Thursday, March 22, 2007


Funny. You live somewhere and have so many big events happen in that place, and yet you forget so many things. I had three babies in this town, had a funeral for another, bought my first home, made lifelong friends...basically did a lot of living here. Yet, a flood of memories hits me each time I drive into Gaylord.
It's amazing to me how much I 'forget' when I'm not here. It's nice to come "home" every once in awhile. Feels good. Makes my 'memories real again'...and that's a beautiful thing.
The fact that there isn't much snow on the ground for this time of year, and now there's a Starbucks in town, makes it that much more sweet to be here.
No matter where I live in this world, a part of my heart will always be in Gaylord. I felt it today.


Cathy said...

Okay Jodi--so is the Sugar Bowl restaurant still there? Used to stop there all the time on our way to the UP. My parents lived in Gaylord for a short time many years ago.

Jill B said...

Praying that your time today with MOPS group is extra sweet. I'm sure you blessing their socks right off!
Enjoy the trip down memory lane too, sometimes I love to drive by the old houses I grew up or lived in and remember things. I'm always amazed at how small things are, they seemed so huge to me at one time.

Tiffster said...

You have memories as you come back to town- my family and I are just arriving to make our own here. It was so nice to meet/ hear you today. God Bless.

susan opel said...

Holy Cow! You mean to tell me that GAYLORD has a Starbucks - how utterly COOL!

Love me some Michigan, forever and ALWAYS!

Cris said...

Glad to hear you are having a good time in Gaylord. :)

patterns of ink said...

The same thing happens to me when we spend a day in Waterloo, Iowa. We lived there 18 years. Being there is sort of a Twilight Zone blend of happy...sad...familiar in ways west Michigan still is not and perhaps never will be, because... the place where your children were born holds earth all its own.
Have you ever read Lincoln's "Farewell Address to Springfield"?. Google it. He too had lost a child. You will know how he felt when he left his familiar home town and went to D.C.

Claire said...

Woohoo Gaylord, your own starbucks!

Hope your presentation goes well :)

Thinking of you!

Hillary said...

I totally understand. I only live about 45 minutes from my hometown of Spring Lake, but I just don't get back there all that much. But everytime that I do, it hits me with memories. Some of them good, some not so good. And some are pretty sad. But, I still love going back to visit and it's one of the few places that I can feel close to my dad.