Monday, August 06, 2007

Family notes...

I normally blog a lot- to keep my family up to date with what's going on in my life, family, scrap scene and on my mind. Now that I'm actually hanging out with them and spending time in person catching up, my poor blog has suffered. I can tell you we are the kind of family that just picks up where we left off and makes the most of our time together.
It's been fun for me to be with my them {I have 2 brothers too...I'm the middle of 5 kids...we just took pictures of only the girls, I guess...I still love my brothers though!} and for us to have all our kids together has been a crazy, fun time too.
It makes me think we shouldn't live in different states. Seeing each other once every so often just isn't enough. Too bad Las Vegas and Michigan and Minnesota aren't closer. Even the same time zones would be nice. =)
Grandma Shirley has enjoyed our visit too. She told me so...I'm not just making that up. Truthfully, I think seeing kids run circles around her makes her happy. Because she realizes even moreso how a quiet house with time for naps is really something to be grateful for. =)


Becca said...

Oh Jody--I'm so glad you get to be together! Families are so special!

: )

Love you!

Cris said...

I'm glad to hear you are having a great time. :)

Malin said...

Lovly pictures!
Looks like you are havin such a great time together

Jiggy said...

Hey Jody! We have a grandma Shirley mom ! She says much the same thing she says her favorite times are when they come and when they go! She is good grandma and always plans the most fun things! Emma was just with her this past weekend...I am glad you are enjoying your time with your family! Jiggy

jessicaj said...

I fell upon this blog totally by accidnet. One minute i am on 2 peas lurking around and the next I am here feeling moved by your life and message. I have never commented on a blog before. I save that for special things and you are one special lady. I wish you the best!