Saturday, June 23, 2007

In the mail...

I got some 'good mail' this week. =) One was a full-page invitation to Jaymun Kaat's and brother, Ben's birthday celebration in just a few weeks. I am so happy for their family and the difference a year has made in their lives. Some of you may remember that Jaymun was diagnosed with cancer at birth. He underwent a bone marrow transplant as his brother, Devon was a perfect match. Some of you sent cards and gifts to them in the hospital. Many of you prayed. I am happy to report that Jaymun will celebrate turning one, and I'm sure the whole Kaat family will celebrate the fact that they have gotten through some real trials and hardships together. I wish for them continued blessings and joy in life. Even in the struggles that come our way at times. Happy {early} birthdays, Ben and Jaymun!
I also received a little package from a reader here, {Hi Lisa!} who after emailing me about sending me a piece of her jewelry whipped up this special Nitty.Gritty. necklace for me. I love it! You know I love mail, and little goodie packages are among my favorite pieces of mail. I just had to share these pictures that I snapped, but I also want to tell you that Lisa has some really beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry in her collection. I'm sure she would love for any of you interested in her work to stop by her blog and there you will find pictures and a link to her items available. In addition, she has a unique story and a wonderful family that is worth stopping by when you get a minute or two. If you stop by her blog, I hope you'll leave her a comment and tell her "Nitty.Gritty. told you to say hi!". =)
I just love the connections/friendships/stories/fun stuff I have found through blogging. It really is amazing to me how many people I have been forunate to 'come in contact with' all through something as simple as a blog.
I have lots of unanswered emails that I hope to keep plugging away with in responding to...I read all my mail and appreciate the way so many of you pour your heart and concerns out to me. I find myself thinking of many of you as I go about my busy, summer days...and I hope that you feel these thoughts and prayers- often from long-distance. Just wanted to share my happy mail with you...and I'm watching my mailbox for the next SIStv Collection to make its appearance soon! Funny. Mail can be so simple...yet it can make someone's day! Hope you get some good mail coming your way too!


Anonymous said...

You lucky duck! Great necklace and fun photos. I love happy mail too! Hope I get some fun mail soon. Have a great weekend!!

Nat said...

Wow - this is cool!!!

Sandie said...

Gorgeous necklace!!

Leah said...

wow - what a gorgeous necklace!

scrapcat said...

gorgeous piece!!!

gloria said...

verrrry coool!!

Noo Noo said...

beautiful wear it well!!!

Deanna- yep Dee-na said...

very cool! i like it.

Ann(i)e said...

really gorgeous!!!
thanks for sharing with us!

Natasja said...

O thats so sweet! What a great neckless!
Indeed some good mail can make your day! To bad it aint hidding my doorstep often... ;(

Kell said...

oooh I love me that necklace! its very cool!

Hilary said...


Rene' Losurdo said...

Hi there! I found you through Paige Stibgen's guestbook.

I am not sure how your family and your story has affected the Stibgen family, but I can tell you that it has touched me greatly.

I am their neighbor and my 6-year-old son, Christian, has also battled the cancer beast.

We, however, are amoung the lucky ones for (as of now) my son won his battle with cancer and is currently in remission.

When he was first diagnosed, I too struggled with many of the same feelings you had to deal with. I questioned everything but ultimately it was only through God's love and my love and trust in Him that got me and my family through our trial.

Through it all I kept saying, "It could always be worse." Everyone could not believe how strong my faith was. But you and I know the the secret...we have been given the greatest gift..our pain trials only strengthen our faith and love for our Lord. I appreciate life and will never again take for granted the many blessings that have been bestowed upon me.

Your story truly is one of inspiration, hope, faith and love. None of know what God has in store for us, where the next turn will take us...or how much time we have left on this earth.

Thank you for your candor, for sharing your raw emotions and thoughts, and for letting us into your precious family's life.


Rene' Losurdo

Mommy to Christian-6 (12/21/05 dx: Wilms Tumor- in remission as of 6/15/06), Devin-4 and Brendan-1.5