Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Grandparents give good hugs.

Lots of grandparents for my kids to love and hug and be loved and hugged by in Minnesota. There is no such thing as too much grandma or grandpa loving and hugging...especially when you only get it a once or twice a year!
That top photo? Chip and Bella at lunch today. We ate at Panino's, where Chip and I once worked. I love the menu there. Really good, one-of-a-kind italian sandwiches. I had my first one on my sixteenth birthday. I still remember that dinner. =) What you don't see pictured here is how much I enjoyed this little lunch date. Me, Chip, the kids....tired from traveling, but loving our lunch and being together!


patterns of ink said...

Hey, I thought you guys were on a sabbatical... two posts in one day?Glad you arrived safely. We're getting a few more inches of lake effect back here even as I type. Julie showed me the home-made Valentines Day card from the girls. It was a work of art! Where do you find the time?
So you like your folk's wireless, eh? Let me be the first to repeat what all your readers have been telling you for months--"Upgrade to high-speed, Jody!" Then look for a sale on a wireless router (sometimes they're practically free after rebate)and you'll be good to go! If you don't Geico is going to start putting you in those cave man commercials!
Say Hi to Paul Bunyan if you go that far north, enjoy the family, and have a safe trip back. (Check the weather before you head home--might as well stay an extra day as to get stranded between Chicago and Benton Harbor.)

Valerie said...

you & Chip are looking relaxed already!

of course, with some yummy mudpie, i'd be relaxed, too!