Saturday, January 05, 2008

Happy Birthday, Grandma Karen!

We send love and wishes for another great year, doing all the things you love to do. From sewing to gardening to hanging out with all your grandkids and friends, may it be a year to remember and cherish.
Just to let you have made Wyndham a very happy girl. The rest of the gang is happy too...because the package came and the Hannah Montana game for the Wii is a big hit! Wyndham keeps signing 'my turn' every time someone else gets the remote. It's been fun to see them all learning the moves and having so much fun together. You'd think they were all destined to be pop stars someday!
Thank you for always wanting the best for those you love and for taking the time to show you care. We hope you had a great day...and love and miss you. Happy Birthday...we had leftover cake to celebrate. =)

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Grandma Karen said...

Thank you Jody and Chip. And Wyndham! I am so glad that Wyndham and grandma share a birthday time. Also, I am glad that she is sticking up for herself. Keep hanging in there Wyndham. You will be dancing on stage any day now. When Wyndham is older, she and I will have to do the town together. I promise to hang in there that long.
Love to all,
Grandma Karen