Thursday, June 14, 2007

Stayin' cool.

Thanks, first of all, to so many of you who emailed me your thoughts on 'giving back' to this world and what that means to you. Lots of great ideas and insights...and I continue to pray and seek God's leading in my life in regards to serving others. I have followed one lead, and had the opportunity to give monetarily to a couple of great projects. I think that is one of the ways I can give at this point in my life...through funds- which then enable others to 'do the work' to which my heart often feels called. Just wanted to say thanks for the support and encouragement you've given to me!
My kids are keeping me busy and we've pulled out the little pool the past few days to keep cool in the afternoons. It's easier than dragging everything and everyone to the beach. But still involves getting sticky (think popsicles, push-ups and ice cream sandwiches!) and somehow they manage to drag in dirt and change clothes/swimming I still end up with grubby kitchen floors and piles of laundry. So goes the life of a mom with young kids. =) I find that during bathtime and mealtime and while folding laundry- these are simple reminders of all that I have in rather than getting overwhelmed with all the 'work' involoved, I thank God for the gifts of my kids and that He has given me the ability to keep up with them. And I pray often for Chris and Lori and the way their hearts continue to ache and long for the very life I have from day to day...noise, dirty hands and faces, and laundry...but also the love, the hugs, the smiles and the joy that I have. Every single day. I try not to take a minute of it for granted. I hope you see the blessings in the midst of the oridnary tasks of your life too. They are our gifts...just a little bit disguised.


Janna said...

Oh, my heart still breaks for the Coble's... I can't imagine living in a house full of their children's toys and clothes... without their children. I think of them and pray for them daily.

God bless & take care,

Adele said...

Hi Jody,
I love your blog. Where did you find those cute Hello Kitty swim rings? I must get one!

Yellow Fence said...

I find you such an inspiration. I love reading your blog. It makes me a better mother... EVERY DAY! I'm glad the kids are having a great summer.


Cara said...


Pam said...

Your contributions to the world may never be able to be truly realized, yet you yearn to do more. I hope to have that spirit one day. I totally relate to your wanting to find the gift in the mundane and ordinary tasks of raising small children. It is such a temptation to get caught up in what I don't have and how many times I have picked up legos in the past hour and feel sorry for myself, yet I know that I am blessed to have three healthy children to sprinkle legos throughout my house and follow me endlessly throughout the house. Thank you for making me see that it is all in how you look at and appreciate things!