Sunday, December 09, 2007

The winner is...

Scrapfairy...send me an email with your address and I will get some Christmas tags in the mail for you this week. You were the 'winner' of the RAK by random draw. Sounds like lots of you are busy making things for Christmas this year.
I had a fun time at a crop yesterday with the Michigan SIS girls...but didn't get much scrapping done. It worked out fine though, because Chip was home making cookies and Divinty candy with the kids. So even though I was gone all day, my home feels one step closer and ready for Christmas.
Although the truth is, the one thing that matters this time of year {and I believe the only thing that matters all year} is one's heart. I hope yours is prepared.
Happy Birthday to Great Grandma Dot. Our family likes to pile in the special days all month long. Love to you!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jody
This year I'm finding it difficult to prepare my heart for Christmas. I think it is because of the fact that we experienced a family fight on Christmas Eve last year. My parents and my brother were fighting about some issues that they've never really even mentioned to each other. My hubby and I were so shocked about the things that were said! And on Christmas afternoon they tried to talk it over, but I guess it will never be the same between them. I just wish it didn't happen on Christmas Eve, of all evenings!!
Thank you for sharing your heart and your life on your blog.
Kind regards
ingrid - johannesburg, south africa