Sunday, February 25, 2007

It's not just me...

I have read this blog off and on for awhile. The author has similar messages and truths in life to some of the things I say/do/live by. Not that we're perfect...but we're always trying to be better. I hope that some of the people that have been reading about my joy and happiness start realizing that some of us write about these topics because it is real in our lives and we want others to be able to get in on what we have. It's not something we want to 'rub in' or create jealousy out of, rather we hope it spreads.
Here's to spreading happiness and creating joy...even in when it hurts, is hard, isn't always fun, oftentimes isn't easy; takes time, effort and energy...but in the end, ALWAYS has its rewards.
Have a blessed Sunday.