Sunday, June 03, 2007

What you do when you're waiting for the rain to stop.

Brock and Bella...running and chasing each other around the house and through the kitchen. They had swimming suits on because they were dressed to go running through the sprinkler... but had to wait for the rain (just a few drops) to pass.
Mainly I am posting these pics, because it's the first time I mopped AND shined my floors in a long time. =)
Trust me when I tell you my wood floors rarely sparkle. However, I can say that my kids do make lots of faces, noise, and run through the house. Almost all the time.


FlipFlop Mom said...

when I first saw your pics.. your floors caught my eyes.. and bypassed the kids.. LOL LOL .. WHOOPS!! and I was going to say how jealous I was that they shined so much... but I LOVE how you said you hadn't done it in a long time... LOVE THAT!! I actually came home to a scrubbed kitchen floor on TUES.. by my loving husband!!! You're kids are adorable too of course.. Ü

Robyn said...

I think I'd have to take a picture too if my floors were that clean! AND the kiddo's look adorable!

Christal said...

Great Pictures Jody!
Just checking a few of your post from the weekend out before we leave to the Dr! Loving these of the kiddos!

mary h. said...

All the noise, laugher, and chaos within the walls of the house, make it a home. Otherwise it would be just another house.

Oh to be young and free again, huh?

T J said...

You were waiting for the rain sprinkles to stop to play in the sprinkler? Something seems wrong there... :^) Unless, of course, there was thunder and lightning. Then I get it!