after all you have been through and still deal with on a daily basis. Whoever said you have a "woe is me attitude" must have been reading something totally different from me :) Thanks for your continued inspiration, both artistically and spiritually.

Michele Stevenson

Anonymous said...

Well if that was a mini sermon you gave, I say "Amen sister!"

Kevin and Aimee said...

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your Blog I am always feeling challeged in some way when i finish reading. I don't generally comment on peoples blogs whom i don't actually know but thought today is the day. So thankyou for being an encouragement to a stay at home mom of 3, as well as a challenge. You always seem to see the good in things and yet be realistic all the same and that is so refreshing to see. God Bless you today

Jenny said...

I keep thinking about the "Becoming Real" prose from the Velveteen Rabbit. "You become. It takes a long time. That's why it doesn't happen often to people who break easily, or have sharp edges, or who have to be carefully kept. Generally, by the time you are Real, most of your hair has been loved off, and your eyes drop out and you get loose in the joints and very shabby. But these things don't matter at all, because once you are Real you can't be ugly, except to people who don't understand."

I'm so very inspired by your Realness. Jesus' light does indeed shine through you.

Shine On for Him.