Saturday, February 10, 2007

I'll get back to you on this one...

I have read this comment, and am working on a response.
Anonymous said...
You know what, Jody? I have been visiting your blog for some time now...and I just don't know what to make of your posts.
Don't mistake me for being BLUNT here, but I just don't understand how someone can be so happy go lucky all the time. Don't you have anything BAD to ever blog about? Or don't you just ever want to VENT about anything? Lord knows I do.
A very good friend of mine has a husband that is in jail for embezzling money from his company. Now, granted, he did DO IT, but they nailed him to the wall for OVER 5 times what he really stole. He got a hold of about 60K, and they inflated it to OVER 312K.The poor woman is alone in a city where she moved with her husband, and her family is in Canada. She's lost two of her cats this past year, one to Breast Cancer (yes, cats get cancer in their mammary glands) and the other cat was struck by a car. Her life is just a shambles, and she doesn't know where to turn.

Another good friend of mine recently had her husband DEPORTED back to Mexico. She is also struggling, making ends meet. She was evicted from her apartment due to her inablity to pay the increase in rent. She's also a severe diabetic, and sometimes goes WITHOUT medicine to pay her bills and to eat.That's just TWO people in my life that are having hard times.

I can't believe every day in your life goes as smoothly as you seem to write. I know that the death of a child is hard for any parent to deal with, but you just seem WAY too happy. I think I would still be living my life in my bedroom, waiting for God to take me as well. Lord knows, I probably would have thrown myself in the hole as they were lowering the casket.Let's hear about some more EVERYDAY things that happen.
2/10/2007 1:05 AM


Kerry said...

Hey there,

Long time no post. I do still read your blog everyday but from work so I can't really post but this one just really got to me.

First of all you'll remember that I have also been through the loss of a child (Kelly) and can honestly say you don't know what you'll do unless you are faced with it. It isn't fair to say that you would have thrown yourself in the grave. It implies that we're not human or something. How about we chose to live our best life to honor that little person we lost? That's exactly what I've done.

Perhaps you and I have been shown a different value on life, and we choose to see the good. I know that I CHOOSE to see the good around me and not focus so much energy on the stuff that happens...negative or otherwise.

It sounds to me that your poster needs to sit down and watch Pollyanna!!! Life is good, enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

I just "had" to post here as well. My dh and I have been enduring what seems incredible sadness (to long to get into here) lately. The future "seems" bleak and dark...but I have to say that "if" not for our faith in a righteous God I wouldn't have any hope!!! That is the "key" to all suffering!! The Bible says in Phillipians that "when" trouble comes...not "if" and goes on about all that. I just heard on the radio this very morning that if we don't have stress...we're dead!! Very blunt, but true!!! Then the program went on to address the varying amount of stresses people may have. When the program was done, I told my dh that "man, we really don't have it so bad when listening to what others are going through.
I don't know Jody personally but have read her blog for a good while now. I would expect that "if" she'd not been given the grief and suffering she's endured that she'd be a cup-half-full person too. Some people just come out of the womb that way!!! Some people view life as a "woe is me" type of person. I've known people who were abundently blessed and they still couldn't see the sun shining or that they had a very good life!
I would recommend a book that was recently recommended to me (I'm an avid reader!) called "When God Lets YOu Down: Trusting Again After Pain and Loss" IVP@2006
As Kerry posted how we view LIFE is a choice!! We can choose to see it with a cup half full (as Jody does) or a cup half empty!! But we also need to KNOW that we need an "anchor" on which to hold when the trouble "does" come!!!! Jody also has that anchor!!

jennifer mcneely said...

Wow - that's pretty darn opinionated. Why do people have to complain so much about what doesn't concern them? Always dwell on the negative? Why read your blog when it upsets them so much? Are they jealous that you have chosen to live your life with joy and celebrate the life you had with Teagan and the life you have with your other children? It wouldn't be fair to yourself or your other family members to dwell on the past. Thanks Jodi for your everyday joy - I think I have said this before, but you are an inspiration.

KatieButler said...

You know, I just have to chime in here and say that I find your posts to be very real and everyday. I have a friend in real life who is also very upbeat and positive, and I find it *totally authentic*. It's who she is. She has her ups and downs, but it's all in how she looks at life. Knowing her has made me a better person.

BethAnne said...

I think what the poster is trying to convey is that he/she wants to see if anything bad ever happens in Jody's life.

Everyone is entitled to a bad day. Perhaps Jody's post just struck a wrong chord or something life that. I am interested to see Jody's response to this one, as she handles life with such Nitty.Gritty savvy!

I know I have days myself when I wonder about how my life would have been if things turned out differently than they have. I am sure Jody does as well. I think we all come here because we can relate in some sort of way.

Keep on rockin' Jody!

Sandra said...

Wow! It's amazing how this "anonymous" commenter has such a bright outlook on life. Personally, I don't think losing a child, long recovery, routine trips to the hospital (still), constantly cleaning up puke, etc, are great and wonderful things to happen to someone.

Cheers to you, Jody, for keeping the faith in tough circumstances, and for reminding we readers nearly daily that there IS a bright side if you look for it, and that God's grace is sustaining. What a wonderful compliment to you, that your response to difficult, and in fact horrible circumstances, is to find a way to celebrate the good and put a smile on your face. How sad that people are offended by that.

Anonymous said...

I think you need to spend less time trying to justify yourself than you do currently. It's your blog, you can write whatever the heck you want. People don't need to read it if they don't like it.

You can let people post in response, you have made it okay for people to email you as well. You don't owe anybody anything, though. Just like you choose to live your life the way you do, others CHOOSE to read your blog. You aren't writing it for them, per se. It's here, it's public, people can have their opinions. Bu that doesn't mean you have to take every word to heart.

Best wishes,

K :) Family Historian said...

One of the main reasons I read your blog is for the inspiration. I am always eager to see what your perspective is on different topics. I find that you give us the good/the bad/the ordinary when you post. My opinion, the world could use a few more Nitty Gritty gals like you! Thanks for keeping it real.

Christal said...

Uttt Ohhhhhh! I feel a deep post coming on from Jody! Jody I am praying that God guides you on whjat to say to that comment... Even if it is to just BE STILL! We all love you, and we know you keep it real and have even read about bad days.. I remember a post the other day about kicking toys out of your way! ( I so can relate to that too) Christal

Anonymous said...

Dear Jody,
I found your blog awhile back after you had posted on Melody Ross's (my sister-in-law) blog. Your comment on her blog intrigued me enough to look at your own blog and now I am an avid fan of yours. You have been through the wringer, girl, yet you have come out a more refined and strong person. I have felt your profound words of are a strength to me...I can relate to are are are an example of are are an inspiration. Thank you for all these things, please continue doing this blog, you help so many people more than you can ever know.
Sincerely, Rhonda Johnson

Kristy said...

I haven't been reading your blog for long but just felt I had to comment.Please don't let this commentor get to you.Blogs are a very personal space to use as we wish.I'm sure you have bad moments even days and I'm just so glad you have somewhere like this to go to.I know many bloggers find there blogs as a tidy, calming space in the business of the rest of their day.

MaggiePie said...

Hello. I am the anonymous poster that posted the statement in the above blog entry.

I find a lot of what Jody has to say enlightening, but -- my point is -- doesn't she have any bad days?

And to the person that thinks I need to watch Polyanna, try being in my shoes. I have been in physically abusive relationships, my mother mentally abused me as a child -- to the point where I look at myself in the mirror and I can't bring myself to think I am even slightly pretty. I have more bad days than good. This past two years, I have buried 2 people that meant a lot to me. My Godfather and a good friend of mine that committed suicide. I look to my friends for help -- and they are in worse boats than I am in!

My point is, everyone has bad days and good days. Jody just seems to have more good days than anyone I know right know. Life ain't a box of chocolates -- it's not sweet in the least.

Feel free to add my additional statement to your blog. I am intrigued to see you answer.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jody,
I too believe you need no justifiction. The joy and peace you have come only from our heavenly Father. And unless you experience it, you can't understand it. And also, when you are as free as you are about sharing your faith, the enemy is going to try to bring you down to silence you.
I will join you in praying for the lady, that the Lord will touch her life and she too can experience His joy.

Rita said...

Hi! I just want to say that I agree that you do not have to justify your blog to anyone. You live your life the way you choose to. I've never lost a child, but if you look at my childhood, then it is a wonder that I am even here at all. I choose not to let that get to me. People are always telling me that I am "too happy!" And you know what...yes I am! I have faith and I know that I am taken care of . I choose to be happy and people don't like it or want me to have a bad day then too bad for them. Jody I think you rock and please only post what you want because it's your blog!

Valerie said...

"But that doesn't mean you have to take every word to heart."

i don't know how anyone, anywhere, can NOT take words to heart.

Jody - you do show the good and not so good side of your life. how you prefer to take what is handed to you is what i appreciate about your blog.

Lisa Tanner said...

I felt like I wanted to respond, but am at a loss for words. I have to think about it a bit. I have a website set up for my son where we journaled almost daily - sometimes more - about his journey through cancer. Many people told me that I always posted good stuff - I didn't make it sad and heartbreaking even when they knew we were sad and heartbroken at times. The thing is - who really wants to read the sad bad stuff? Who wants to think that someone only has sadness each day and that's all they have to talk about. There were times when I talked about the sad stuff, but it helped ME personally to talk about the good in each day - even if it was a day when my son's blood pressure was too high because of the toxic chemo being pumped into his body, or that he spewed on us ten times in two hours, or that he had to have a blood transfusion and it took all stinking day. It helps people to look back at the end of a day and see the good stuff - the good things that happened - the smiles in the hospital bed between the throwing up or the laughs we had while some strangers blood was being pumped into my son's body. It's a GOOD thing to look for the good in each day, it's good to talk about it. It's good to see the bad stuff some too, of course - but honestly, don't knock someone's blog - it's not really here for us - it's here for you, Jody - to say what you need to say each day, to put your feelings and emotions into words - it gives them power. And that power is what we come here for - it inspires us, makes us want to be a better person, maybe it has made someone not get behind the wheel and drive if they shouldn't, it may make a mom who's had a crappy day go hug her child, even though they may be what caused the crappy day - just because we may benefit from a blog in one of these ways doesn't give anyone the right to decide that what's posted isn't real enough or what we want to read.

I 'heart' Nitty.Gritty and am so thankful that I found it!!

Anonymous said...

Jody, I too, LOVE your posts and honesty that I see in them. In you I see a strength in God that I wish I experssed daily. I think that "anonymous" seems to be looking for some happiness in her life - a life that has been VERY difficult - if all who read your blog could just take a few moments to say a prayer for her, wouldn't it be wonderful for her to be able to "feel" God's touch in her life, and for her to hear God tell her how BEAUTIFUL she is TO HIM - she is after all, created in HIS image :). Here's to you Jody, and to you "anonymous" God loves you and so do I! :)

Monica said...

To the person who do realize that this is HER blog and she is entitled to what SHE wants to write about??

I'm sure bad things happen to all of us, but I know that a lot of the blogs I read focus more on the positive aspects of life. I think different people choose to write about different things. But telling someone what to write on their own blog? Wow.

Danielle said...

Who's blog is this again??? Oh that's right it's JODI'S...that means she can write what SHE wants when SHE wants. Who cares if she is happy-why is that bad? Everybody has hard times in there life, not just a few people here and there-EVERYBODY. If Jodi makes the best of life, good for her we need more people in this world like Jodi. If you don't like to read happy thoughts here's an idea- DON'T read it.
Sorry Jodi I just had to get that off my chest!!
Keep up your fun and upbeat posts-I love em!! :)

Laura said...

i so agree with what sandra commented. . .umm, HELLO, yes there is a lot of upbeat posting from little miss jody, but it is never far from my thoughts or jody's i am sure, what this sweet family has been through. it is clear through your posts, jody, that although you have had extreme sadness, pain, and suffering - through it all you are CHOOSING joy. we have to choose joy each day, and as we watch YOU choose joy (through buttercream, doing laundry, scrapbooking - whatever!) we are reminded to choose joy for ourselves. i guess what i am trying to say, is that through each "happy" post there is always a lot more being said than just "ooh life is just peachy and i am so happy"

Anonymous said...

Gosh...I have been reading your post for a while also and I have read many times of your struggles and triumphs.
You are an encouragement to me and to many others and i think that this person who commented on your blog really needs to get a life!!
As another poster put it; you do not owe anyone any explanations.
This is YOUR NITTY GRITTY and if people dont like what you are writing about then maybe they should go find another blog to read.
Ideally, one where someone is living a real miserable life.
Keep Looking Up Jodi!!

Sherri P said...

I have been lurking on your blog for oh, a year perhaps, and I'm finally taking to time to post, cuz I cannot believe the OP's comments!
I check in here on a regular basis, cuz I love to read Jody's take on life, the good, the bad, the good in the bad, and the mundane everyday. I too am a SAHM, and a scrapbooker, have fabulous parents who provided a nurturing childhood with lots of incredible memories. But I have so far been spared the heartbreak that Jody's family has experienced, and I am in awe of your strength and ability to carry on. I love how often Teagan is in your thoughts, and always in your heart, and that you speak of her often, at length.
You inspire me Jody, and I'll keep coming back for more. Not for you. For me. Selfish, yes, but that's why I'm here. I think that's why most of us are here. Cuz we GET something. If you don't get it, why are you here?

Anonymous said...

People are crazy!!!! in need of attention so the turn themselves o others inhopes of some kind of human contact. it is sad really that we need to tear others apart to just have someone speak to us. i am glad that you are positive more then not, it shows God's grace, mercy and love in your life!!!!!!!! If I were you I would not respond and let them so silently back to where they came from the place where they need to hear something anything even if it is negative!


A life well lived is a life well spent. we cannot change yesterday only tomorrow~

Anonymous said...

To Maggie!! It's terrible that you grew up living in an abusive home! That cant' be helped and most of us can't imagine the effects of it. We all go through LIFE with what is given to us~~some get alot of "good" and some seem to get alot of "bad". To find the peace and redemption that you're looking for is a "spiritual" search and only the Creator of the Universe can make you whole. People can't, things can't, experiences can't...nothing but the Living God CAN!!!!
As so many have stated here~~this is Jody's life, it's what's been dealt to her and she receives it only as "she" can. This is also "her" blog and ait's where she pours out her heart. Reading it is a choice but feeling jealous of her (or anyone else) is "your" choice. She's choosing to find JOY in the midst of her pain. Raising 4 children is a mountainous task! Making sure everyone is clean and dressed and fed in a given day is also a task. Add to that a "special needs" child and the usual colds, flu and just plain stuff of every-day life adds more to the mix. I don't think any one of us will be able to change your mind...but no this there ARE those who care. Yes your life probably has "sucked" but maybe you need your own blog to pour that all in to!

Camille said...

You know what. I too grew up with a mother who was an alcoholic. My step father sexually abused me and my step mother verbally and physically abused me. I was tossed around so much I didn't know where I was supposed to be or who I was or why I was. I have lived with depression and panic/anxiety disorder since High School, but I have never lost a child. I don't know what that feels like. I do know however that I visit Jody's blog BECAUSE she is so upbeat. I love her perspective on life. I WISH I was as strong as her. I want to learn from her. She inspires me. She makes me want to be a better person. She makes me want to have a better relationship with God. I wish I knew where to start. I want to live a better life. I want to be happy, and I want to "get it". Jody has had MANY curve balls thrown at her and she is still standing tall. I want that to be me. I think she is one heck of a human being and I think we could all learn a lot about how to rise above, from her-no matter what our story is... past, present, and future...
Thank you Jody.

Suezi said...

Jodi and other bloggers,
i too agree that this is your blog and you are entitled to post anything you want.
You are very inspriring to many and for you to stop writing your feelings would be a huge disappointment.
Now to address the comment. I am so very sorry for the pain that you have endured over your lifetime. Nothing can take that pain away from you but Jesus Christ. I also believe in my heart of hearts that you might need some counseling of some sort. But for sure I think and I say that strongly...think that if you gave your life over to Jesus and accepted Him into your life that you might just feel a huge load of off your shoulders!!
I also think that Jodi tries to stay focused on the positive things in her life more so than the negative. She also from what I have read has a geat deal of faith in our Lord. You might want to take her words and use them as inspiration instead of dwelling on the fact that Jodi and her family have nothing but happiness in her life. Which most of us know that just a few years back she had the hugest heartbreak of all...a loss of a child!!! '
I am praying for you and all of you that post on this blog!!!

Disney Scrapper said...

Jody...I can almost imagine what your response will be and I look forward to reading it. I have a family member right now going through some really difficult times and I know for me I am praising God for what he has brought me through and I know that when you have a personal relationship with Christ it makes all the difference in the world.

gilmoregirl said...

Jody, Keep on being you! That's the most important thing. You are so refreshingly human and I truly love that about you. Should you feel the need to respond to "Little Miss Cranky Pants", that's up to you. However, you do not need to justify YOU and your feelings and how you chose to deal with things. Keep in mind what Dr. Seuess said..."Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." !

Nancy Peacock said...

Most of you are right. This is Jody's blog and she can express herself as she likes. Personally I think she shares the good and the bad of her life, but somehow her attitude and her dependance on God allows her to communicate even difficult things in a positive way. And, you know what, I'm sure Jody will have a grace-filled message for "maggiepie", who sounds like a wounded soul who needs our support more than our disapproval. Maggiepie, you keep reading Jody's blog and I'll be praying that God will use her communication skills to draw you into the circle of his loving embrace. He loves you and wants to help you walk through all the disappointments this life inevitably offers. When you experience that, you'll understand better where Jody is coming from. I for one, will be praying for you.

Terri said...

I have only been reading your blog for about 2 weeks now. I also feel that this is your blog and you the right to blog anything you want. You are truly an inspiration. I love to read your blog. You have such a great way of expressing your feelings and thoughts.

Not to be mean, but Maggie needs to pull up her boot straps and move on. One cannot continue to dwell on what has happened in the past. I know from experience (not losing a child) but from losing other loved ones, that it is not easy but God helps heal.

Possibly, if Maggie could get some counseling/therapy, she would feel more comfortable about herself. She would be able to pull out all of that pain from inside. It will not be an easy task, but in the end it will be very helpful. She is also in my prayers as she seems a very very unhappy person. Therapy is not the answe to everything, but it sure does help along with believing in God and knowing that God will guide you. Thanks for allowing us to read your thoughts.

Al and Donna said...

Been reading your blog for about a month now and all I can say is
God Bless You Jodi, You are one special lady!

Rhonda said...

Very cute Valentine book :)

Wendy said...


I read your post everyday, because of it's inspirational message, weather in humor form (trash man)
or serious. I choose to read your Blog. If I didn't like it or disagreed with it I simply would not read it. What is wrong with people?? I personally love the Faith and Strength you put in God. It is what he is there for, too bad more people don't count on him daily. Keep up the good Posts.

May God Bless you and your Family