Monday, November 19, 2007

A week of thanks.

That top picture is "me with Kayla Aimee's hair on" courtesy of Sarah Bowen...who is hand's down, my favorite scrapbook inspiration person. The second photo was taken by one of my SIS fashionista friends during a time of relaxation and fun this past July while some of us were at CHA.
The point of these photos and post are two part. One- I love the pictures and I still can't believe my mouth smiles that big at times. Two- this week is Thanksgiving here in the U.S. and I've decided to list random things I am thankful for each day this week. It is good to "give thanks". I think we can get wrapped up in the holidays so much that we actually lose sight of the purpose of them. Thaknsgiving is not about turkey and pumpkin pie~ although most of us associate them with it...but rather thanksgiving is an action. We give thanks or reflect on the things in our lives that we have to be thankful for- something I try to do everyday throughout the year- but especially now as we have a national holiday celebrating this opportunity to do so.
Today, Monday, November 19, I am thankful for the friendships- deep and meaningful- that I have developed as a result of scrapbooking. A year ago, I didn't know most of the people I now 'chat with' and leave messages of encouragement and ask for prayers and advice from, nearly everyday. What a blessing God has given to me- not only the opportunity to grow and create and share my work- but also for the community, the bonds, the connections that have blossomed as a result. I have met almost all of the Fashionistas- and I love each in their own way. Such a diverse and talented and genuine group of women. I have met and made many new friends closer to home at the Michigan crops too. It has been refreshing to just be able to 'be me' create together, to have fun, to share life and ideas and inspiration. And it's humbling to me to be able to give thanks...humbling that God has blessed me with friendships and scrap product. For that I give thanks.
I also am thankful for things that fill me spiritually. There is such a lack of 'spiritual food' in the mainstream world these days. It's rare to find it in the media, in conversations, in the 'everyday places' we go and things we see. I am more and more aware that the spiritual part of me needs to be filled- daily. Most days I need spiritual food throughout the day. I am learning to soak it up through not only my daily Scripture reading, but also through music and through online resources, and through books. It's a matter of making it a priority, but I am thankful and grateful for the ways my heart and mind can be 'filled' with goodness, truth, exercises and reminders- that stretch me and grow me spiritually. I love that I can listen to messages of truth while I cook dinner or scrapbook- via internet or radio. I love that I can climb into bed and read straight from God's word about what God desires from me, for me, and how to become more like Him.
I am grateful that I have my needs met and that I have Someone to pour out my praise and gratitude to- recognizing that without God I am nothing. Thanksgiving is just around the corner. I have much to appreciate and to see remember that it ALL comes from God is a lesson in humility and it makes my heart want to pour out praise and celebrate even moreso. From the littlest thing to the greatest gift I've been given and continue to receive. I am humbled and grateful to the core of me for God's grace.


judith said...

hi jody, wow, this couldn't be more true!! I was thinking exactly the same thing last weekend, when I met Jo-anne (fashionista) at the dutch SIS crop! So wonderful and I am so blessed to meet all thes egorgeous women trough these crazy hobby of ours -scrapbooking!- :) I just love it! lots of love from holland!

Jo said...

And I am thankful and blessed to call you my friend ....I love the way God put you in my path, I thank him for giving you the words to help me just when I needed it most...miss you Jody xxxx

patterns of ink said...

That first picture had me going. I knew the face was you but always assumed you were as truly blonde as most of the Scandinavians I know from MN--sorry if that seems like profiling. =) I really like the Christmas dresses pix with Chip, too!
The word verification code below is dhma. That is the easiest code I've ever seen. Is there a setting that makes some of them easier than others. You that I have trouble with those squiggly words, but this one is really easy.

Christa said...

I just had to tell you how much I love your are an inspiration to mothers everywhere..