Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The lazy days of summer...

I did some more {quick!!} scrapping today, as well as baking and just hanging out with my kids today. The summer is soon coming to an end and we're just having fun filling our time with simple, good memories. I know I'm going to miss the long, leisure mornings. There's just something in me and all my kids that loves staying in 'loungeware' for most of the day. =) But I also have to admit I love the thought of jeans and sweatshirts and fall flavors.

So we pulled out a recipe just to get us in the mood for fall...apple crisp. Mmmmm. Ava was totally into it. Sweet memories indeed.


christine said...

ohhhh, Apple Crisp. That just sounds darn good. Num.

Love the layout Jody. Aren't ya just proud of yourself when you get a layout done quickly? I've only been able to do this once. Wish I could do this more.

Anonymous said...

the picture of wyndham and her daddy is absolutely precious;
her expression, and her little hand pressed to her chin!

pudding for brains said...

Oh yum! Pumpkin Cookies have been on my list this week! DON't you just LOVE fall? It is my all time favorite!
I'm off to buy some Fuji's and make apple crisp for dessert tonite!
...and that page is DARLING!


Juel said...

Jodi I come here and you make me hungry!!
Here is something just for you!!
Don't buy them all now ;o)


Laura said...

yummy yummy yummy. i am SOOO ready for autumn!!!!


Alex said...

Jody, your girls are both just so precious here!! Your perfect little flower girl looks so happy, and your little baker looks too cute helping in the kitchen! I just love your blog!!