Saturday, December 29, 2007

Reflections of birthdays and gifts~

Last night my family celebrated my dad's birthday at dinner just before he and my mom and my sister and her kids loaded up their van and headed back to Minnesota- a 10 1/2 hour drive through the night. Today is my dad's birthday. I was so happy that my family could be here in my home with us not only to celebrate Christmas, but to squeeze in some birthday memories too.
My birthday was included- as it has been over the years; we also sang 'Happy Birthday' to Wyndham because her birthday is just around the corner on January 4th. The time we had together was full of fun, relaxation and lots of good food too. I love seeing the dynamics between my parents and their grandkids. I was thinking back to where my dad came from- a hard-working young man who grew up on a dairy farm with lots of family around him to his life cows in sight, but still he is a hard-working man with lots of family who love him very much. He has changed and 'softened' through the years. He chose to stand next to my pink Christmas tree for a photo op- saying it was fitting for him to do so because his name is Floyd...get it? "Pink Floyd". =)
I love that he has so many talents and abilities but none more characteristic than his heart for people. He cares so much and on so many levels. He will lend a hand or word of advice to anyone who calls on him- day or night. He has been there for me and countless others through the years. I am humbled that God placed me under his care and guidance through the years, and now in my 'grown-up years' I have come to love him more as a friend. Today is his birthday...but really, I think those who know him would consider him to be a gift to us.
Happy Birthday, Dad. I am so glad we could spend time together and make memories this was truly the icing on the {buttercream} cake! Love from me and all your adoring family and fans. =)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to all of your family!!!
I thought in looking at your dad's picture that your son resembles him a bit. Have you heard that before??
It's so neat to make memories with loved ones and hope their trip back to MN was uneventful!

mommacarl said...

Yesterday (Dec. 29) was my Dad's birthday, as well. He turned 75.

Happy Birthday to our precious Dads !

Jackie Carl