Wednesday, November 28, 2007

So I don't forget this...

I am blogging about it. Brock and Bella both have rooms downstairs at our house. They go to bed about the same time each night and it's a race upstairs in the morning with those two. They are like clockwork.
Well, a few days ago Bella came bounding into our bedroom and said, "Guess what? I just had a bad dream...I got Brock's dream! It was the wrong one!" You should have seen the scowl on her face...and it only deepened as Chip and I both burst into laughter. It was so funny.
I think she must think there is a 'dream fairy' or someone that goes around and 'loads dreams' into your head at night...much like a dvd or Gameboy game. She was so serious about the dream mix-up that when Brock woke up, it was the first thing she announced to him. That she had gotten "his dream"...and I think she fully expected he was going to tell her what he had dreamed up in the night- that would have been more to her liking.
As for yesterday, it turns out I had one of my worst hair days in a long time, the wind was fierce and cold as I headed back to the classroom, and I couldn't get all the lights to light up on our prelit Christmas tree...but it still ended up being a 'great day'. I had my moods- ups and downs. But it ended sweet with my kids and I snuggled on the couch watching 'A Charlie Brown Christmas'. You know, I don't watch much tv...but I applaud ABC for still airing this Christmas special as is- Scripture references and all. I'm sure they get their fair share of 'it's politically incorrect' email/calls, and yet they run it each year.
I love when people are willing to stand by what they believe. No matter what others say.


judith said...

love the story about the dream fairy, so sweet :)

Cyndi Hoehn said...

those pre-lit trees are supposed to be easy aren't they??? can't talk my husband into an artificial tree - maybe there is a reason =)

Anonymous said...

I was amazed last night as Charlie Brown Christmas was on in the background as we put up our tree, that they still air that special un-edited. I said to my husband that it was both amazing and awesome that ABC is not afraid to air it with the scripture verses. Have a blessed Christmas!!!

paige said...

preach on sista!
i watched it with my little one thinking the exact same thing!
sweet dreams!

Tara said...

Jody -
We watched Charlie Brown's Christmas too and my husband and I had the same conversation about how fabulous it is that it runs unedited!

Have a very Happy Christmas season!

Julie said...

Funny you should mention this. We watched the cartoon version of 'The Grinch'last night and it crossed my mind at the end when The Who's were singing a song about Christmas that I was amazed they're even allowed to use the word 'Christmas' anymore. So sad!

Anonymous said...

Quickly, I'll say how sad it is, don't you think, that the verses still being present in CHRISTmas is so amazing. Sad for our children. Now, let me move on to something DH and I actually had that same tree as Charlie Brown one year. No kidding we bought the saddest little tree b/c we waited too late. You can ask him! ;)

Rhonda :)