Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What's on my mind...

I guess the best way to describe my 'scrap-style' is this- 'Don't try to figure it out'. =) Some scrappers are very 'predictable' when they scrap. They have a certain 'look' or elements that you can expect in virtually every layout. Like Cathy Zielske...she's 'clean and simple'. I stuck fairly closely to her philosophy in that top layout of Chip and me (which I have to 'fix' because I typed the wrong year on it), but butchered it in the Hello Kitty layout. I have no common margins, no 'visual three's', and just basically did a free-style thing on it. Or think Heidi Swapp...just because I love her style and products. =) You can expect paint or chipboard on almost every single page she creates...lots of handwriting and solid colored backgrounds. She makes it 'work' everytime!
Then there's Elsie...always trying something new and different,and yet is just 'looks Elsie'. Am I right?! Me? I'm still trying to figure out what exactly it is that drives me to make pages. Or not make pages as some weeks go. =) I have a head full of ideas at any given time, but I'm finding I hold back, just because I'm not really sure what my 'style' is, and so I feel like I have to have the design figured out before I actually pull all my products together and stick them down on the page.
In these two layouts, I decided to just go for it. There was no 'pre-planning' or much thought to the overall design. In fact, these two layouts turned out totally different in their finished form, than the idea I sort of formed in my head as I sat down to create them. And you know what? I still like them. Both of them, because they show to me that I don't have to just do one thing when it comes to scrapping. Maybe that's my shake it up each time, I don't know. I guess I am still in the process of figuring myself out from day to day, and it's only appropriate that that carries over into my scrapping life as well. Besides, I haven't even been doing this for a year yet, so I keep reminding myself that I am 'young' and still have a lot of learning to do when it comes to this part of me.
That's a part of the fun...the process, and growing and experimenting. Just how I like my life to be! I have always had a few 'quirks' in life. Just ask my family about what I was like growing up (if you're reading, Steph and Jacque, my Ragstock-trench-coat-phase comes to mind!) or ask Chip what he has to say about me. They'll tell you I can be a real oddball. That feeling that I've always had inside came out in the Hello Kitty layout full force. The part of me that never liked herself in Jr.High and High School is finally coming to terms with reality. And that, I am realizing, no matter how it looks on a scrap page, is a very good thing.
This is the message I wanted to share on my 'quirky' page. It says:
"At age 34 I am {finally} BeGiNing to love & accept myself just the way I am...including my Love of all things Hello Kitty."
It's about time, huh?!


Kari said...

Very cute Jody! I love both of them, but especially the "Hello Kitty' layout. I feel the same as you do. I don't think I really have a clear and distinct scrap style and it bugs me a little bit. I really want to reflect a certain style so people can look at it and say, "That is so Kari", but alas I have no particular style. I would have to agree with you my style is also to shake it up each time.

Anonymous said...

I don't scrap but I'm a choreographer and I think art is art. I also think the 'process' is mostly even more important than the 'product.' That's where all the fun happens!

Have a great day,
karen in CA

Anonymous said...

I like those pages too.

I think all of us go through a stage where we just don't love ourselves. I think many will go through this whole earth thing without ever really loving themselves - which means they never really loved anybody else either. Accepting and forgiving ourselves is the first step to being able to truly love others. Love IS acceptance and approval.

On my blog About Me I wrote, "I have learned that I need to forgive myself to be able to love myself - and I need to learn to truly love myself to be able to truly love others"

so my point is -- I know what you mean - another great blog.

have a great day! :)

Alyson said...

You rock! We are similar in our scrap styles (or lack of consistant style :) ). And just now in my 30's I'm starting to realize the things I like are ok - regardless of what "the world" says. I adored Hello Kitty when I was younger, but somewhere along the way I got the message that it wasn't "cool" so I stopped buying it. Guess what, that didn't make ME any more "cool", it just took another little chip out of my self confidence and made me a little sad to walk by the Sanrio stuff in the store without even looking. Just last week I was down in San Diego and there was a HUGE Sanrio store in the mall - boy I tell you I could have spent a few hours in there and dropped a few $$, unfortunately it was closed since I was just walking the mall at 8 a.m.

I hope I can help my kids to enjoy the things they love (including themselves!), regardless of if other kids think they are geeky or not cool.

Christal said...

Hello Jody~
I would have never had guessed you for a Hello Kitty fan! I love it! Im happy to see that some adults arent turning into...well, as my hubby calls them, "Prudes"... Take the kids to the grocery and run with the cart...giggle and have fun!!
You seem to take life in such a fun fresh way.
There are times we go to Walmart while we have been out as a family and hubby and the boys walk beside me with the shopping cart... They tickle each other and talk rather loudly. Total fun, and innocent. However some stare people and give them dirty looks. At times I look at them and ( the onlookers snubbing their noses) and say I know, kids are kids and can't leave them alone unattented or they would be worse then this. Usually they smile, some just give a puzzeled look. I say Have fun! Even with Hello Kitty~ I love it!

Hilary said...

Hello Kitty, I mean Jody! Tee Hee
I do have a style when scrapbooking. The other night when I look through my scrapbook all my lay outs look the same to me. Time for change and improvement.

Anonymous said...

hey jody-
where's choco- kitty??

Danielle said...

OMG your layouts are so beautiful!!! I stumbled upon your blog from Elsie's blog!

happydays525 said...

I love Hello Kitty too! I remember going to the pharmacy with my Mom when I was little and they had an entire aisle dedicated to Hello Kitty stuff and if I was lucky I'd get to pick out one special little something...anyways, love your blog and I'm with ya on the layouts and not being dedicated per say to one style over the other. I love trying new your layouts! :)

Kim Haynes said...

such a cute page of you and your sweetie!! Thanks for taking part in our challenge!!

Anonymous said...

I love the Hello Kitty toaster...some real cool girl must have gotton it for you and your girls. And I am pretty sure that same girl misses the whole Ferlaak gang! Hope your day has been filled with tye-dye laughs and buttercream smiles

halfbakedscrapartist said...


I love the Hello Kitty cute and fun and fresh! I really see your style as quite eclectic but definitely with a little sprinkle of Elsie!


Rosie said...

I believe that we are "rediscovering" ourselves all the time. I heard a talk recently about youth and she said that she feels that that is the age that many of us experience "identity theft". We forget that we are all Children of God and that we are great in His sight. It often takes us years to once again "know" who we are. Life also changes us, we are different after life experiences than we were before. To discover and rediscover, that is why we keep playing along!

Jackie said...

I love the Hello Kitty layout, just everything about it. I have come to realize that with all the scrapbook mags and blogs etc out there it's easy to be intimidated or think you have to have a style or certain products etc. I know I get caught up in it sometimes. I constantly have to remind myself the reason that I scrapbook which is to get the story and memories down before I forget. When my kids look at my albums they don't notice style, products. They just love reading about themselves! I guess I'm just trying to say "Just Scrap It! and get your memories down! :) ~Jackie

Cara said...

gosh, i feel like i accepted myself when i was around 26 . . . then i got married and that seems to just bring out ALL of a person's crap!!! so now, at 29 . . . learning to love and accept myself . . . again.

Anonymous said...

Don't normally care for Hello Kitty "stuff", but have to say that the toaster is really cool. Do you know where it came from?

Claire said...

Hey Jody

I LOVE the layout of you and Chip, even despite the typo :)

It's so inspiring to see a marriage survive against such odds - I hope that one day I will have a marriage that is that strong.

~Lea~ said...

Oh are just so fun! I love both those layouts...the first one for its meaning and clean lines...and the second one for its fun and funky flair, and all the great Hello Kitty stuff! The way you are about HK, is how I am about Cinderella.
There are times when I wish my style wasn't so predictable...but I think anyone who is creative does things differently. That is what makes it art!
Anyways...thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me comments. I love that! You should email me your address and your birthdate (you don't have to put the year if you don't want- tee hee!) might just get a card in your mail at some point!

Nichol said...

I love your post. Such a good reminder to all of us to scrap however it makes us feel good. No rules, no guidelines and no right or wrong. I love both your layouts, too! :)

Funky Finds said...

i love the hello kitty layout! :)