Wednesday, March 14, 2007


My bitty baby is officially grown up. Ava turned three years old today! I still can hardly manage to get her to turn her head to face my camera, but I did manage to snag a few that came close. One trick was to put the camera on 'auto' and hold her in the photo with me. Hopefully she'll have pictures mastered by this time next year. Cross your fingers for the cupcake/candle photos to be snapped in just a bit.
I looked back through some of her baby photos this morning and couldn't believe how much it really did feel 'like just yesterday' that she was born. So many emotions when it's your youngest marking another year...the time really does go by in a blink. I am so glad that I had had lots of practice with babies by the time Ava was born. I know I "soaked her up" a lot more than I did my other kids. In part because I had learned through the others how fast that newborn phase flies by. Babies are only soft and tiny and so sleepy (at times!) for such a short time. I held Ava all the time and slept when she slept (when I could!) and just stared at her as much as possible. She was a very easy going baby, which was good, because her sisters were both still in diapers and highchairs and still such 'babies' themselves when she was born. Brock had just turned five and so I definitely had my hands full with lots of needs and clean-up all the time.
It was fun though. It made me really prioritize my time; be on top of my game and I was happy to be busy. I believe if there's any good excuse for demands on my time, I have learned it is my favorite thing to be demanded of by my family. I love this most of all, so I have the most tolerance for their needs in my life (most of the time!).
Today Ava is three and it's funny, because time really does slip away so quickly when you mark milestones like toddler's birthdays. I remember so clearly when Teagan turned three. As my oldest at that time, I remember how grown up she seemed to me. I couldn't believe what a smart, young lady she had become almost overnight! What hits me now, as Ava turns three, is how different I see her birthday- since she's my youngest. She's three, but she just seems so much younger to me than Teagan did. I know it's in part because a Mom's heart has a hard time letting their kids grow up. And the other part is that a heart never forgets. I'll never forget loving and snuggling and being so smitten by all of my babies. So, even though the years go by quickly, I know I'll always have memories (at least for a few more years, hopefully!!) and some pictures to take me back.
Happy Birthday, Ava. No matter how big you get, you'll always be my sweetheart. Love you!!


Christal said...

Happy Birthday Sunshine!
Ava looks so adorable today, and I didnt realize her and my lil Christian were the same age!! Have lots of fun!

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy to your small one! The days sometimes drag, but the years fly. Crazy.

Lisa G said...

Happy B/day Ava! Hope you have a very blessed and happy day and all your wishes come true :)

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karen said...

Happy Birthday Ava!!

Cris said...

Awwww, her baby pictures are just too precious. She is a definite cutey. Happy Birthday Ava!!