Monday, January 14, 2008

This one's for Chip. And a little bit for Sarah too.

Things are not so pretty around my house these days. I got sick and so did Bella, yesterday, and Wyndham is just barely on the upswing and Chip is nursing a flareup of gout. Nice. But wait, it gets better.
I tried really hard NOT to get sick when I started to feel aches and chills yesterday. I even did my make-up so that I would 'feel better' and thus not end up giving whatever it was a foothold in my body. But it was too late, I guess. By 4pm yesterday, I knew I was down for the count, and so I took some more Extra-Strength Tylenol and went to rest and snuggle with Bella. She never wants to go lay down ever- and she went willingly. So you know she was sick too!
Long story short, my glasses ended up broken before our nap ever got started. Which doesn't seem like a big deal...except we live in such a place that when we type in our zip code, the closest 1 hour glasses place is 50+ miles away.
And my body aches ALL over.
SO it doesn't really sound like much of a joyride for me to get out and go shop for new glasses. My night was rough- awake every couple of hours and either burning up or freezing when I woke. No middle ground.
Bella is feeling a bit better...but she is very dramatic when she is sick- so it means less rest for the rest of us who need it. She demands ice in her cup, pillows to be plumped just so, and wanted to be carried wherever she needs to go. I feel for her husband-to-be someday.
Chip thinks it's unfair of me to not blog about my life when it's not all rosy. SO this post is for him. I think I owe him a couple of apologies too. I'm not the best patient in the world either. {Maybe that's where Bella gets it from.}
And just because I can't bear to leave this post in such a sorry-looking state, I have to add that I was able to eat some fresh guacamole and chips yesterday, before I got too sick. It's one of my favorite snacks. So that was a good thing. In addition, Wyndham has had two very wiggly loose teeth the last few weeks...and the first one came out! She was a bit surprised and not necessarily excited about it. Until the rest of us got excited for her.
Last night the tooth fairy made an appearance. I only wish I would have had her wave her magic wand over the mountains of growing laundry in our house too. But that would have been asking too much.
Now I'm trying to sit and rest and warm up and cool off and read about the mountaintops that are sure to be just around the bend in my week. I'm really looking forward to them. Here's to having to take my own advice. And see, Chip?! Once in awhile I do keep it real around here. =)


Sonja said...

aww, pumpkin, sorry you're sick. I just got over that and pregnancy + cold= sheer misery. But I am all better now and my husband didn't even have to hold a pillow over my face (sorry, was that too far?)

I hope you all feel better soon:)

kirstenjuenke said...

Oh, you do keep it real - thank you for that - and the tooth thing - When my son lost his first tooth, he was eating a Famous Amos chocolate chip cookie at Grandma & Grandpa's house and he cried. My dad-in-law still tells the story (CJ is 17 now) of him crying, "Grandpa!!! Put it back in!!!" Get better soon!

glo.riah said...

feel better soon, jody.
even the ONE hour shops don't get my glasses to me in an hour. :/

Tina Vega said...

I'm sorry to hear you've been struck with The Sickness. And the glasses... when it rains, it pours - doesn't it? It may be a blessing in disguise; if your sickness is anything like mine was, you might not want to take a look at yourself for at least a week. Take care!

Heather said...

Hey sweetie.
I hope you feel better soon!
Thinking warm/cold thoughts for you and can't wait till you start posting about cupcakes and squirty whip cream!!

Colby said...

LOL...your post has me in stitches!

Christine said...

So sorry to hear you are not feeling well, and I about spit diet cranberry ocean spray all over my computer when I read your hubby is having a flair up of gout - because mine is too! He gets it in his toe and ankle. Hope your family is feeling better and eating whipped cream soon!

Jamie said...

Yuck, I hope you all are feeling better!

Cari Skuse said...

I hope you are feeling a little better today. It's awful when the whole family is sick. Just makes you feel all the worse.
Here's to sending well thoughts to you.

Hope you got your glasses all mended!

Anonymous said...

I hope you and your entire family are on the mend now - I am the biggest baby when I am sick!!! I love reading your blog - your joy and love of our Lord shine through everything you write about! Reading your blog makes me want to be a better person!!! xoxo, Susan

*kim* said...

hope you {and everyone else in your household} are feeling better!

BTW, have your tried the new Puff's tissues with Vicks? They are swell for the stuffy head.

Lori said...

Get better soon Jody, and the rest of the family too!! Sending healing thoughts your way!!