Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hey, Jacque!!!

Just shouting out a loud and special "Happy Birthday wish" to my sister, Jacque today...all the way from Chicago!!!
I am blogging from Aunt Dori and Uncle Mike's house, and send lots of love from them and me to you today. In celebration of your birthday, I woke up early, got to the train depot, where the engine had caught fire and melted...
Needless to say, I didn't take the Amtrak into Chicago, but instead had a great busride to the city. Then I enjoyed a personal guided tour up and down the sweet streets of Chicago, including a stop for lunch and enjoying lots of fun sights and beauty. The city has some amazing flowers and I just love the architecture, the history here too. Even though it was hot, it was a treat to take in the sights and see some of my favorite places, including Michigan Avenue, the Sears Tower, the Shedd's Acquarium, and the boats in the marina.
I have called home and checked in on my family, and I have a new personal hero in my life as a result. Yep. Grandma Karen got Ava to take a nap this afternoon. That NEVER happens. So, Grandma Karen is now going to be renamed "Grandma Magic Touch" from now on. =) I appreciate her taking this time to jump in and be the 'stand-in Nitty.Gritty.' for the duration of my trip. Maybe I can have her guest blog about her experience or perspective "being me" when I get back. That could make for some intersting stories. =)
Tomorrow I will meet my Fashionista SISters in real life. I expect lots of love, laughs and hugs. I am certain that I will enjoy the rest of my trip...but I don't guarantee how often I will be posting here.
SO, Happy Birthday, Jacque!! Hope you had a really great day and that you didn't have any train engine meltdowns to deal with along the way. And just in case I wouldn't get back to posting....which I would find a way or make a way by Friday...Happy Birthday to my Mom too! Special thoughts love and wishes from me...enjoying the Windy City!


Cris said...

Happy Birthday Jacque!

Cara said...

i hope you have a wonderful time in chi-town!
the last time i had a really "successful" trip to chicago was in the 6th grade with the Girl Scouts! since then, both of my trips to chicago as an adult have been in january - way too cold to really "do the city".

have so much fun at CHA jody!!!

Anonymous said...

Jody..i wanted to share with you and you all a creative, fun e-card site. It sounds like its is right up your alley...and its free...great for sending jacque and memorable birthday card...its