Saturday, March 03, 2007

When context matters...

Isabella loves going to prescool. She especially loves Wednesdays, because it is girls' show & tell day. So, when she came bursting through the door yesterday morning, I was surprised to see her so excited. Usually she is a bit sad that it's Friday and she has to wait two whole days til preschool starts again.
She was all smiles when she said, "Guess what! I got to be the calendar girl today!"
I was happy with her and shared her excitement and learned that as 'calendar girl' she got to go up to the board and put the shamrock with the "2" on it in the right space. She was so pleased with herself. I couldn't help but think of how innocent kids really are- and how much I wish I could just hit the 'freeze button' in life and let time stand still at this point for just awhile longer.
I have to admit, that although my days can be filled with routine and lots of tasks which go unnoticed or unappreciated as a mom to young kids, it's a treat at times, knowing that I am a part of these impressionable years where kids live and learn and experience the world one little bit at a time. All too soon, I know, the days will be filled with more activities, bigger 'problems', demanding decisions, and the simple things- like excitement over being chosen 'calendar girl'- will come to an end. At least I HOPE she doesn't want to be calendar girl later on in life. If the topic should ever come up, I'll just remind her that she already 'lived that dream'... at the ripe young age of four. =)


~JulieGirl~ said...

you go girl with your blog im still listening and enjoy reading your colorful fonts ,it inspires me and helps me to not loose my line i was reading .keep on talking you found your therapy .some people need to stop reading and getting anxious over jealousy they have .hugs julie

Megan said...

Ho Jody,

So glad you are letting us all comment on here :-) I like to have my say lol.

How precious that Isabella was so thrilled with her day at PreSchool. And I'm with you, being the Calendar Girl now rather than later, is the MUCH better option!

Megan xx

patterns of ink said...

Julie has got to read this. She'll love it. Great close at the end (about already living that dream).
You're learn "one little bit at a time." Speaking of bits, thanks for your helpful thoughts on Wednesday's "Bits and Pieces" post. I left a follow up to you about what prompted the lines. I'd almost forgotten until I read your comment.

Anonymous said...

Melody Ross has just posted on her blog about a tragic accident which took the lives of her best friends three children. She is pleading with others out there who have had a child taken away to help this mother out and give her words of advice and comfort...I just knew you might be willing to share your experience with dealing with such an awful thing. Hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous girl. You and Chip make beautiful children. It is wonderful to shepherd children through preschool and beyond. I think another title for Mom is Life Coach. :)


Cris said...

LOL to your last statement. :P

teresa may said...

good call jody!
that's great!