Saturday, October 13, 2007

Buttercream and other sweet stuff.

I've done a bit of scrapping and for me I try to keep it about fun and memories and hopes and reality and mostly about capturing moments. The owl is just for fun. I like them lately. Life to me is about living in the moment, learning from and appreciating the past and how it shapes us, and also about looking forward to the future and all it holds for each of us. I am also a realist. I know life isn't all glamorous and good. But I try not to let that jade my thinking...and so that is a bit of the thoughts behind my layout here of Bella.

Just before kindergarten started this year, she was excited and definitely ready for school to start. As we drove home from picking Wyndham up from therapy one afternoon, she and I had the following conversation...

Bella: I know lots of opposites; wanna hear them?

Me: Okay.

She went through a long list of opposites- short, tall; open, shut, etc. but when she said "hugs" I have to admit my first thought was she would say "hitting". Instead she said "kisses". When we got home I jotted down the conversation and added my thoughts. It was those notes to myself that inspired the journaling and the page I just scrapped. {You can click here to see it in my SIS gallery.}

There is so much 'junk' in the world and stuff that comes at us and threatens to drag us down. I know it happens and there is no way to avoid it all. But I am on a mission to do the best I can and especially when it comes to my kids, I am happy to know that there is innocence and goodness and love in their lives. I don't load them up on buttercream all the time...hugs and kisses are sweeter. I know that. I also know that moderation is the key in almost everything in life. Except maybe hugs and kisses and owls. So far I haven't found that there can be too much of them. And the reality is we all need doses of 'good stuff' to help off-set the bad that comes at us all the time. I know that full well. Here's wishing you sweet spots in your life too.


mary h. said...

Love it. Love it. Love it!

So very true. But I have to say that I can never have too many hugs and kisses from my girls.;)

MsGrace said...

wonderful stuff.


BEATIFUL LO! Loved the way you used the little scalloped borders! About the journaling... wow! I ended up with tears in my eyes! It is sooo hard these days to keep our children inocent... My daughter is 9, and there are so many things I have to prepare her for, so many bad stuff I have to talk to her about, that I feel like she lost a bit of this inoccence already, you know? And she is just a little girl, she should not have to deal with some stuff. Sorry for the long reply, maybe I should have e-mailed you! :) Anyway, I hug her and kiss her A LOT, but you sure made me think about it. Now I can't wait to get home and hold her! Thanks for the beatiful words, love your blog!

gloria said...

how wonderful that little bella is life's sprinkles on the cupcake!!

it never ceases to amaze me how you are constantly brightening my day with your stories about your kiddos.


Britney said...

i love your thoughts on this jody. you're right, the world is full of things that drag you down but isn't it great when little "drops of joy" (as my college professor put it) are seen in life? glad you had some in yours :)