Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Nitty Gritty Hubby Is Back. (I can't believe I just referred to myself as that)

Please tell me where my wife has gone. It all started a little over a month ago, when I decided to purchase a new car. When I say purchase you must realize that my wife is a charter and only member for the Ferlaak family security council, meaning she has veto power. This power usually gets exercised often. As I decided to purchase this vehicle and was about to call my wife to get the official approval, I hearkened back to a memory from several years ago when a former boss was in a similar situation. After he test drove a new car he called his wife for approval, which turned into a veto, he then said, "nothing life a wife to ruin all your hopes and dreams." Much to my surprise she said to do it, and then she showed no buyers remorse for my purchase (she is usually the queen of buyers remorse).
Strange event number two occur ed when I proposed a trip with my buddies to celebrate all of our turning 40, this was also met with approval, sort of.
Strange event number three occurred this morning when our basement sewage pump went out leaving our carpet wet and the pump in need of replacement. There was no anger, no "just my life's". I felt like the Grinch when after he took all the presents, he heard the Who's in Whoville singing.
Please, if anyone has seen my wife, tell her to stay away:)


Christal said...

Hey there Chip... Just maybe some "Who" in "Indianasville" was praying for y'all..still is!~ Oh and we Do want Jody back, but you are ALWAYS a welcome Nitty.Gritty Hubby! If I was there I would help you out! Promise! Since I am not I will pray!

TRACEY said...

very cute I love the post.

Hilary said...

Roll with it Chip.
This to shall pass and she shall return but until then...roll.

patterns of ink said...

Welcome back, Chip. I think it's great to give family memebers "air time" now and then. You know what they say, "The family that blogs together..." well something like that. :-)

Cynthia said...


Kimberly said...

So super cute! And so glad to find your fun faith filled blog! xoxo:)))

gloria said...


what kind of car didya get?

Cara said...

that is so cool!
cool that she is growing . . . and cool that you are noticing . . . and even cooler that you are bragging on her and taking time to make her feel special . . . in a nitty.gritty.way that MAKES HER feel special!

go chip go!

Cris said...

LOL, too funny. :P

Lisa said...

Chip - Nice Post! :)

And Jody - I hope you scrapbook this post - my hubby would NEVER even consider guest posting on my blog - I'm not sure he even reads it either!

Ya'll are so darn cute!

Diana Willis said...


It is one thing to say you are living a life, it is another to do it and that is just what Jody is doing! Anyway life is just too precious to get bent over things you can not control right?

PS - maybe she is getting ready to hit you up for a girls weekend away, haha!!


Julie said...

Or maybe she just feels bad about all the money spent on scrapbook supplies! (just kidding, of course!) It really is great that you show your appreciation this way, and will most likely lead to a repeat of the positive behavior patterns your wife is currently exhibiting! You guys are great!


Anonymous said...

Yoo Hoo, Jody.....wheeereee are youuuuu????