Friday, May 04, 2007

If life were so simple...

First. Some pictures of my kiddos this week, because some of my family stops by here to see them, and aren't as interested in my cupcakes or thoughts on scrapping. I loved the smile I caught on Wyndham. So natural, so her. And Ava? I'm still trying to figure out how I can 'sneak' a picture of her actually looking at my camera, and still just doing whatever it is she's doing at that moment. I'm open to suggestions, because in this picture of her actually looking at me, I asked her to show me the color of her eyes. When she still didn't look, I said, "Are they purple or pink today?", which was a really interesting question for her. She really thought that maybe they had changed from brown to pink or purple. I snapped the picture- even though she had a funny expression, because at this point, I'll just take what I can get from her. =)
Then there's the blurry one of Brock and Bella. Because I still can't figure out the settings on my cameras which will allow me to take crisp, bright photos. I'm working on that too. Really, I am. In the meantime, at least I have a little something that proves that Bella and Brock DO get along and love each other from time to time. I keep telling them that someday they will go weeks without talking, as me and my brothers often do, and so they should be really happy for all this time they have together. Right now. I don't know if they're buying it, but more often than not, I still find them liking one another and having fun. So I like to think they ARE getting it.
Then there's me and a can of Calm. Have you seen this line of soda/energy drink? It's really the old Everfresh carbonated juice they used to make in the bottles. Chip and I used to drink a lot of that stuff. This can happened to be 'designed' in a way that made me want to buy it- more than the contents. Cute color, slim, tall can. Loved the simple logo. And the idea behind it...that drinking something could produce a certain affect...well, they got me. I don't know if it actually works or not. Or maybe I would have to drink a whole lot of it for the desired resultm, but still, it's a great thought regardless. I grabbed another can called 'Radiant'. I'm sure I'd need at least a case to begin to see that start to work in my life!
It's such a gimmick, and it's such a novel idea, and yet I hope nobody is actually buying this kind of stuff thinking that a little carbonated, no calorie, no caffeine, no sugar, no carb drink will actually be able to produce something really great in their life like a calm spirit, or a radiant personality or any other wonderful character quality they are looking for.
If it were as simple as consuming a little beverage, the whole world would look a lot calmer and prettier. But I think we all know that life isn't that easy.
However, I am finding that sometimes we tend to make it more difficult than it needs to be. And if a little soda makes one stop and think and opens their eyes to the possibilities in life, well then drink up, my friends. By now, it's no secret where I think the best character qualities and strength in life come from. Through a growing spiritual awareness and faith, and the reality that there is more to this life than meets the eye. For me, 'drinking in the truth that comes from God' is the best way {the Only Way!} that I have found that actually produces the desired results and offers me opportunities to grow and become a better person. One day at a time.


Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures! your kids are so very cute!

you look awfully thin in that picture. are you feeling alright?

Cara said...

i actually looked at that picture of ava and thought "brilliant!!! she is getting SO GOOD at taking pictures!"
so, there it is - my UTC (unsolicited two cents!) for the day!
:) happy friday friday friday!!!!

Anonymous said...

Omg those pics are soooo cute!!!! :D
Love and hugs!
Melissa (your sis!) :)

Kim said...

I love your pictures! What type of camera do you use? I have two digitals, and on eof them is my "photography" one and I love it but am still also trying to figure out all he bells and whistles on it! that drink does look yummy and I love those sort of juices, whre did you pick it up at? Hope your weekend goes well.

Hilary said...

One thing.
Did the "clam" drink work?

Cynthia said...

I love your pictures! Ava is adorable. And I love the one of Brock and Bella, even if it IS blurry. It shows life and action! And then Wyndham, well, such exuberant happiness captured on film (or digitized, as the case may be), is a beautiful joy to behold. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely children!

I've been thinking about cutting my hair short, kinda like yours.... was it a big shock when you did? A drastic change? So cute!

patterns of ink said...

All the pix are cute, of course, but I must agree that Wyndham's is "so natural, so her." It has been a joy to watch her interact with her sibs and classmates these past two years.