Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What I'm learning about my life is...

I am truly blessed. In so many ways. Last night I was privileged to attend the Mentor West Michigan Sports Awards banquet. Chip's boss, Capt. Dan Rooney (pictured in full uniform next to me above) was a recipient of the 2007 Community Service Mentor Award for his role in The West Michigan Fallen Heroes Golf Tournament.
Dan Rooney is not only owner of the Grand Haven Golf Club (making him Chip's boss), but also flies F-16s in the Air Force, and has served our country in two different tours to Iraq since the war began. Chip and I also call him friend. What an honor, then, for us to be able to see him recognized for not only his hard work in the Fallen Heroes effort, but also for his sacrifice and risk he has taken in flying for the Air Force. Some of his friends, colleagues and fellow countrymen are not as fortunate as Dan, and have paid the ultimate sacrifice of giving their lives for their country.
I take that for granted- the freedoms and privilege I live with from day to day- far too often. Last night was a reminder to me, not only that I have been so blessed, but also, that there are opportunities for me to give more of myself every single day.
Our keynote speaker for the event last night was none other than Coach Tony Dungy, who led the Colts to their Superbowl win just this past January. Chip and Dan got to meet him earlier in the day; I just enjoyed his presence and words that he shared with all of us in attendance. He talked about all the people who have been a big part of his 'success' in life and who have played important roles in helping him become who he is today. One of the quotes he shared was told to him along his journey, and it was this:
"Talent is God-given; be grateful.
Praise is man-given; be humble.
Pride is self-given; be careful."
What I am learning as I 'grow up' and look back at where I've come from and what I've gone through is that I've been very lucky and have had so much support and love and that with that, comes much repsonsibility. It would be selfish for me to think that I simply deserve to live a quiet, "good life". I can't...and simply put, I am feeling more and more led to give and DO more and more. Not because I'm so great...that's not it at all, but that I've been given so much. I hope that I haven't wasted too much of my life already. I plan on doing my part to make sure I live a life equal to the blessings I've received. It's not an easy task for most of us- we've got our jobs cut out for us...but even taking small steps and making consistent effort will help more than we will ever know.
One small way to get involved with this is through the SIS tv website. There you will find a link for 'Collections for a Cause'. If you're a scrapper, I encourage you to check it out. If you're not a scrapper, you can still check it out. If you want to get involved with Dan Rooney and his energies being poured into The West Michigan Fallen Heroes Golf Tournament, I'm sure he'd love the support.
There is no shortage of organizations or opportunities, that's for certain. I could name a bunch of them...from the Red Cross to Big Brohters/Big Sisters programs to Habitat for Humanity...all worthy of our time, money and talents. Whatever it is you have been given beyond what you deserve or need in life, I feel now more than ever, is our opportunity to get involved. I hope some of you take on a challenge in your own life- of giving more than you receive. I know it can only make us ALL better people because of it.
Now. In regards to the RAK scrap stuff going on here (and at Scrap In Style) let me just say, whoa! You sure like opportunities for free scrap goodies! I am still getting caught up reading all the comments, and will be picking the winner tonight. Haven't decided how I'll do that yet...but I'll come up with something. In the meantime, thanks to all the people who have registered at SIS and have looked around and left messages and just had fun with us. It's going to be a great 'place' to hang out. There's still room for anyone who wants to come on over too!
I promise to post soon- the winner and the prize package that's coming someone's way from me. Now, if I could just get a cleaning lady and someone to cook dinner at my house, I'd be all set! =) Just kidding. I still do all my own cooking and cleaning. And hopefully it matters to a few people in this world. =)


Kimber-Leigh said...

love that quote jody! and i'm lovin' SISTV...finding it hard to stay away!

Christal said...

Jody, first let me say that you looked very pretty in your pink dress! I love to go to things like that especially when they honor people for various reasons. I used to work by the Colts Complex, Coach Dungy is always very nice and compassionate. Would have loved to have been there, he is ALWAYS a pleasure. Not only that but supporting families of fallen soldiers is VERY important, being a military wife I think you know how I feel! I will be your way June 1st!

Anonymous said...

Lookin' pretty in pink Jody!!

Sure wish I had someone making dinner for us tonight, not to mention the cleaning, I spent too much time on the computer today!!!


Anonymous said...

Jody you look great in that dress. The color is so flattering on you. Sounds like you had a great time! SIS TV is so much fun.

Glad you are a part of it.
Love your blog.
Hope you are having a great day and evening.

Fran Heupel

eek said...


You look fabulous in that dress!


susan opel said...

Lovin' SIS! Lovin' Tony Dungy! Go COLTS! What an excellent role model he is!

Linda said...

Jody, you look fantastic!

jewell said...

You look absolutely stunning in that dress!!

FlipFlop Mom said...

GIRL .. you looked SMASHING!!!! if I could whistle through the computer I would.. *Ü* I love helping organizations anyway I can.. right now we support The Fresh Air Fund and have for the past 9 years..!! AWESOME opportunity.. and those kids are such a blessing in my life!!!
Now.. off to peek at yours!!!

Hilary said...

Jody--about a year ago you made a comment on my blog simply saying enjoy it all.
Stress, tension, crying children at dinner, issues with the husband, and the demands of life…
The way I talk to my kids, the splashing in the tub, the "spilled milk" so to speak, well, let's just say YOU have made me appreciate my daily blessings--craziness and all. Thanks for letting me see the daily grind for what it is—
Thank you,

Lisa G said...

WoW! Your skinny! You look marvelous darling :)

Jackie from Chicago said...

Just wanted to say you have a beautiful family, and God Bless you all...So exciting this SIS stuff is, as are the little things in every day life...I sure hope I win your prize, lol, I havent won a thing yet! take care Jodi!

Anonymous said...

I love your dress where is it from???

Janna said...

Oh yeah!!! I saw Capt. Rooney on the news! What an amazing guy! I was so impressed. :)

Your dress is beautiful! For a woman who has had five children, you look amazing too! :)

Anonymous said...


I continue to be blessed by your posts, and this one was no exception. While this was not the main point of your post, I did want to say thank you for mentioning our freedoms and those who serve and sacrifice so we can have them. I am married to one of those guys, and life is not always easy for him or for us. The kids miss their daddy so often, and I miss my hubby. But we know this is where the Lord has called us to serve, and we'll continue to do so until He leads us elsewhere. I just appreciate comments like yours on the rare moments I see them. Thanks! (And I also LOVE your dress! :-) ) ~Jodie R.

~Lea~ said...

Jody....you look GORGEOUS in that dress!! You are one hot mamma!!

Just wanted to tell you that! HUGS! ~Lea

Becca said...

Dang girl--you look AMAZING! Beautiful! Stunning!


Anonymous said...

You looked beautiful! What a fun and wonderful night!
Tricia Mc

Kairlotta said...

You look stunning Jody! Love the quote! Thanks for sharing!

Kate said...

You are so ridiculously cute! You look great in that dress! I forget about blogging too...that SIS website is just the best! SO HAPPY to see you as a Fashionista. Can't wait to see what's next!