Monday, May 07, 2007


Last night I clicked over to my email inbox and had a few messages from some of my CA Nitty.Gritty. readers. They were each moved by a local story, and I just had to share it and my thoughts with all of you.
This story is gonna grab you. It will rip your heart out. If you have loved or lost someone in your lifetime, you will connect.
I was moved to tears last night; I fell alseep crying and praying for this family; they were the first ones on my heart and mind when I awoke.
The news story is here. And another one here. The family memorial site is here. There are no words to offer them any source of comfort at this time. Nothing. I lost Teagan and lost the childhood Wyndham should have had...and all the things she may never do because of her head injuries. I've had my share of moments of despair, I've spent all day in tears at times, but nothing I have experienced can begin to wrap my mind around the all-consuming grief and heartache that these parents, Chris and Lori, will have to bear for the rest of thier lives.
I am writing all this, not to 'glamorize' their story or to turn their kids into 'celebrities' of my blog, but to say it the best I can. This could be you. Or you. Or you or even you. It's what I have been telling people since the day of our incident- that life has no guarantees. The unexpected can come from out of nowhere. This time it was a perfectly, sunny California day, just after noon, on the slowed freeway.
I wrote about it here, when I asked what would you do if disaster struck you? Do you have a 'disaster plan' in place should the unimaginable occur? I can think of only One thing that will carry this family and friends through the darkest valley that life can lead them through. That is faith in the One who created the valley; the One who has walked through the valley; and the Only One I know who can bring you through life's valleys. God can't be to blame, even though it makes no sense in our human minds why something like this had to happen. It has been my experience that "bad stuff" happens, and we can't begin to know why...but we simply in faith, must trust. That's what's faith is. It is telling God that you don't understand His ways, you may not even like them at times, they will hurt, they will cause pain, they will not make sense, and yet, all God asks from any of us is that we simply trust Him to be true. We need not have answers. We don't even have to be 'strong' or 'holy' or 'perfect' all the time. We can and are expected to cry at times, to be angry at times, to have questions, to ask questions, to want to run the other way, to be afraid, to be confused, to be numb, to be hurt. BUT, if we constantly give all that we are to God...even if it's just a messed up, broken shell of who we are, God will take the pieces of us, and in some miraculous way, He begins to make sense out of our horror. He can bring beauty out of ahses. He can bring Joy out of overwhelming grief.
I can't explain it. I can't begin to tell you how He does it or why it has to be this way in life, but I can tell you that it is REAL. It 's what God has been doing since Adam and Eve sinned and messed things up for the rest of all for all time.
God has a plan. It's told about and is continually unfolding according to the way He said it would happen in the Bible. At times of pain and sorrow, it may seem that God has forgotten us in the middle of that plan, but the truth is He is the same- yesterday, today and tomorrow. The Bible says that God is good. It also tells us that He never changes. Therefore, no matter how difficult the circumstance, no matter how horrific the pain, no matter if it's ourselves or someone else that 'messed up' our lives, we can trust that God can use whatever it is, and make something beautiful out of the mess. Every single time.
The problem lies not in the pain and the mess and the sadness and the unbelievable-ness, but in the response of our hearts when the unimaginable occurs. THAT is what makes the difference between joy and sorrow. Between recovery and 'death'. Between overcoming and defeat. Between living a life with meaning, or simply getting by.
I cannot begin to know what it will take for the Cobles to be able to see light and happiness in life once again. I do not know that they have what it takes. But I am praying that they will hand their hurt, their pain, their sorrow, their shattered, broken hearts and all the hopes and dreams they had for their beautiful little children, to God, and simply allow Him to hold their lives in His hands. It won't be easy. It will demand their hearts, their minds, their souls. But I believe that there is something amazing, something unbelievable, something that can only be described as a 'miracle' ready to happen in their lives.
Please join me in prayer for this family, as they begin this journey toward finding their miracle.


Becca said...

Oh Jody...this just breaks my heart. I'll pray for this family--may they especially feel God's loving arms wrapped around them!

: (



Janna said...

Oh my gosh... I cannot begin to imagine the depth of the grief that the Coble family is experiencing right now. This is just beyond comprehension. I just pray SO MUCH for God's peace and comfort to be upon them. My heart is completely broken over this. :(

Andrea said...

This is too heart breaking.
I can't even comprehend the pain
that the parents are going through.
My prayers are with them.

Anonymous said...

My heart is absolutely broken right now. My stomach is sick. I can not even begin to wrap my thoughts around this whole tragedy. It's times like this that I find myself asking "why" and getting angry. I know it's not right. I just don't understand. These poor, poor victims. I just pray that they can somehow (by the grace of God) be able to someday be able to function in everyday life. Ugh! And to think that I dropped my 10 year old off at school this morning after a fight. Now all I want to do is get her and hug her so tight.


Anonymous said...

I'll be praying for them, Jody. Thanks for letting us know about it. How heart-breaking. I pray that the Lord would draw them closer to Himself than they ever thought imaginable; that His grace in the midst of agony, shock and horror would be evident.

Hurting with them and you...
In His grace,
Jodie Richter

Tina said...

Oh my, how heart breaking. What beautiful children. I pray that they find Jesus through all this if they don't know HIm already and find the only source of comfort and peace.

I think of Job so often when I hear stories like this; how he tore his clothes, shaved his head (signs of mourning) and fell and worshiped.

Naked I came from my mother's womb, and naked shall I return there.
The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; Blessed be the name of the Lord. In all this Job did not sin nor charge God with wrong.

Then he told his wife, Shall we indeed accept good from God, and shall we not accept adversity?

Amazing, isn't it?

Marirosa said...

sharing this puts life into perspective to live with faith and continue on. Thank you for posting this, i immediately said a prayer for this family and signed their web guest book... I pray that the Lord keep them safe and give them the strength through this time.

Sarah DeVries said...

Jody, Thanks for posting this today. This family needs all of our prayers, so thanks for bringing this tragedy to our attention. How heartbreaking.

Adrienne said...

Definitely praying for the Cobles. Your email today was the second to bring it to my attention. Prayers...lots of prayers!

Kellie said...

This is the most tragic story I've heard about in a long time. Heartbreaking doesn't seem to cover it. Losing three children in one fell swoop has to be excruciatingly painful. Prayers going up.

Jenny said...

I'm still in shock over this horrible story. Prayer is what will get Chris and Lori and the rest of their family through. I can't begin to even imagine.

Kim said...

I will pray for this family, I can't not even imagine the pain and heartache they are going through, this is just too sad.

mIchelle rAmirez said...

this is horrific!
my goodness...they are in my prayers for sure.
just so sad.

amy j. said...


I hope you don't take this badly, but I must admit I'm a bit bothered by you posting about this family on your blog.


Well, because I could have really done without knowing about such a horrible tragedy. That sounds bad I know. But hear me out. I'm a mom, like most of your readers. And as many will surely relate, the fear of losing a child is always in the back of my mind...always. I'm the sibling to a brother who was killed at the age of 12. I've seen first hand what the loss of a child does to a person in my own mother. I have a daughter with a life threatening disease, so I am faced daily with the fear of something happening to her.

While I feel sympathize for anyone in pain or loss, I must admit it can be very emotionally draining to constantly be bombarded with stories of loss and grief. I've found a few times, especially lately, when checking your blog not only your own story of such things, but you telling of others, which is often times a startling and devastating surprise. I might pop on to see what you're up to...a light part in my day perhaps. Or maybe I'm in the mood to hear some of your ponderings on your experiences.

I don't come to your blog expecting to be read news of tragedy in other parts of the world that I might not have otherwise heard about. In all truth, I try and avoid stories of bad things happening to children because they upset me soooo very much. I take on what I can in way of these things, but only what I know I can handle.

And I don't say this with an intent of meanness at all. It's just that I really don't want to surround myself with these types of stories. It impacts me in such a very emotional way that it sends me into a depressive feeling I can't shake.

I feel so utterly devastated for these parents...SOOOO sympathetic that it just stuns me. I of course can send my regards, my condolences. But in truth, what good can me knowing of their tragedy do them?

The problem I had with your post about them is posted pictures of their children. Yes it is horrible Jody, but plastering their family photos on your blog is, well, distasteful I feel. It just hit me in a very bad way.

The other thing that really bothered me and has all day, is that you pointed out the fact to the reader that this could happen to "you". What are you trying to do, upset us? Well, you did...all day.

I not only cried over the knowledge of what happened to this family, but was mortified over the idea of the same thing happening to my family...on our upcoming vacation of out state. Enough so that I was fearful to get in the car with my children. I read the newspaper article, and then so wished I hadn't. The reporter did the same thing as you, making sure to point out the senselessness of the accident, the fact that it was just unavoidable...that nothing could have changed the outcome really. Hopeless. The fact that I just spent two hours getting my carseats checked by the police department and am going for a vehicle safety check before out trip, all seemed useless. I was gripped with fear and anxiety. I told my husband about it. He just looked at me and said, "It is horrible what happened, but what are we supposed to in a bubble, fearful of what might happen to us one day?"

That was the feeling I got from your post...that you wanted us to be fearful of the same sort of tragedy befalling any one of us. It might, surely. But what I really feel uncomfortable with, after reading your blog now for a while, is that you keep reminding people of that because of what happened to you. Yes, sometimes a reminder of these things makes you realize the important things, puts things into perspective. We all need that at times. But to point it out over and over again can feel so very morbid.

Your blog can go from something very lighthearted to something very, very disturbing from day to day, which makes me not want to really visit it any longer. I felt bad about this and did check back in today just to see if you had posted again. I must admit that I got a very disturbing feeling seeing a post about an apron after this one about this family's horrible loss. That just sort of cemented my feeling that you didn't think too much about what telling such a story could do to your readers. It seemed insensitive in all truth, very blaise, as if you were saying, "Here, read about this very nightmarish thing that happened to these people...ponder it, let if sink in and move you...and remember to never forget this too could happen to you...oh and by the way, check out this nifty craft apron I made."

That's not Nitty Gritty, that's just all over the place.

I really wish you would think a bit before trying to spread the word on such tragedies as the one that you experienced with the death of your daughter. I once too, as a journalist, felt the need to inform people of the bad things that happen in the world each day...until I had a mother of a child who as killed write me a very similar type of letter. She asked me one simple thing that made me realize I was justifying spreading upsetting information to the world in my profession..."What good did you telling this story do? Did it change the outcome of what happened to these poor people? Did it help them really, in the long run?"

I feel truly, you posting the pictures of these poor children and writing as you did about what we all should fear in the world, was not about spreading communion with others, but more about what you deal with yourself with what you experienced. I know you can relate and it is your blog of course. And I'm soooo very sorry for you loss. I've felt your pain for the entire time I've known your story, and I don't often not think about you and your family...or Sheye Rosemeyer or many others.

But remember, how and what you share with others can not only inspire them, but can also scare them and paralyze then with fear. Not to mention just add sadness to a person's life that could have really been avoided. I know pain is in the world, every second of every day. I didn't really care to be reminded of it this morning however.

I probably didn't convey my feeling about this very well. It really wasn't with malice to you, honestly. I just felt the need to let you be aware that while this is your personal blog, people do read it and what you write does impact them...and when it is personally from you I know you often times hope it does, which is very good. But spreading the news of the world can be very influential. If you read the reaction to this post in your comments you will read over and over words such as "breaks my heart", "completely broken over this", "excruciating painful"...did you want to spread those feelings to your readers? Does it make the parent's pain any less...or your own? I just ask that you look at why perhaps you feel the need to tell others of things such as this. Is it for them, or for you? Please understand, I write this with no ill intent to you. Just wanted to share my thoughts.

tracey said...

I am one of those readers that lives here in the So. Calif. community that has been stunned by this tragedy. Just so everyone knows those pictures are the same ones that have been in all of our newspapers and appear on the memorial site. I'm hopeful that this story will remind us all that life is so very fragile and hopefully get us all to slow down (both figuratively and physically)!
In a world full of information (internet, blogs etc) what we do with that information is our choice. We can either let it instill fear in us or let it help shape our perspective to a much bigger view of what is truly important in this life. I appreciate you Jody sharing this story. If it gets just one more person to understand whats truly important in life than it has been worth it. Unfortunately as human beings I don't think we get it until something "tragic" happens. I wish it wasn't that way but it is.

Jody said...

The point of writing and posting this on Nitty.Gritty. is to share the reality of what CAN happen...yes, and to then in turn LOVE the life you have at this very moment. Plain and simple. My sharing this particular story was to ask for prayers and sympathies...I have been in similar circumstance...and I know for a fact that prayers said by people I never met nor will ever meet, were a part of the 'support system' that has helped carry me through. Pictures just gave faces to the names...and yes, they can be found on several sites and in newspapers. We DO get lots of negative news in the media everyday. It's one of the reasons I don't watch television. It's a personal choice to take in such stories, and if some people are oeverwhelmed by the stories out there, well then, as individuals they need to be their own gatekeeper. I have never forced anyone to read my blog. It is a personal choice. I have never forced anyone to follow the links in my posts for further reading. It seems that {in particular, Amy J.} has chosen to read in depth and then allow herself to develop a 'fear' as a result of the way she has been moved by this particular story...and now wants to 'blame me' in some way for that. I apologize for whatever she thinks is my part in her response. I simply posted a story, my thoughts, and my urge for prayers. I appreciate again, the comments and insights. As a mom who has lost a child, one of my deepest longings was that people would be touched by my child's life in a small way, as I was by her. I can only imagine that in this instance, the Coble's will wish that their children will touch others as well. Not so that we can live in fear of what happened, but so that we could embrace more, love deeper, appreciate every minute, and cherish the gifts of our loved ones- every single day.

Pamela said...

You used the Coble tragedy for your own self promotion and you know it. Bury yourself in your new apron. Great denial mechanism.

Anonymous said...

She "self-promoted" what, Pamela?? I'm looking forward to your response. Seems you know something the rest of us don't!!

Anonymous said...

A blog is a blog is a blog is a BLOG! How many times does that message have to get said here?! Seems people think THEY have a right to decide what does or doesn't get said by Jody on HER blog. Get a life, people! She will write what she wants, when she wants. If YOU don't like it...STAY AWAY!
End of subject. (we'll see!
Luv ya in Texas, Nitty.Gritty!

Anonymous said...

I for one would like to thank you for bringing this to our attention. I can't get the Coble family out of my mind. This story is heartbreaking. I will be praying for them as they learn to live life without their precious babies. Maybe those of you who are criticizing Jody could take that time and energy and pray for the family, rather than complaining.

Rachael said...

Hi Jody, I have been reading through this story and the comments left.
What you and these people have had to endure there are no words for and I wish you all the love and strength in the world. When I looked through your blog I noticed that you have a lot of people that admire and look up to you
(rightfully so) and through your own story you have obviously given others a lot to think about which I really respect, I think its important to find the positives out of a bad situation so that we and others can learn from them.

However continuing to post 'others'
tragic stories in great detail
may be causing some unnecessary pain in your readers even though your main motive may be purely for extra prayers.

Being an influence on some of our
readers, I think anyone with a blog needs to take a certain amount of responsibility,
for the feelings that we are helping to manifest in our visitors, through our stories. You have loyal readers and people that admire and respect you and will follow your blog because of this. So I don't entirely agree with the lady that says "its HER blog if you don't like it stay away". If we were wanting to write and record our stories just for us we would do it privately in a diary , but when we choose to do it publicly our aim is to stir up an emotion in people.

This is your blog and telling your story is one thing but repeating these types of stories to regular visitors is going to have a very negative effect on them especially if what you are telling them can not be avoided. I think it is ok to tell other peoples tragic stories if we are helping create an awareness and passing on information so that they can take control in their lives and make sure that the same situation doesn't happen to them.

Jodi, I hope I have not offended you that is honestly not my intention and your motivation may be purely out of love, but I don't think that love should be derived from fear and by adding every unavoidable detail that is exactly what is being installed into the readers mind.

Love Rachael

Jody said...

Okay. Let me try and put it one more way. If you were to come over to my house and sit down over coffee and chat, I would talk about much of what you find written about on my blog. The fact is, I had several emails with different links to the Coble family story...and readers asking for my prayers. The story struck me- as it should- I have lived some of this family's pain and heartache- I have a 'connection' in that respect. Out of that connection, I felt compelled to share this story on my blog. Not to stir up fear, but first of all, to ask for prayers. I KNOW I have a lot of readers who share my faith in God, and in my understanding of the Scripture, it calls on me to 'pray for others' and 'to carry one another's burden'. The Cobles obviously have their share of "burden" in life at this point in time. I KNOW they need prayers and comfort. If I can do that in my life for them, as well as invite others to do the same, well then, I felt that was my position to invite those Nitty.Gritty. readers who share this faith and belief to do so. I am not promoting fear...I was touched by the circumstance of another family, and the place where I go to share my thoughts and concerns is most often here- on my blog. People are free to 'judge my intentions'; to even disagree with how I present my thoughts; to take away the wrong impression; whatever it is people look for when they come here, but my heart was in the right place. I was moved to tears, and wanted to share their grief. Maybe some of my readers are not at the point in life where they can truly emphathize with others- I understand my experiences have shaped me and that how I respond to a story such as this is different than how others respond. But again, that is the individual's choice to take away from this whatever strikes them. To turn around and criticize me as though I am getting some sort of glory from this painful situation is beyond me- but I recognize that anyone is free to do so. In light of all that I have gone through in life and written and shared about my faith and tragedy and hope, I feel badly that some still can't 'see the big picture' in all this. God alone has to be the one to open an individuals heart and eyes to that. I am not the one to do that. So, once again, I appreciate the sincere comments and the thoughtful responses, and the fact that some people feel I have a 'hidden agenda' on my blog. That is their right. I know my heart, and in the end, as long as I know my intentions were pure, I have no regrets in posting this story and asking for prayers. Life is too short to get hung up on arguing why or why not someone does what they do- especially in a situation such as this. The bottm line is that a family is hurting, and if we all surround them with our prayers, and love our own lives more because of their grief, and appreciate what we have, and reach out to others because we are more sympathetic and empathetic to the realities and hurts in life, then that is what we should do. I, myself, need constant reminding that life is more than what I see- there is an eternity awaiting me, and what I do in my life to prepare for that end, is what truly matters...each and everyday.

Rachael said...

Hi Jodi, I totally agree that bringing awareness and prayers to people is wonderful, but horrific details (unavoidable ones)and telling people that it could happen to 'you and you and you' and do you have a back up plan , in my opinion is creating fear, even though it isn't your intention.I also think that not wanting to know every detail of the story does in no way stop people from having empathy, being able to give love, reaching out to god and appreciating what we have.
I also wanted to let you know that I think you are a wonderful person with great intentions I am definitely not one that thinks you have a 'hidden agenda' I just think that some details may be better off left out.
love Rachael

Jenna from Georgia said...

Hi Jody,

I just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate you bringing this story to our attention so that we can pray fiercely for the Coble's. It is all truly unfathomable and I just really pray for God's comfort at this time for Lori and Chris and their family, as well as all who are affected by this tragedy.

And seriously, to everyone who has spent moments worrying about whether or not Jody should have posted (on HER PERSONAL BLOG which no one is forced to read) about this tragedy...I would just ask that you add up all that time and commit the same amount to praying for this family.

I'm sorry, Jody, I don't usually say anything in these moments of controversy, but I am amazed that others would codemn your sharing of this story (on YOUR PERSONAL BLOG which no one is forced to read).

I'm praying for the Coble's and for you as well, as I am sure these types of stories stir up much emotion and memories for you...

With Love, Jenna

Anonymous said...

jenna from georgia, why is ok for you to take five minutes out to comment and give your opinion instead of directing that energy on prayer, but its not ok for the others to do the same to give their opionions? Is it not ok for people to express themselves and say how things affect them? Maybe not.

Nola said...

Pain and loss are a part of life. If two or more get together and pray about someone's tragic loss/pain/suffering the Lord will heed them (not saying that he won't hear just YOUR prayer) but knowing that his children truly care about each other makes him love us even more and comfort us and those in heartache even more so. One day we will understand it all. Remember, it's all in his plan, just leave it in his hands. He is using Jody for a wonderful purpose. Let her do her work for the Lord --- he is not pleased with those who condemn her. That's His job. Be careful what comes out of your mouth. He hears it all. Quit being critical, that's a sin in itself. Be careful little mouth, what you say (or big mouth, whichever applies to you). God will bless you for it.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I thought this was a very thought-provoking, very insightful, very respectful discussion going on in this thread, and I could very easily see *both* sides.

UNTIL Nola's post.

I don't think Jody has ever claimed to be the Voice of God, and I think it's pretty bold for anyone else to do it either. To suggest that God is on her side and he will condemn those who disagree with her makes me feel like this blog and its readers are all part of a cult.

Not something I want to be a part of.

And YES. I am a Christian. In fact, I am a Director of Children's Ministries at a Lutheran Church in the Pacific Northwest. I do believe that we can find good things even in the worst circumstances, if we allow God to reveal his plan.

But I don't believe that means that every choice Jody makes with her blog is necessarily beyond reproach. I don't believe it was necessary to say this could happen to you and you and you. Doesn't that go without saying? I think so.

And yet....I found this story heartbreaking and moving in a way that was good for me, because as I believe was her intention, it brought me to action, and reminded me to love my family today, and not sweat the small stuff.

I know Jody doesn't necessarily agree with all her responses, even those who are in her corner, but I could not let the day pass without saying how deeply, deeply offensive I found the last comment by Nola. Yikes.


Anonymous said...

I wanted to add to my comment above that the actions I felt compelled to make included prayer for this family, and I agree that this reason alone was enough to post the story and the news link.

The photos? I'm not sure. My personal verdict is still out on that one, but I don't believe Jody's intent was malice, and intent, to me, is everything. So I'm giving the benefit of the doubt there. I also don't believe my opinion on that matters much in the big scheme of things... but I was not one who was so deeply troubled by the story, as was the poster above (who I believe wrote a very respectful, very honest and heartfelt response that warranted consideration from all).

I guess I'm just disappointed that this could not be the very worthwhile discussion it's been all along, and left at that. The comment by Nola is exactly the type of thing that give some Christians and "The Religious Right" a bad name. It's why some say the RR is neither Religious nor Right.

Something to think about.

Anonymous said...

Just agreeing with Rachael and Allison. Completely.

Anonymous said...

I didn't agree with Nola at all either. Some people are being honest and open enough to express how this post has left a bad taste in their mouth and how it genuinely upset them, whether people agree or not that was how they felt and whether they are right or wrong they should be allowed to voice how they feel after all it was open to the public! Nola judged terribly which was what she was accusing them of doing.

Anonymous said...

Expressing one's feelings, yes. Judging Jody harshly for simply bringing this story to the attention of others and sharing pictures which were posted on links on several sites, no. Let's be careful not to judge anyone, right or wrong, and not accuse others of being judgemental either. Bottom line here, I think Jody just wanted us to know that a family needed our thoughts and prayers in a very real way. As they do.

Anonymous said...

Yes there were a couple of comments left for Jody that I thought were very wrong, but there were also a couple of people that were not judging Jody but informing her of how the story had upset them. People may agree with them or not agree with them but that doesn't make these people wrong for feeling like they did and not agreeing with Jody.

mammathinks said...

Absolutely. (to above poster)

There's nothing at all wrong with sharing how something affected you. I don't feel there have been any harsh judgments here at all, until Nola's. There's simply been a discussion. What is wrong with that?

I think it's a good blog that can cause people to think on a subject this long, and this deeply. That's not fluff. That's fodder for critical thinking!

And...unlike the newspaper, a blog is typically about topics not exclusive to current events. Jody's blog has a general subject matter and "feel" that is very different from a newspaper, magazine, or other source you can easily avoid if you don't want gory details of tragedies. I believe some posters have said this is not what they want or expect when they come here....and's something to think about.

No. Jody is not obligated to oblige them, because it *is* her blog. But if she cares about the affect her blog has on people, she will consider all respectfully written points of view.

Anonymous said...

well said by mammathinks!

hayley said...

like mammthinks said...There's nothing at all wrong with sharing how something affected you.
If blog owners don't agree it would probably be a good idea to have a message at the start of their blog that says... ' Please do not comment if you don't agree with me'.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Nola. No one should condemn anyone, not even you Alison. That's what you're doing. Glad my children and family do not go to your church.

Anonymous said...

to the above poster, that's what Nola was doing!!

Anonymous said...

hmmmmmmm just wondering if the poster on Nola's side is Nola?

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm, wondering that myself. Maybe we should all just try to set a good example like Jody instead of trying to critique everything everyone says and try to mentor people who are crying out for help. God knows we all could use help and give it as well.

Rachael said...

I think this is going round and round in circles.
Jody, through good intentions and trying to bring thoughts and prayers to people has posted articles that have unfortunately had a negative affect on some because of certain things said. Yes this is Jody's blog and its up to her how she handles it.

But just because some people were affected by certain things said in this blog (me included) doesn't mean they are incapable of praying for these families and appreciating their own life even more, I think they are merely saying that some things said,they thought weren't called for and had the opposite effect on them to what Jody was hoping for.

Doesn't that warrant some consideration??

Personally I think that even with good intentions if what we set out to achieve is having the opposite affect on some people and actually turning them away , it is worth acknowledging.Of course Jody doesn't have to oblige but maybe they thought she would want to know.
When I hear a tragic story, automatically I am even more grateful for what I have , I go into deep thought about the family and pray for them.
I thank god for what I have and I also try and look for the bigger picture. I can do this without being told that 'this could happen to me'and all the unavoidable details.
Maybe others feel the same also. Is that really soooo bad? Because of this does this mean I am not able to grow as a person and I have my head buried in the sand , like suggested in other comments on this blog?? I don't think so.

Jody I agree with another comment made hear, that no matter what you do intention is everything and I really believe yours are wonderful.
I just thought you would like to know how I and maybe others were affected by this.

love Rachael