Friday, November 30, 2007

I told you it would be random. =)

I don't remember where I saw that fruitcake image, but it was the front of a Christmas card at some cute online shop. When I find the link I will post it here. {Yay! I found it...right here.} Next, see that Little Professor calculator? I always thought they were so cool and never had one of my own. I think you can probably find them on ebay. But I haven't been over there looking for's just a guess. I just found it nostalgic and I love that I can remember playing with it at my friend's house. I should have asked for one of my own. Why didn't I do that when I was young and had a chance? I don't know. Which makes me think of the time my sister was 'interviewed' about her Christmas list when she was in first grade and the responses were posted in our local paper. It said, "Jacque wants a pretzel pencil for Christmas...and she DOES believe in Santa Claus". {Hi Jacque! Love you.}We all get a good laugh about that memory. My mom still has the newspaper clipping somewhere. See? Christmas makes me goofy. I just love this time of year and all the stuff that crosses my mind. From nativity plays I've been a part of to the first Christmas tree Chip and I bought and decorated when we were married (an expensive Frasier Fir!...Chip insisted!!) and even recently the little tinsel trees that I have started 'collecting' the past two years. =) {Chip doesn't know it's a 'collection' yet.}
It's such a beautiful, special time of year- no matter how tight the budget may be, or how much stress you may have as a result of over-committing to parties and concerts and I even recall how Christmas turned out to be amazing though our family was torn and hurting from our daughter's death and our wounds were fresh in Dec. 2001.
I am learning to be reflective, to look back and enjoy the memories and laughter and innocence that life holds for kids at Christmas. I am learning to slow down and appreciate the present moment and to modify my expectations in order to enjoy the 'now' {although I still need some work on that's an ongoing process for me to live in and appreciate and/or modify the present}. I hope to savor now so that in the future I can look back on it and love these memories and give them as 'gifts' to my kids someday.
You're wondering where the picture of that bed fits into all of this, aren't you?! It's one that caught my eye today when I clicked on the link to Graham & Green. I couldn't even get this bed if I wanted to because it's in the UK and I am in the US. Still, a girl can dream, can't she? If I didn't have a budget and I had a wad of euros in my wallet, I'd be ordering one of these for myself. And then Ava would get my current bed. I told you that I would share random favorites of mine. This is my favorite bed at this moment. Maybe I am just tired...and ready for a good dream. =)


JackieQ (frm Chicago) said...

oooo Jody, I just LOVE that little professor calculator, it conjures up great memories for me too, lol. Hope you all are keeping warm this weekend!

*kim* said...

Jody, i must tell you I found your blog from someone on SIStv and have been completely mesmerized/inspired/overwhelmed/emotional by your posts. Thanks for that. Anyway, I remember those calculators too. I think you should march - or click right on over the ebay and get yourself one for Christmas!!!! How cool would that be?
(sisname) kwhitten

Corey said...

hi jody
i'm a stalker from SIS too :)
I popped in here and saw that calculator and just about died laughing. I totally forgot I had one of those and I LOVED it! thanks for bringing back that memory!

Coco said...

Girl, you have style and taste like no other! That is an awesome bed. Man.