Thursday, September 06, 2007

Capturing the moments...

Here are some pictures of our first day of school this week. You know I have to post mom is counting on them. =) I loved that I was able to capture a glimpse of each of the kids' personalities and feelings as they prepared to head out on that first morning. Brock was fairly nonchalant about the occasion, and simply turned and waved to me as he walked off to hop into the car. Bella on the otherhand asked as we snapped pictures, "Are we done yet?...Can I go?" As soon as she heard "yes", she ran off excitedly and Chip helped her up into her spot. Wyndham grew more and more excited as she watched the other two race ahead of her. I don't know that she fully understood where she was going or what was going to happen...but by the time it was her turn to get buckled into her seat, she was waving and smiling and almost too happy.
I laughed to myself as I imagined her walking into her classroom thinking, "This is what we took pictures for and got all hyped up about? It's just school!". =)
Later on that morning Ava and I headed out to our classroom and met my students for the first time. I was pleased with how the day went, and am even more pleased that on morning #3 we still seem to have it altogether here on the homefront. I was able to bake some cinnamon rolls and boil some eggs for the kids' breakfast, I showered and had a cup of coffee before they even needed to be dressed. It's a nice feeling to not have stress as we start this new schedule and routine each morning. There have been no tears from anyone, and it just feels good.
I imagine there will be days where things go awry and nerves are frazzled, but for now I am soaking up the ease that has been a part of this transition in our lives. It has been a simple blessing to me this week...and I have learned to never take a single blessing for granted. I love when peace comes in what otherwise could be a storm in life. I'll share more on that later. =)


Dena said...

Way to go - EVERYONE in school and you still have time for coffee! AWESOME! They all look sooo happy for school - THAT is a blessing!

jewell said...

Hi Jody,

I was sitting in the car observing when you were getting that last picture taken by Deb. I was laughing at Ava (think it was her, I get your girls mixed up) as she kept putting the backpack on her head. Our first day of school pics consist of standing on the front porch each year. This year was a little more difficult as we enter the teen years. I told my kids when you are grown up and gone, this is what I will have to look at so please let me take your pics. I did get a few of my youngest who is now in Middle School. Bittersweet it is!!!

Heather said...

What cute faces!!!
Love that photo of you all!