Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Deep thoughts on "aging"...Nitty.Gritty.style.

Here's a belated picture of Chip and I out for his birthday dinner on Sunday night. We always enjoy a meal in which we don't have to cut our kids food, clean up spills, or do the dishes. Top it off with good company (Hi Chris & Becky!) and you have the recipe for a nice time. Add in some sushi and wasabi...and it's even better. {My Mom would disagree with me on that- which is the reason I had to add that. =) She's an avid reader of my blog...but is NOT a fan of sushi.}
It's funny how Chip's birthday and turning 39 made me feel older. I wasn't expecting that. I've still got a few years to go til I hit 39, and by then I will be feeling really old, because Chip will be 44. =0 {yikes!}
I laughed at the reality of the two of us nearing 'being middle-aged'. We don't feel that old or mature. For the record, I don't act my age or maturity level very often either. Only when I'm around Chip's place of business (a golf club where there are a few expectations on the golf pro's wife!) or when we're out to dinner and there are linen napkins. That's MY rule. Self-imposed. Because if I didn't have rules, then there wouldn't be opportunities for me to 'bend them' at times.
Don't you just love my thinking on that one?! Imagine how much fun my blog will be to read when I actually grow up and start acting my age. =0 {yikes!}


Hilary said...

We all have "rules" to live by, right?
Mine are called, "notes to self".
Nice picture of you and Chip at dinner.

Rick & Sheila said...

My husband & I had our wedding dinner at Kobe's Japanese Steak House in Atlanta, GA - don't know, is it a chain? It was AWESOME!! :) He surprised me w/a visit there 5 years ago when we were back in the Atlanta area, this time with our 3 children along - not as romantic, but they LOVED it too! :) Looks like you had fun! My DH is 10 years older, so I NEVER stress about my Birthdays - he's done it 10 years before me! :)

Cris said...

There is absolutely nothing wrong with not acting your age. :P Glad to see you guys had a good time Sunday night. And just remember...no matter how old you get, Chip is ALWAYS gonna be older. LOL.

maureen said...

I turned the big "4-0" on Fiday and honestly, I don't feel any different than when I was 39....so tell him to enjoy, to live life, and may he be blessed!

I am an "every once in a while visitor" but love your blog!

Anonymous said...

What does that mean anyway!!?!: to 'act your age' --- whatever!! :)

I'm glad you are full of joy and fun - that is from the Lord! :)

christina said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time. My hubby is the General Manager at our Country Club here in Greensboro, NC so I understand exactly what you are saying :) Nothing wrong with acting your age :) There is 12 yrs. difference between me and my hubby and we have been together for 18 years!!!

gloria said...

oh geez.
there are days when i am simply amazed my children think i am capable of being the one in charge!!

tammy said...

Hiya Jody~
I didn't realize that my birthday had so many "coincidences" with the Ferlaaks....I too just turned 39 and it was on March 18th. Same age as Chip, same birthdate as Teagan. =) And no I don't feel a day over, hmmm let's say 17, ok well most of the time. Age certainly is JUST a number and as long as you act mature with a linen napkin on your lap then I think you're going to be just fine! lol You sure do think of EVERYTHING..must be why I love reading your blog so much! Have a great day!
God Bless~
~Tammy {up north}~