Monday, June 04, 2007


This post is a birthday tribute to my sister, Stephanie. Happy 30-something today! =)
If I could turn back the days and run and laugh and play and sing with you like we did so many times through the years, I'd do it in a heartbeat. What I wouldn't give for a chance to have the fun and laughter that we shared doing simple, silly things. Or even having the opportunity to discuss our dreams, our hopes and the way we would talk about our futures...over baskets of thin onion rings and Pie-in-the-Sky sundaes at TGIFridays.
I miss the times we'd sit around the piano- you would play and I would sing...and we'd dream about going on tour. {Not, hence the nickname you gave me...L.P. Little Professional} =) You were always the 'Fancy Feast' of the girls in our family, and although you didn't always appreciate me calling you that, it really was my way of letting you know I loved and respected our differences and your 'style'...which I could never come close to attaining. I have always looked up to you, wanted the best for you, and loved everything about you.
Today, if I could borrow your birthday wish...I'd wish for us to be together to share laughter, tears, and hugs.
I miss being with you on a day to day basis. If there was any doubt in your mind about how much, I miss 'us'...I hope this little blogpost cleared them up!
Happy birthday! I hope it's as amazing and mellow and simply perfect- the same way I think of YOU!
All my love, topped with some buttercream for you today. =)
Sweetly~ Jody

P.S. I just had to let you know my mom made those dolls we are holding in the photo! I mean, she hand-sewed them...including all that yarn hair! I wish I still had mine. Funny how appreciation comes so often with time and experience. Maybe getting old and 'growing up' isn't such a bad thing afterall!


Beckie said...

Gotta love pics like that!!

Peggy Severins said...

Such a sweet dolls, love it!

Greta said...

WOW that is a great tribute and i LOVe those you think mom would make me one ;)

Kelly said...

Love your blog Jody (as always) - great picture of you and your sis!

FlipFlop Mom said...


linda t said...

What a precious pic! I just spent a week with my sister and we have sooo much fun sewing, crafting and shopping! I wish we lived near each other. Sisters are such a gift!
Love the dolls! Sooo cute!

Cris said...

Happy birthday Steph!!

jackie carl said...

So cute ! Happy Birthday to your sis ! I only have brothers, so not so sure what it's like to have sisters.
All the pics of your kids & hubby are adorable, too !
Looks like lots of fun going on w/ your fam !
Jackie Carl
Marion, IN

Kelly said...

I love that your blog posts always make me think and appreciate what I have in my life and how blessed I am. Thank you for keeping things in perspective for me!!

bohmbim said...

no wonder you hosted the journalling challenge over at SIStv
your sister must feel so loved right now!

patterns of ink said...

There's nothing like siblings, and I must admit (from watching Julie and her sister and watching my house full of girls) I think sisters have an even tighter bond than brothers in most cases.

Melody in MN said...

Ah Jody, you always have such a neat blog with fun pictures and stories! Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your world with the rest of us...too much fun. :) So sad to hear about Bella's nose mishap, but glad that she's doing better now. Your kids are adorable. Oh, and I loved those big homeade dolls that you and your sister were holding! I had a homeade doll that was really big like that. I think my great aunt made it, but I am pretty sure that it was given away to Goodwill or something. I too wish I still had my big doll. Oh well! Great memories. take care

~Lea~ said... cousins and I totally had dolls just like that! The resemblance is uncanny...just different fabrics!! Must have been a popular pattern at some point! Hope that your sis had a great day!!


Sandy said...

What a great tribute to your sister. I have 2 sisters myself, so I know how special they are!
For Reluctant Entertainers

a friend to knit with said...

such a sweet photo! And ahhhh, how I love how your mom made your dolls! :)