Sunday, March 30, 2008

I have the best husband ever.

I got to take a nap today. It felt amazing. Chip has no idea what this meant to me. But he reads this blog. So I figure he might sort of understand how big a deal this really was to me due to the fact that I did a whole blogpost about it.
Just to say thanks.
Thank you, Chip for letting me take a nap while you kept 4 kids busy and even started their dinner.
Happy birthday in two days too.
In case I don't get around to blogging about that.
Just kidding.
His birthday is April 1st. He was born prematurely on April Fool's Day back in 1968. That means Tuesday he will be 4-0.
Maybe I will give him a nap for his big day.


Anonymous said...

aren't naps great? :) i enjoyed one this afternoon too! praying for you today! you have a much larger following than i do on my blog - i stumbled on this blog yesterday and it is quite AWESOME! in fact, right now, the wife (who is the subject of the blog) is potentially awaiting a double lung transplant :) if we can get all your readers praying too just think what GOD can do! :)

Stacy said...

Naps rock! Short ones, long ones, impromptu one, planned ones...I LOVE NAPS!
And husbands that gives us time for naps rock even more!

inara said...

yay for naps!!!

Marcie said...

I've been following, too. Yes, prayers for his wife and daughter!

Naps are amazing. I'm no good at taking them but once in a while the timing (and the exhaustion) make it impossible NOT to nap and I never regret it.

Oh, and, 1968 is a great year to be born. I'll be 40 in September. I wonder if Chip is as surprised as I am by how young you can feel at 40.

mimisherry said...

Ah naps are the best therapy....I am so glad you were able to indulge in one on a sunday afternoon. What a husband!!! I hope you are feeling have been on my heart and I keep on praying for you.
Love & blessings to you Jody!

Jane-Jane said...

my uncle is an April 1st baby too!

There is nothing better than a husband tending to the family while you rest! (last summer when Nikita was here and I was not up to par, Jack gave me several nap times over the 6 weeks)

Happy Birthday Chip!!!

Jamie said...

It is the little things!

Happy early Birthday, Chip!

Kimber-Leigh said...

oh, naps are great, aren't they? i got one yesterday too...

it's been awhile since i've said hi, jody, but i hope you are doing well...and congrats on the little miracle you're expecting! what fabulous news!

Mackenzie said...

i love reading your blog! and you've got amaaaazing talent!! take care!

Christine said...

I am so glad you got to have a nap today Jody! And I am so happy you are blessed with such a wonderful husband and family (which you deserve :-) Really missed you this weekend at the crop, hope to see you soon, have fun going out to dinner for Chip's big 4-0!

*Jilly* said...

Let's here it for NAPS!
Happy Birthday Chip:)