Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy kids.

This is a picture of Wyndham eating cake for Ava's birthday the other day. She was so happy. It was nice to see her that way.
Today ALL the kids are happy.
Chip's parents, Grandma Karen and Grandpa John, arrived last night and are spending a few days here with us for Easter break. We haven't seen them since last August. My kids spent at least the first 30 minutes of their arrival yesterday screaming, laughing, jumping up and down and bringing them every toy, dvd and class paper they were thrilled to share with them since Christmas. It was quite a scene in our home, but fun at the same time.
Today, Ava got a new little bike and Wyndham got a new scooter, and they all are watching "Enchanted" as well as "The Bee Movie" too.
I have actually folded clothes and put them in closets and drawers, rather than just having enough time to haul the clean laundry up from downstairs, but not enough time to do anything else with it. What a treat....folded/put-away laundry!
I guess we're ALL easy to please around here.=)

Thanks so much for all the comments, emails and care for all of us as we missed Teagan in a special way this week. We are still 'dragging out' the celebration with a trip to a local arena to see "High School Musical on Ice" show. Teagan would have loved it...and we are going to make some fun, new memories. Life goes on. So does happiness. And that's a very good thing.


Annie said...

I hear you on the laundry thing. I don't know how there is always so much. It's a never ending cycle and as I type I have about 5 super sized loads of clean laundry waiting to be folded and put away. I'm happy for you that this task is something you won't have to deal with for a little while. :)

Susan said...

Your attitude and faith is such an inspiration to me! You ROCK!!

Sue Simpson

*Jilly* said...

I get chills up my spine..reading your words of strength & faith:) You are amazing..exactly what Sue Simpson said.

Happy Easter!

Hillary said...

Have fun at the show this weekend. :) I was supposed to go with my aunt and cousins, but something came cousin decided she wanted to take a friend. Looks like it will be a good one. :)

Jennifer said...

Hey Jody! I have been meaning to email you this week and let you know I have been thinking about all of you and remembering Teagan on her birthday! Thanks for all of your sweet comments on my blog. I am glad to see Wyndham is feeling a bit better...

Just Me said...

Thank you SO much for your kind words. Now I feel kind of badly for being a "perpetual lurker"! I love how "real" you are when you write...the happy stuff, the silly stuff, the sad stuff, the "boring" stuff (although I'm not sure a life with kids could ever be boring!), the creative stuff...there is always something different and I'm sure that helps keep your life interesting and fun (and fun for your "readers" too!). I think I'll stick with my "boring" life for now :o)

Happy Easter to you and your family.
Take care.

Jamie said...

Not sure how I came across your blog, but I have spent some time reading this morning, and I am so impressed! I love your blog, I love your faith, I love your joy. You truly have inspired me! Thanks so much for sharing.
P.S. Your daughter is beautiful!

Barbara & Morris said...

well I like the last comment am not sure how I found you... I think somehow through our daughters names..Teagan is my daughters name. She is grown-up and has 2 daughters of her own now. I love the name and you even spell it like I did. Come visit my blog and see the blogs to the right.. she is there. I am not sure why I am sharing this with you accept maybe there is some comfort in it somewhere... does that make sense?
You are a woman of great strength... God Bless you.

Lori said...

Just wanted to stop in and let you know that I've been thinking about you all this week!! I know you've been surrounded by much love and prayers!!

Sounds like lots of people I know are going to the show at some point this weekend!! Have a great time and have a Wonderful Easter Weekend!!

Sarah said...

Hi! I found your blog from Darcy's and I just had to comment. I read through many of your entires and your story has touched my heart. I can tell you have a big heart and and huge love for your family. It's people like you who inspire me to grow up and be all that I can be. Currently I am a sophomore at Wayne State going for a degree in education. It's your story and many others that push me the greater distance to declare my major in special education. So basically I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for sharing your story to inspire others and to help others grow into better people.

patterns of ink said...

I know I have been TOO busy when I feel "behind" at Nitty Gritty, but this was a good day to get caught up.

I love that you paint with the whole palette of life. It would be tempting to resign oneself to the muted tones of sorrow, but you never fail to add the bright and hopeful pastels of joy, and the result is a beautiful picture for all who read here.

Happy Easter, Chip and Jody!

PS. Great power point. I just added my Thailand video to Youtube and will have a POI post about that trip soon.

Beth said...

Happy birthday to Ava! All your kids are cute as can be, but she tugs at my heart somehow. Did she request the butterfly cake because Teagan had one when she was four? And [unrelated], is there an update on that family that is expecting triplets? God bless you today and always.