Monday, April 30, 2007

Tag...You're It!

I was 'tagged' a few days back by my friend, Mary H. {hi Mary!} and am just now getting around to playing the game. It's the one where you are supposed to reveal 7 random facts about yourself...which I always find funny...because I could probably easily list 100 or more. I'm that weird. =)
Here are 7, just to get started.
1. I have a credit card at age 34, that I have had since age 16.
2. I used to tear off my "Far Side Desktop Calendar" pages each day and ended up wallpapering two of my bedroom walls when I was in high school. I still love the Far Side.
3. I love Calvin and Hobbes too.
4. I made my favorite "Baked Caramel French Toast" not long ago...and didn't blog about it even though it made everyone's morning. Ava said with each bite, "Mmmmm, Mommy...this is 'BElicious'. It was so cute. Reminded me of the scene in the movie 'What About Bob' where Bob is eating dinner with the fam, and says, " this corn 'hand-shucked'?" Funny movie.
5. I still can't believe that I wanted to go shopping instead of wait in line for 3 hours to ride out to the Pearl Harbor Memorial when I was on my honeymonn in Hawaii. I was SOOO naive back then. I'm still sometimes surprised that Chip asked ME to marry HIM! {Love you, Chip! More than you know sometimes.}
6. My favorite Bible verses are 2 Corinthians 4:16-18, "Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal." Just helps me keep things in perspective...and I take great comfort that my pain and heartache in life has purpose- makes things in life more bearable for me.
7. I sometimes blog about cupcakes when I have something 'heavier weighing on my heart and mind'. But I still love cupcakes.
And now...if you want to play along, leave a comment and list 7 random facts about YOU! I'd love to read about some of the crazy things that make you-you. =) And I'll pick a couple people from the list on get a cupcake card from me. Have fun playing "tag"!


Kari said...

Hi Jody! I loved the random facts about you! Here are seven random facts about ME!

1. I had a yard sale on Saturday and secretly named it "The Making Room for IKEA Sale" as Utah's 1st IKEA is opening in 24 days!
2. Everytime I see a cute cupcake cookbook I want to buy it and mail it to you...but I'm sure you already have a ton of them.
3. Blogging and reading blogs makes me very happy and I actually go through blogging withdrawals after one day.
4. I love the smell of Sharpie markers.
5. I love to throw things away. It's weird I know...I love to fill the trash can at home and work with paper, garbage, etc. My goal each day is to have a full trash can. It isn't the most environmental friendly, but I do recycle as well.
6. I love to drink pickle juice!
7. My dream vacation is a 14-day trip to Ireland. Aaahhhh!

Jody said...

I only have 2 cupcake books. Just thought you'd be surprised by that little known fact! =) Although I DO love cupcake books! And I hope to get to Ireland someday too!

Hilary said...

Jody...ahhh...Kari beat me to ya...ha ha.
Just going to say that you blog about cup cakes a lot.
...a ramdom fact about me is everytime I see Hello kitty I think about you, question for you Jody. I noticed you have the Helle Kitty toaster. Why don't you have the Hello Kitty coffee maker?
Have a good one.

Christal said...

Hi Jody,
7 random thoughts...

1.I collect Lonagaberger baskets.
2.I dont really eat alot of chocolate, but love fruity candy... Like skittles, sweet tarts and TWIZZLERS! My favorite!
3.I would love to open a bed an breakfast someday.
4.I fight to get the mail... My hubby says, "Hey don't I ever get to get the mail?" We race to the road to get it! LOL! Silly!
5. Would love to travel to Italy!
6. I still have my security blanket from my childhood. ( Dont sleep with it though!)
7. I dont like birds... They scare me for some reason. I am ok when they are outside and I can look at them.. But they get in our garage and fly around my head ... EWWW!
Guess that is one of the "joys" of living on a farm!

BTW>>> Kari.. I love the smell of markers too! LOL! I also had a yard sale... But mine was for more Longaberger baskets... ( There is a set of canisters I am trying to get!) Got 2 and need the other 2~ WOOO HOOO! Have a great day everyone! This was fun!

Cris said...

Great list! I tell Jay, whenever I am in one of my silly moods, that one of the reasons why he loves me is because I amuse him. LOL

OK, 7 goes...

1. I am a born again evangelical Christian
2. I love to debate and am not afraid to get controversial.
3. I am 29-years-old and I still love to watch saturday morning cartoons
4. painting relaxes me, but I don't have the patience to color
5. The only reason why I don't wear make-up is because I am too lazy to put it on everyday.
6. I love the smell of coffee, but I can't stand the taste of it.
7. My husband, Jay, once told me that I was not allowed to give up chocolate for lent for fear of safety for our family (honest, no lie..LOL).

Jody said...

Hilary~ The Hello Kitty Toaster was a gift. I'm still waiting for the coffee maker. =)
Christal~ I think you are going to be VERY happy to get your mail one day this week. Just my Nitty.Gritty. intuition. =)
All~ I used to LOVE the fruity, smelly markers that I used as a kid. Blueberry and marshmallow were two of my favorites...although I loved the color of the pink watermelon one. And to top it off, I loved the way the styrofoam box would *squeak* as I pulled markers out or put them back.
See?? I told you I'm weird! =)
This IS fun, no?!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jody!! I read your blog daily. Thanks for being such an inspiration.

Here are 7 random things about me:
1) I am going to Punta Cana in 3 weeks for my first All Inclusive vacation. I canNOT wait!!!
2) I have the best dog ever, named Bocephus.
3) I try to drink at least 80 ounces of water and/or Crystal Light every day.
4) I love the sunshine.
5) My brother is a pastor in Connecticut.
6) I love baking in my spare time. (I have some of your recipes printed out to try!)
7) I have lost 21.75 pounds in the past year~yay to Weight Watchers!!

Thanks for putting a smile on my face Jody~you rock!! Keep blogging.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jody! I too love to read your blog and am grateful for your inspiration.

7 random facts about me...

1. I went to night school for 10 years to earn an associates degree in accounting (which would have taken 2 years if full time)
2. I can juggle.
3. I love any kind of gaget..ipod, pedometer, cell phone, palm pilot, etc.
4. I do civil war reenacting with my DH and DD. Although not as often as he does. I don't sleep with bugs, in cow pastures, in tents with no bottoms!
5. I like old cemetaries.
6. I would love to travel on the American Orient Express...or any overnight trip on a train.
7. I like to play board games.


Valerie said...

i did mine...if you want, you can check it out here:
see ya!

Christal said...

Jody~I will look forward to it as everday! Been a tough few weeks! BTW, I sent you a email... I blogged at one time about 100 random things... I AM not tagging you.. Just sharing! Tons of fun though is this! Memories of art class, and markers..MMMM! Jody, your not weird! We ALL ARE in our own way! :)

Sara~ Congrats on the weight loss!

Deb Berger said...

You only want 7 weird things, that should be easy. Keith tells me how weird I am all the time. Here ya go:

1. I love the smell of a new shower curtain.
2. I bake alot, but I don't hardly ever eat sweets.
3. When I go to sleep at night, the closet doors have to be completely shut and the bedroom door has to be all the way open. No room for monsters or stalkers that way.
4. I love to eat cereal as my late night snack.
5. If a movie makes me cry, I love it. My husbands thinks it's sweet that I could get that emotionally involved in something not real.
6. When I check on my girls at night I like to smell their hair. I love the smell of clean kids.
7. When I go to Subway, I get a plain ham sandwich. No cheese or anything. Pretty expensive treat that I could make at home for next to nothing!!!!!!

As I said before, I could go on and on...........

Danielsmommy said...

Hey Jody,
I read your blog everyday and really enjoy the fun little
tid-bits about your life!
Here's my list

1. I LOVE office supplies. Pens, pencils,markers,folders,notebooks,paper-clips,sticky-notes whatever. I'm addicted to buying them!(I even steal them from my husbands classroom!)
2. I also love throwing things away. Seeing a full garbage can makes me think of a less messy house.
3. I LOVE disney movies.
I love singing along to the songs!
4. I once stood in line for 5 hours(outside in Traverse City, Michigan,in Feb) just for a CHANCE to buy Garth Brooks tickets.
5. I would love to spend a summer traveling all over the east coast.
6. I love reading Blogs, I could do it all day long. Its fun reading about people you don't know.
7. I have a collection of socks. I know, socks?..but I hate washing and matching socks so I have a TON of just stinks when almost all of them are sitting in a basket in need of folding...thats never good.

Cynthia said...

Hi Jody! I love your favorite verse! That's another one I want to print out and put it where I can read it again every day. Better yet, I'll put it to memory.

My seven random things:

1. I've loved the color purple since I was tiny.

2. This is the first year of my life that my weight includes 3 digits in stead of only two (unless you count when I was pregnant).

3. I've had 5 pregnancies, but have only 4 children underfoot. (however, I never met our 5th little one, but lost him way before term)

4. I love to write music!

5. I am 38, and joyously careening towards being 40!

6. I am so in love with my husband after 18 years, and feel like God blessed us with fairytale-like affection for one another.

7. I am learning to enjoy cooking, and I love to feed my family.

Okay, maybe it's not all so random, eh?

Cara said...

1. i like the smell of freshly mowed grass
2. my name is cara and my cousin married a woman also named cara
3. i wore blue underware at my wedding because it was funny. my photographer caught a snapshot of me showing off my undies to my bridesmaids - it is hysterical - i am standing with my back to the camera and my dress flung up and all you can see is the faces of 6 or 7 friends with their mouths gaping wide open and laughing HARD!
4. i try to get dressed with hair and makeup done every morning even if i am working from home that day - it makes me feel more human.
5. i love hot pink peonies (the flower)
6. when i am out for lunch or a snack, i take my plastic and glass bottles home with me to recycle.
7. i cook without recipes

please send me a card.
pretty pretty please?

Lara said...

Hi Jody...I found the most interesting of your random facts to be that you write about cupcakes when you have something heavy weighing on your heart/mind! Here are 7 about me:

1. I do not listen to messages on the answering machine until I have checked caller ID to see who might have left it.

2. When I get a new CD, I play it to death for a month and then put it away for months.

3. I have to have Diet Coke every day - from a fountain, not a bottle or can. Love the McDonald's Hugo campaign right now where I can get an XL Diet Coke for $.69!

4. My husband treated me to a haircut by Jonathan (from the Bravo show Blow Out) for my 40th birthday last December. I waited until last month to get my hair cut because I wanted to enjoy the great cut for as long as I could.

5. I recently started using cloth bags when I shop and it's not a hassle like I thought it would be.

6. I drive my husband's Prius as often as I can - love the zippiness of it compared to my minivan.

7. I have never seen Survivor or Amazing Race and we are just now watching our first season of American Idol. Go Jordin!

mary h. said...

Well, was the shopping worth missing the Memorial? If it wasn't, I think it may be time to make a trip to visit again.;)

Anonymous said...

1. Everytime I walk down the road alone I imagine what it would be like if my daughter hadn't been stillborn 3 years ago and was instead walking beside me holding my hand.

2. I love cheese, sometimes I just eat a whole ball of mozerella for lunch, sometimes I add tomatoes, often I don't!

3. I have over 400 songs on my iPod and I still listen to the same song every night before I go to bed.

4. I steal papers from outside our local starbucks when it is closed, partly because I can't bear the thought of them going in the bin when no one has read them.

5. I love the unbearable lightness of being simply because I would like nothing more than to have lived through a communist revolution.

6. I only tell my best friends how much I truly adore them when I am drunk. I love them all the time I am just not very good at opening up.

7. I want to live in paris when I am older. I visit about once a year and it is never enough!

Love the blog Jody, keep on writing!

k xx

Tammy said...

Hiya Jody~
7 Random facts about me:
1. I went to Guatemala on a Mission trip in 2004- loved it!
2. I have lost almost 60 lbs. in the past year!
3.Emeril Lagasse slept in my house once {my house used to be run as a B&B}
4.I competed in a mountain bike race (28 miles LONG) in Marquette in 2003 and finished in under 3 hours~ yay!
5.I have never watched an episode of American Idol.
6.I had my picture taken with my teen heart throb Rick Springfield in 2000.
7.I love to highlight passages in my Bible.
Love the TAG game, so interesting to learn things about others. Have a great day!
God bless~
~Tammy {up north}

Susan said...

Hi Jody
I love playing tag. So here goes

1. I love blogstalking! It has made me a better person, reading others perspective on their trials, joys, stuggles.

2. I could eat a carton of ice cream in one day.

3. I love to watch the same movie over and over again for two or three months..this go around its "Pride and Predjudice"with Keira Knightly

4. I would love to take a trip to Prince Edward Island Anne of Green Gables.

5. When life has me down I read Beverely Cleary books, especially Ramona age 8!

6. I hate milk and have a hard time making my 2 year old drink more than 2 cups a day..

7. I hate being overweight but hate doing something about it even more...

Lisa said...

This is so much fun! I loved reading everyones and found things I had in common with lots of you!!

1. I can write upside down - not me upside down - but my writing upside down and I do it quite well but it's nothing I ever use really. I used to practice in boring classes in college!

2. Speaking of college - I graduate Saturday - finally made it - and just two years under my 20th reunion from high school!

3. I HATE geckos - with a strong passion - the will completely freak me out and i'll have a serious panic attack over it until it's gone - out of the house, off the front walk - where ever! EW!

4. I've been having an occasional panic attack since May 7th of last year when my cousin-in-law died in his sleep.

5. I LOVE cupcakes too but never ever make them - and like them cold out of the fridge the best!

6. I eat ketchup on my fried okra.

7. I am seven years older than my husband. I was 25 when we met and he was only 18 (SHOCKING huh) but he lied about his age and said he was 23 - i fell for it and by the time i knew the truth i was so in love that it didn't even matter!

Loved everyones "seven" thanks for sharing!!

Tiff said...

Hi Jody- I posted my random facts on my blog-

I thought it would be fun for some of my friends I've known for years- and a couple may be entertaining for others.

I see the paper cupcake liners in stores and think of baking cupcakes for you... I fear the mailman might eat them before they got to you though!!!

God Bless!

K :) Family Historian said...

Love your blog, as always. I listed my 7 facts on my blog. Thanks for sharing yours with us. Cupcakes and happiness to you.

Stacy said...

Too fun! I just posted my 7 on my blog today after being tagged my Carrie! I loved reading everybody's list:)

nicoleq said...

Love reading facts about people... makes me not feel so weird! :)
1. My husband is currently deployed to Iraq.
2. I am addicted to Beth Moore Bible studies.
3. I hate folding clothes but love doing laundry. (Piles of clean clothes lay in my laundry room... I'm working on issue!)
4. I still color with Crayola markers. There is nothing like an unopened box of 96 when your really stressed out.
5. Cherry Laffy Taffy is my favorite candy and is best enjoyed on a long road trip.
6. My unrealized dream is to sing the National Anthem at the opening game of the World Series... too bad I can not remotely carry a tune!
7. I love reading cookbooks... espeically fun cupcakes, cake, and kid's recipe books.

Jill said...

I'm pretty sure it would be much easier to come up with 7 weird things than 7 normal things...but since it's so late at night I'll just say - love Calvin & Hobbes too & baked caramel french toast sounds SO GOOD!

pudding for brains said...

Hi, Jody! I love reading your blog. It makes me smile.

7 CRAZY facts!! (about moi)

1. I really like to clean ears. When checking guys out prior to meeting my sweetheart, It could never work if they had dirty ears.
J (DH) has Fantastic Ears!!

2. Diet coke. No the fact that I love the drink doesn't make me special, but the way I drink it does. I drink from the side of my mouth so my nose doesn't get stuck on the pop top. (trademark move for sure!)

3. I always shop at the grocery store after 10pm. WITH COUPONS! (and stay up way past my bedtime!)

4. On soccer game days, I always paint a giant banner, and mount it on PVC frame that DS made, so the kids can yell "GO SHARKS!" and then run thru it...

5. I have secretly always wanted to dance with John Travolta. (okay, I actually told santa that was what I wanted for Christmas.)

6. Speaking of Santa... I BELIEVE.

7. I like to make old things new! Thrift shop finds, and spray paint are my two best buddies!

Janna said...

7 random facts about Janna:

1.) I went to a Club MTV concert in 1989 (when I was almost 12), with a friend and her family, and Milli Vanilli was there! LOL! Only a few short weeks later, they were "busted" for lip-synching.

2.) When I was 4, I was impaled at Meijer's (grocery store). I leaned up against the rail in the frozen food aisle (wearing shorts at the time) and a chunk of wood that was sticking out was embedded into my thigh! I had to have surgery to have it removed.

3.) I have relatives in Colorado that I went to go visit, by myself, when I was 13. I saved up my babysitting money to go because I wanted to see Colorado THAT badly! :) I bought direct flight round-trip airline tickets (with my parents' help of course) and flew from Chicago to Denver... but I was escorted by airline staff since I was alone. It was also the very first time I was ever in a plane. :) I had a great time! :)

4.) I love cooked spinach.

5.) I have a weird job that I love! (I'm a mechanical CAD Drafter/Designer for a company that manufactures equipment for the heavy duty trucking industry... and I'm the only female in my department.)

6.) When I was a kid, I wanted to be a Navy pilot when I grew up. (I wanted to fly for the Blue Angels.) LOL

7.) Sad one... one of my dearest childhood friends was murdered, along with his fiance, on a beach in California in 2004. My life has forever changed... but in surprisingly good ways. It's all due to God and His amazing power to heal and comfort in the most painful times of your life. He is truly awesome!

Diana said...

Hi Jody from Texas!!

Here are seven random facts:
1. I was born in Tripoli, Africa and would love to go there someday.
2. I hate shopping for the most part except when it comes to scrapbooking items :-))
3. I love getting hot stone massages...
4. I love Peppermint tea and dr. peppers
5. One goal this year is to have my pages published in a magazine
6. I have never been to a bed and breakfast but will go on Mother's Day weekend for a scrapbook retreat to
7. I have to have my panties match my's a must, haha!!!

Enjoy the day - Diana

Sheri said...

Seven Random Things about me:

1. I married a man 15 years ago that I am still deeply in love with today. (Yay!)

2. I used to be a secret shopper.

3. My sister was diagnosed with breast cancer at 40, as well as my 2 aunts. I am 38 and a little paranoid.

4. I am currently reading a book about three women: a Christian, a Muslim and a Jew. Very interesting.

5. I am a wedding assistant at my church and last weekend had a first: I went nose to nose with the bride after she showed up 40 minutes late to her own wedding and demanded all sorts of things from me in a not so nice way. (Usually I love this job!) 

6. I LOVE Giordano’s pepperoni pizza with green olives from downtown Chicago. I’m trying to recreate it!! Good luck, right?

7. I could sing almost word for word the soundtrack for 'Wicked.'

8. Oh yeah, one more: I made those amazing s'mores cupcakes last week for my 2nd grade class at church. We were trying to have in 'indoor campfire' and needed s'mores. They were very fun, just be prepared for the sugar buzz that goes hand in hand. They are really rich!


Cara said...

good morning.
just wanted to say . . .
i really appreciate you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jody, You are an inspiration, thank you!
Ok, here goes:

I want to be a published scrapbooker someday!

I really need a cup of coffee in the morning (must have Vanilla Caramel Creamer!!, yum!) Every funny picture of some crazy looking person my husband comes across, he says to the kids "this is mom before coffee" , the kids love it!

I love to cook and am totally hooked on the Racheal Ray show & Food Network.

I only know how to go on one speed. I thrive on chaos (which is pretty much all the time).

I can't believe how much I love my kids, they are such precious gifts.

I live in the home that I loved and admired all my life growing up.

I believe in Jesus Christ and that he is the Savior.


pinkcamojeep said...

Thanks for opening up and allowing yourself to be so transparent! You are an inspiration.

Here are my seven random facts:
1) I love leaves, trees, dirt and musrooms (probably because they smell like dirt!)... oh! and pottery because it's made from dirt. There is something very soothing about "earth."
2) I HATE to bake cookies - they take too long to prepare and cook. They are either raw in the middle or burned every time. Go cupcakes!! whoohoo.
3) I used to love a "good fight," but now, I avoid arguing at all costs.
4) I've lived in 14 houses in my 23 years of marriage. We lived in one spot for nine years and one for 45 days.
5) I'm allergic to chocolate - but consider that allergy as a Gift from God.
6) My dream summers' evening is a night at a jazz or folk music concert on a quilt with my husband but no mosquitoes.
7) I love my street address because it has two capital W's and a D and they are fun to write!


Jiggy said...

Hey Jody! Love your Blog!

Here are my random 7

1.I love banana flavored things-candy, ice cream, milk shakesetc but HATE bananas!

2.I have to be the first to read the paper or the mail.

3.I can touch my lower lip to my nose.

4.I drive a 16 year old Honda

5.I LOVE 24 & Prison Break but do not get that channel so I have to watch online the day after!

6.I work at my church...which is a gift of a job!

7. I LOVE to cook!